What’s the Name of the Minion with One Eye?

The Minion with one eye that you're referring to is likely Stuart. Stuart is a one-eyed Minion who is known for his mischievous behavior and is one of the main characters in the Despicable Me franchise. He is easily recognized by his neatly combed middle-part hairstyle.

However, Stuart is not the only one-eyed Minion. Other one-eyed Minions include Steve, Carl, Lance, Tim, Phil, Jon, Darwin, Chris, Norbert, and Mel.

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Kevin is one-eyed minion, like Stuart and Phil. He was accidentally shrunk with the shrink ray in the first movie. In the second movie, there's another minion named Kevin with two eyes and tall. It is still debatable whether it's the same Kevin.

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What's the Name of the Minion with One Eye? An FAQ for Fans

The hilarious, banana-loving minions from the Despicable Me movies have become global pop culture icons. But you may have noticed some minions have just one eye instead of two. So what's the name of the famous one-eyed minion who appears throughout the films? This FAQ will tell minion-loving fans everything they need to know!


  • Who Are the Minions?
  • Why Do Some Minions Have One Eye?
  • Popular One-Eyed Minions
  • What is the One-Eyed Minion's Name?
  • All About Kevin the One-Eyed Minion

Who Are the Minions?

Minions are the signature characters of the Despicable Me franchise. They are small, yellow, cylindrical creatures who love serving villainous masters.

Minions have unique language consisting mostly of hilarious gibberish with some English words thrown in. Their sweet, simple nature provides comic relief. Though identical in appearance, minions have different personalities and quirks. They are mischievous but ultimately kind-hearted.

Over the decades, various minion characters have been introduced throughout the films. Some stand out thanks to distinct characteristics like having only one eye.

Why Do Some Minions Have One Eye?

Most minions have the typical two eyes. But occasionally minions are seen with just one eye. There are a few possible reasons for their unique look:

  • Birth defects – Some minions may be born with only one eye due to natural variation.
  • Injury Accidents – Minions often get hurt through their work serving careless villains. Lost eyes could occur from past mishaps.
  • The Shrink Ray – In the first Despicable Me film, some minions are accidentally shrunk by a malfunctioning shrink ray. Their altered size may be related to becoming one-eyed.

Regardless of how they lost an eye, the one-eyed minions add diversity and cuteness to the overall group.

Popular One-Eyed Minions

A few one-eyed minions stand out from the crowd and have become fan favorites:

  • Stuart – A goofy minion and Kevin's best friend. He has a tendency to get into trouble.
  • Phil – Distinguished by his spiked hair. Phil likes dressing up and looking rock star cool.
  • Dave – Has wild, unkempt hair. Dave is very excitable and obsessed with the half-frozen, half-evil purple Minions.
  • Carl – Dresses in golf attire. Carl likes to party and is famous for his hilarious “Night of the Living Carls” zombie dance.

While many great one-eyed minions exist, one that appears consistently throughout the films is the most iconic.

What is the One-Eyed Minion's Name?

The most famous one-eyed minion over all the Despicable Me entries is named Kevin. Kevin is instantly recognizable by his single eye and combed, parted hairstyle. He serves as the de facto leader of the minions. Kevin demonstrates intelligence and initiative rare among minion-kind. He is also fiercely loyal – willing to go great lengths to save his tribe.

All About Kevin the One-Eyed Minion

Let's get better acquainted with the fearless, beloved one-eyed minion leader – Kevin:


  • Round, yellow body; slender arms and legs
  • Single centered eye
  • Short black hair combed forward into a distinct fringe
  • Often seen wearing classic denim overalls


  • Friendly, upbeat attitude
  • Natural leadership skills
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Brave and self-sacrificing for the greater good


  • First appeared in original Despicable Me film (2010)
  • Accidentally shrunk by Dr. Nefario's ray gun
  • Returns to normal size by the sequel (2013)
  • Plays major roles in both Despicable Me 2 and 3


  • Best friends with Stuart the one-eyed minion
  • Respectfully takes orders from Gru
  • Acts as fatherly figure towards Agnes

Notable Scenes

  • Freezing himself to get the girls into the theme park
  • Dressing as Lucy to motivate the Anti-Villain League minions
  • Forging his own legendary sword to slay the dragon in England

Kevin demonstrates creativity, bravery, and heart throughout the films – winning over audiences in the process. His popularity persists both on screen and through endless minion merchandise sporting his iconic face.

So in summary – the enduring one-eyed minion fans know and love is none other than the fearless and lovable Kevin!


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