What is MGM on Amazon in 2024? Your Full Guide

As an expert in the retail and consumer space, I‘ve been closely following Amazon‘s groundbreaking $8.5 billion acquisition of MGM Studios in 2022. This deal gave Amazon an immense catalog of content to fuel its streaming ambitions. But what exactly does MGM bring to Amazon Prime Video? Here‘s my comprehensive insider look.

Why Amazon Felt Compelled to Buy MGM

While Amazon Prime Video has seen tremendous growth, its library pales in comparison to rivals like Netflix and Disney+. Reports show that as of 2022, Netflix offered over 17,000 titles while Disney+ boasted nearly 7,900. Amazon Prime Video‘s catalog stood at just over 20,000.

But MGM‘s trove of 4,000 films and 17,000 TV episodes gives Amazon the ammunition needed to rapidly expand. Industry analysts at Whip Media estimate the total value of MGM‘s library at over $10 billion.

Beyond expanding its content catalog, Amazon coveted MGM for its extremely lucrative franchises. The James Bond franchise alone has generated over $7 billion to date, while Rocky has grossed over $1.7 billion globally. Owning such proven hit-making IP makes MGM a goldmine for Amazon Studios‘ growth plans.

Taking a Closer Look at Prime Video‘s Major New Asset

To understand why Amazon was ready to spend billions on MGM, it‘s worth spotlighting components of its new entertainment armory:

Over 4,000 Feature Films

Including Academy Award winning films like Rain Man, Dances with Wolves, Raging Bull and Thelma & Louise.

The James Bond Franchise Valued at $5-7 Billion

Prime members can now stream every Bond film going back to Dr. No in 1962, a major get.

The Blockbuster Rocky Franchise ($1.7 Billion+)

Every Rocky and Creed movie is now available, opening possibilities for future spin-offs.

50% of Mark Burnett Reality TV Shows

Including popular titles like The Voice, Shark Tank, and Survivor now on Amazon.

Valuable Brands Like RoboCop and The Addams Family

These present opportunities for remakes, sequels and utilizing the IP.

Acclaimed TV Series

Notable shows now on Prime Video include:

ShowYears AiredPrimetime Emmy Wins
The Handmaid‘s Tale2017-present15

Owning distinguished series like these adds prestige and value to Amazon‘s streaming platform.

What Does This Mean for Amazon Studios Productions?

In buying MGM, Amazon also acquired an experienced production team responsible for movies like the recent House of Gucci and shows like The Handmaid‘s Tale. Combining this talent with Amazon Studios creatives can reenergize MGM‘s filmmaking apparatus.

Industry observers predict significant investments into developing new projects based on MGM IP like James Bond, Rocky and RoboCop. Rumors also indicate "recharging the Rocky franchise" is high on execs‘ post-merger agenda.

With theaters rebounding and streaming demand still climbing, conditions are ideal for Amazon Studios to pump out new high-caliber films and shows under founders like Albert R. Broccoli’s world-renowned MGM banner.

The outlook? Prime Video‘s forthcoming slate looks to rival the streaming big dogs. Stay tuned!

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