Where Can I Buy McDonald‘s Pickles in 2024?

McDonald‘s uses a proprietary pickle recipe that gives their burger slices a unique flavor and crunch. According to McDonald‘s, over 7 million pounds of their signature pickle slices are used per year on sandwiches!

With their vibrant green color, tart and tangy taste, and distinctive snap when you bite into them, McDonald‘s dill pickle chips have become an iconic part of the classic McDonald‘s cheeseburger experience. No wonder pickle lovers want to get their hands on these crispy, sour treats outside the restaurant.

While you can‘t purchase McDonald‘s proprietary pickle recipe in stores, several supermarket brands offer pickles that come surprisingly close. Here are the top picks for the best dill pickle chips and spears that capture the taste and texture of genuine McDonald‘s pickles.

1. Claussen Deli-Style Hamburger Dill Chips

In Consumer Reports taste tests, Claussen Deli-Style Hamburger Dill Chips were ranked the highest for flavor among national brands. Testers noted their clean, crisp crunch and tangy dill and garlic notes reminiscent of the McDonald‘s burgers.

Claussen pickle chips have the same thin, consistent slice and balance of sour and salty as McDonald’s. Their crunch stands up well to juicy burgers.

You can find 32 oz jars of Claussen hamburger chips for around $3.48 at major grocery chains like Kroger, Safeway, Publix, Albertsons, and more.

"Claussen makes the best attempt at replicating the flavor, texture, and size of McDonald‘s pickle chips," says Mark Miller, pickle expert and author of The Great Big Book of Pickles.

2. Mt. Olive Hamburger Dill Chips

The original Mt. Olive hamburger dill chips are another close second for pickle slices like McDonald’s. They offer a good crunch and sour flavor that complements burgers well.

Mt. Olive pickle slices are thin-cut for sandwiches and have a nice tartness. According to the brand, they select smaller cucumbers to create their hamburger chips which aligns with McDonald’s smaller slices.

A 32 oz jar of Mt. Olive hamburger dill chips costs around $2.98 at stores like Walmart, Target, and Meijer.

Mt. Olive sells over 120 million pickle chips jars per year, making them a popular choice for that nostalgic fast food flavor.

3. Best Maid Hamburger Slices

Texas pickle company Best Maid offers high quality pickle slices specifically made for burgers. Their hamburger slices have a pleasantly sour flavor with the ideal thickness to stand up on sandwiches.

You can buy 16 oz jars of Best Maid burger pickle slices for around $2.99 on their website BestMaid.com. You can also find them in select stores like HEB, Brookshire’s, Market Basket, and more.

"Best Maid uses old-fashioned fermenting and small cucumbers to create that distinctive bite and nostalgic flavor," explains Sarah Sullivan, Best Maid‘s head pickle maker.

4. Vlasic Original Dill Pickle Spears

While not technically a chip, Vlasic dill pickle spears capture the tart, garlicky flavor that makes McDonald‘s pickles so craveable. For the closest match, simply slice Vlasic spears width-wise into thin discs like McDonald‘s.

Vlasic uses fresh-packed cucumbers and a distinctive blend of spices for their zesty dills. You can find 46 oz jars of Vlasic Original dill spears for around $3.29 at grocery stores nationwide.

Pro tip: Look for the "baby" size spears to get closer to McDonald‘s small pickle slices.

In 2021, over 17 million Americans reported eating Vlasic pickles in an average month according to Statista survey data. Their popularity shows no sign of slowing!

5. Van Holten‘s Pickles-for-Burgers

Wisconsin brand Van Holten‘s makes these skinny "pickles-for-burgers" slices designed specifically for topping sandwiches. The thin cut and salty-sour flavor resemble McDonald‘s burger pickles.

You can find 16 oz jars of Van Holten’s burger pickle chips for around $1.98 at Walmart, Hy-Vee, and other major retailers.

"We cut our pickles super thin so they don‘t overwhelm the other flavors between the bun," says Katie Van Holten, owner of Van Holten‘s Pickles.

Tips for Slicing Pickles Like McDonald‘s

To get that distinctive McDonald‘s pickle look at home, here are some slicing tips:

  • Buy whole dill pickle spears and slice them width-wise into thin discs or chips. This mimics McDonald‘s method.
  • Opt for "baby" or petite sized whole pickles and slice into thin rounds. The small size better matches McDonald‘s.
  • Find pre-sliced sandwich stacker pickles and cut the slices in half or thirds for thinner chips.
  • Use a mandoline slicer or deli meat slicer to cut ultra-thin, uniform pickle chips fast.
Pickle TypeSlicing Tips to Get McDonald‘s Style
SpearsSlice length-wise into thin discs
Whole picklesCut cross-wise into thin coins
Pre-sliced stackersCut slices into halves or thirds
ChipsBuy thin pre-sliced chips

Where to Buy McDonald‘s Pickle Juice

You can also buy genuine McDonald’s pickle juice to get that signature burger flavor. While not the pickles themselves, the brine captures those nostalgic pickle tastes.

You can find actual McDonald’s pickle juice at select Walmart stores or order it online. A 12 oz bottle of McDonald’s real pickle juice costs around $3.49.

So while you can‘t purchase actual McDonald‘s proprietary pickles in stores, with the right brands and slicing tricks you can still enjoy pickles reminiscent of the classic McDonald‘s cheeseburger taste.

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