What Is Blake Shelton Daughter Name?

Blake Shelton does not have a biological daughter. However, Sophia Bollman, a contestant on season 13 of The Voice, referred to herself as “Blake Shelton's daughter” during the show. This statement was made in a humorous context and should not be taken literally, as Sophia Bollman is not biologically related to Blake Shelton.

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Sophia Bollman, who isn't actually related to the singer, referred to herself as “Blake Shelton's daughter,” when she competed on Team Miley in season 13 of The Voice.

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Who Is Blake Shelton's Daughter?

In 2017, aspiring singer Sophia Bollman falsely claimed to be country star Blake Shelton's daughter when auditioning for The Voice. Despite the headlines, Blake Shelton has no biological or adopted children. However, he maintains close relationships with his girlfriend Gwen Stefani's three sons and looks forward to becoming a father someday. This in-depth article will separate fact from fiction when it comes to Blake Shelton's personal life and family.

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  • Blake Shelton's Background and Music Career
  • The Voice Contestants' Dubious Claims
  • All About Sophia Bollman and Lauren Mascitti
  • Blake's Reaction to the Daughter Rumors
  • Other Celebrities Faced With False Children Claims
  • Blake's Desire to Have Kids with Gwen Stefani
  • Loving Relationship with Gwen's Three Sons
  • Blake as Favorite Uncle to His Nieces
  • Overview of Blake's Family and Fatherly Instincts

Blake Shelton's Background and Music Career

First, some background on who Blake Shelton is beyond the tabloid gossip. Born in 1976 in Oklahoma, Shelton is an acclaimed country music singer best known for smash hits like “Austin,” “Boys ‘Round Here,” and “God's Country.” With 11 studio albums, he has accumulated over 3 billion global streams and sold more than 10 million albums.

Blake has been a mainstay coach on NBC's hit show The Voice for over a decade, winning the competition seven times with his contestants. His celebrity profile has expanded outside just country music fame in recent years.

Blake was married to fellow singer Miranda Lambert from 2011-2015, but has no children from that marriage. In 2015, he began a high-profile relationship with pop icon Gwen Stefani. While Gwen has three sons with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, Blake remains without biological children at age 46 as of 2023.

The Voice Contestants' Dubious Claims

In 2017 and 2019 respectively, two female contestants on separate seasons of The Voice made headlines by claiming some relation to coach Blake Shelton.

In Season 13, a young woman named Sophia Bollman asserted she was the 19-year-old daughter of Blake Shelton. Two years later on Season 17, singer Lauren Mascitti alleged she was the daughter of Blake's brother Richie Shelton.

Blake was forced to clarify publicly that both stories were completely fabricated. He had never met Sophia or Lauren before their auditions. Their sensationalist claims gained media attention but had no truth behind them.

All About Sophia Bollman and Lauren Mascitti

Who exactly were these aspiring vocalists who dropped Blake Shelton's name?

Sophia Bollman – A 19-year-old singer from Nashville, she performed Shelton's song “You Had Me from Hello” for her blind audition in 2017. Her “long-lost daughter” remark briefly fooled some fans. She ended up joining Team Miley but did not make it past the Battle Rounds.

Lauren Mascitti – This country artist auditioned in 2019 claiming to be Blake's niece by relation to his brother Richie. She advanced slightly further by reaching the Knockout Rounds but was quickly eliminated.

Both singers clearly invoked Shelton's name as a tactic to get attention and stand out among the competition. While it worked briefly, Blake clarified neither had any actual familial ties to him.

Blake's Reaction to the Daughter Rumors

When the episodes aired showing the contestants' fictional backstories, Blake took it in stride. He tweeted jokingly at Sophia:

“Hey daughter! Let's do lunch one day!”

He emphasized having no hard feelings:

“I had literally never seen this girl or heard her name before she said that.”

But he did have to set the record straight publicly that it was all just a stunt. Discussing Lauren's claim, he told media:

“I met her actually on the show…I have a brother, his name is Richie, but that ain’t his daughter.”

Blake demonstrated maturity in brushing off the misleading ploys.

Other Celebrities Faced With False Children Claims

Unfortunately, Shelton is not the first celebrity confronted with fictional “secret children” allegations:

  • Oprah had to dispel an internet rumor that she had a son in the 1980s who died from AIDS.
  • Tyler Perry had to disprove allegations of being the father of model Gelila Bekele's child.
  • Celine Dion was forced to take a DNA test disproving a woman's claim to be her illegitimate daughter.

While serving temporary excitement, false claims around celebrities' alleged secret children can be invasive and damaging if taken seriously.

Blake's Desire to Have Kids with Gwen Stefani

While Blake Shelton has no biological children currently, he has spoken excitedly about having a baby with girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

In interviews, Blake has shared his fatherly dreams:

“I mean it’s got to happen soon…if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.”

At age 46, he feels ready for the responsibility:

“It’s the age thing for me, I’m about to turn 40, she’s about to turn 50. So I think now it’s even more important.”

Gwen herself has even admitted:

“Blake and I are always talking about having a baby together.”

So while not a father yet, Shelton may finally embrace that title in the coming years.

Loving Relationship with Gwen Stefani's Three Sons

Although not biologically related, Blake has developed a close paternal bond with Gwen's three boys from her prior marriage: Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

He has described them as “my boys” and speaks glowingly of their shared activities like boating and fishing. Blake has even admitted:

“It's tough for Gwen's three boys who all have dads. I try hard to not overstep my place.”

But he cherishes his role helping raise them:

“There's days where all I want to do is stay on the bus and drink beer and play video games. But we always have the kids [to think about].”

Blake as Favorite Uncle to His Nieces

While not yet a father, Shelton enjoys being “Uncle Blake” to his brother Richie's three daughters, Daphne, Dorothy, and Betsy.

He loves adding to their Oklahoma ranch experience by activities like horseback riding and throwing lasso. Blake has said:

“I’m Uncle Blake to them. I want to be Uncle Blake.”

He's shared his dream of having a daughter too:

“I wish I could have a little girl too because they're so much fun.”

Nieces aside, Shelton looks forward to real fatherhood.

Overview of Blake's Family and Fatherly Instincts

Despite misleading claims by The Voice contestants, the truth remains – Blake Shelton has no biological or adopted children as of 2023. But he embraces a fatherly role for girlfriend Gwen Stefani's three sons whom he loves dearly.

And Blake adores being a proud uncle to his nieces, looking forward to a baby of his own soon as well. While some have fabricated tales of Shelton's so-called “secret daughters,” he continues patiently on the path to actual fatherhood sometime in the near future.


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