What Is Taylor Swift’s Favorite Color?

Taylor Swift's favorite color is purple, as she revealed during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. While some fans might associate her with the color red due to her album titled “Red,” her actual favorite color is purple.

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What's taylor swift's favorite color? Taylor Swift's favorite colour is red. Her next favorite colours are purple and pink.

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According to an interview that Taylor did with Ellen Degeneres, her favorite color is purple.

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What'S Taylor Swift's Favorite Color?

Taylor Swift's music and flair for the dramatic has cemented her status as a pop culture icon. Fans closely follow her evolving style and aesthetics as clues to her artistic vision. One question that often arises – what exactly is Taylor Swift's favorite color? While she has a strong association with bold reds, Swift has also named other hues like purple and pink as personal favorites over the years. This guide will break down Taylor's color preferences and their representation in her work.

Table of Contents

  • Taylor's Association with the Color Red
  • Other Favorites Like Purple and Pink
  • Use of Color in Her Album Artwork and Visuals
  • Color References Found in Her Song Lyrics
  • How She Incorporates Color into Fashion and Style
  • Her Colorful Wigs and Hairstyles Over the Years
  • Decor Choices Reflecting Her Color Tastes
  • Opinions on Favorite Colors Changing with Time
  • Marketing of Taylor Swift Products in Key Colors
  • What Taylor's Color Preferences Say About Her Personality
  • Summary of Her Top Color Choices

Taylor Swift's Association with the Color Red

Without a doubt, Taylor Swift is strongly associated with the color red. It features heavily in her albums, music videos, costumes and merchandise. Fans dubbed her ardent teenage country years as her “Red Era.”

In interviews, Swift has said “I love red. I think it's such a bold color… it's confident and bold and I like that.” Her album Red exemplified that passion and intimacy through songs like “Red” and “All Too Well.”

So while Taylor has other favorites, red remains her signature color.

Other Favorites Like Purple and Pink

Though connected to red, Taylor doesn't limit herself to monochromatic. In a 2010 interview, she shared her favorite color was actually purple:

“I really really like purple. Everything about it. Lilac purple, bold purple, I really like purple.”

She's also professed love for pink, especially pairing it with red in albums like 1989. Other go-to shades include sparkly golds and blues. Her color palette has become more diverse over time.

Use of Color in Her Album Artwork and Visuals

Taylor's album covers and music videos provide prominent examples of her color use:

  • Debut – Eye-catching pinks on fonts and outfits
  • Fearless – Floating against purple and blue clouds
  • Speak Now – A red balloon against grey skies
  • Red – Posed dramatically in a crimson ballgown
  • 1989 – Polaroids and pink neon signage
  • Reputation – Dark and edgy black snake motifs
  • Lover – Retro pastels and rainbows
  • Folklore – Monochrome beiges and greens

So Taylor artfully incorporates color into defining the tone of each musical era.

Color References Found in Her Song Lyrics

Swift's songs directly reference her favorite hues and their emotional symbolism, like:

  • “Loving him was red” – Red
  • “With purple hair and blood red lips” – I Did Something Bad
  • “My lavender rose” – Daylight
  • “Pink champagne” – Gorgeous
  • “Blue as the life we lead” – Out of the Woods

Her songwriting creatively uses color to convey complex feelings.

How She Incorporates Color into Fashion and Style

Taylor coordinates many of her performance outfits, dresses, and style around her favorite colors:

  • A glam pink Versace romper to sing “Shake It Off” at the 2014 VMAs
  • Vibrant blue and purple dresses during her 1989 World Tour
  • A sequined rainbow jumpsuit for her Reputation Stadium Tour
  • A floral pink playsuit performing at Lover Fest West

Her fashion follows the technicolor personality she wants to project.

Her Colorful Wigs and Hairstyles Over the Years

Along with clothes, Taylor experiments with matching and contrasting vividly colored hairstyles:

  • Fiery red curls during 1989 promo
  • Rainbow hair in the “ME!” music video
  • A classic blonde bob with bangs for folklore
  • Vibrant pink wig in Where the Crawdads Sing acting debut

Hair colors help showcase different sides of Taylor across albums.

Decor Choices Reflecting Her Color Tastes

Even Taylor's home decor coordinates with her favorite shades:

  • Kitchen shelves lined with ruby red cookware
  • Plush purple velvet sofas in her living room
  • A neon pink sign in her Beverly Hills pool room
  • Gold and blue accent walls in her Tribeca penthouse

Swift surrounds herself with visual representations of the colors she loves.

Opinions on Favorite Colors Changing with Time

In an interview with InStyle magazine, Taylor discussed how her color preferences evolve:

“I never want to limit myself to just one color. It changes with my moods and my life.”

While red may always hold special meaning, she enjoys exploring new hues.

Marketing of Taylor Swift Products in Key Colors

Capitalizing on public perception, Taylor Swift-branded merchandise prominently features her iconic colors:

  • Ruby red lipstick and nail polish
  • Hot pink smartphone cases and pop sockets
  • Purple scrunchies, hats, and shirts
  • Multicolor lithographs, balloons, and blankets

Her brand clearly aligns with fans' expectations around color.

What Taylor's Color Preferences Say About Her Personality

According to color psychology:

  • Red signals confidence, passion, drama
  • Pink represents playfulness, femininity, warmth
  • Purple conveys mysticism, creativity, individualism

This profiles Taylor as a bold yet whimsical spirit – perceptions reinforced by her music and public image.

Summary of Her Top Color Choices

So in summary, while Taylor Swift has an affinity for a spectrum of hues, undoubtedly red remains her steady favorite and most associated color. But she also embraces pinks and purples as go-to shades. Taylor artfully incorporates color as an integral part of her self-expression through lyrics, visuals, and style. For her, color helps share her evolving musical story.


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