When exactly should I accept defeat

The Appropriate Time to Finally Give Up on Yourself

When Exactly to Give Up on Oneself?

When exactly should I accept defeatYou know at some points in time of our lives (might be in business, career, life pursuits, or other stages of life) especially when we have put in all the best we could, when we have taken all the necessary steps and precautions, spent all you could spend just to make things work but yet no result.

This Life is just so funny at times, it throws back the opposite to us and we feel like “arghh“, “why me“. And this leads us back to this question below…

Should I give up?

No, not yet….

Well, I am so super excited to share with you this golden less than 2 minutes powerful message from the desk of John Maxwell Team. I found it inspiring, motivating and straight up to the point and I think it possibly answers the question above.

Click the play button to get the message.

Hope you'll find this helpful and inspiring too like I did? If YES!

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