Where Can I Drop Off FedEx Packages in 2024? (Full List)

As one of the world‘s largest delivery services, FedEx makes it convenient to ship packages by offering numerous drop-off points across the United States. From FedEx-operated locations to in-store shipping counters, customers have ample choice when it comes to getting their parcels sent quickly and reliably.

But with so many options to choose from, you may be wondering exactly where you can drop off FedEx packages in 2024. This comprehensive guide examines all the primary places you can deposit FedEx envelopes and boxes this year. We‘ll explore the key features, benefits, and considerations of each, so you can determine the best solution for your shipping needs.

Official FedEx Shipping Locations

FedEx directly owns and manages various facilities focused exclusively on shipping FedEx packages. With later hours of operation and more specialized services than everyday retail stores, these locations enable you to ship items efficiently and conveniently.

FedEx Office

With approximately 2,300 stores across the United States[1], FedEx Office is one of the most widespread options for FedEx shipping. These stores offer an array of helpful services:

  • Accept packages for all FedEx delivery options – Express, Ground, International, SameDay City, etc.
  • Pack items safely and securely to prevent damage in transit
  • Hold packages for convenient customer pickup
  • Print labels and paperwork for all major shipping carriers
  • Weekday hours average 8AM – 7PM
  • Weekend hours average 9AM – 5PM
  • Locator tool to find one nearby

In particular, having staff who can expertly pack fragile items gives FedEx Office a unique advantage over other drop-off points.

FedEx Ship Centers

For business owners and frequent shippers, FedEx Ship Centers provide advanced services tailored specifically to shipping needs:

  • Handle dangerous goods shipments
  • Offer late drop-off hours – average 9AM – 10PM on weekdays
  • Provide packing supplies like boxes and tape
  • Assist with customs paperwork for international shipments
  • Offer volume discounts for high-volume shippers
  • Locator tool to find one nearby

With 208 locations across 46 states[2], Ship Centers have more limited reach than FedEx Office stores but meet specialized shipping requirements.

FedEx Authorized ShipCenter

To extend its dropoff network, FedEx partners with qualifying independent shipping companies and:

  • Provides branded signage for store fronts
  • Schedules FedEx pickups for parcels
  • Trains staff to handle FedEx shipments properly

While not actual FedEx employees, Authorized ShipCenter workers are still knowledgeable in FedEx shipping processes and regulations.

FedEx Drop Boxes

For convenient, self-service parcel dropoff, FedEx maintains a network of over 71,000 drop boxes globally, with over 46,000 across the United States.[3] Key details include:

  • Accept FedEx Express U.S. packages up to 70 lbs
  • Cannot be used for FedEx Ground or Dangerous Goods
  • Located in major airports, office buildings, hotels, grocery stores, etc.
  • Drop box locator map


Drop Box TypeNumber in U.S.Hours
Retail25,000+Varies by location
Airports7,000+Generally align with airport hours
Office Buildings4,500+Average 7AM – 7PM on weekdays

In-Store FedEx Shipping

Major American retailers like supermarkets and pharmacy chains have partnered with FedEx to install self-service shipping counters inside stores. Offering many core shipping capabilities, these in-store options provide everyday shoppers a convenient way to ship FedEx packages alongside their regular errands.

Dollar General

With over 18,000 stores in 47 states[4], Dollar General provides immense dropoff coverage through its FedEx in-store counters:

🚚 Accepts FedEx Express and Ground
🚚 Extended hours – Average 8AM – 10PM
🚚 Easy self-service kiosks to print labels

Dollar General‘s late closing gives additional flexibility for busy customers or last-minute shippers.


Operating nearly 9,000 stores in all 50 states[5], Walgreens allows customers to ship FedEx packages without making an extra stop:

🚚 Handles FedEx Express domestic and international
🚚 Provides supplies like boxes and bubble wrap
🚚 Accepts pre-labeled packages only
🚚 Walgreens locator

So if you have a label printed already, Walgreens offers a quick and easy location to drop off.

Office Depot / OfficeMax

With over 1,100 combined locations across the United States[6], Office Depot and OfficeMax make up another far-reaching network for FedEx drop-offs:

🚚 Accept FedEx Express and Ground packages
🚚 Offer packing supplies like tape and boxes
🚚 Provide printers to package labels
🚚 Store locator

Like Walgreens, Office Depot allows you to take care of shipping needs while grabbing office essentials.


As America‘s largest retailer by revenue[7], Walmart ships millions of ecommerce orders each year using FedEx. Walmart has installed FedEx shipping in over 500 stores[8] to also allow customer dropoffs:

🚚 Handles FedEx Express and Ground
🚚 Has staffed counters to assist with shipping
🚚 Accepts pre-labeled packages
🚚 Walmart locator

Walmart provides domestic and home business shippers with a trusted location for FedEx parcel dropoff.

Albertsons (Select States)

Major grocery chain Albertsons offers FedEx shipping in hundreds of its stores across a handful of U.S. states:

🚚 Available in California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Louisiana, and Idaho
🚚 Handles FedEx Express and Ground
🚚 Has self-service kiosks for printing labels

So West Coast, Pacific Northwest, and select southern state residents can ship FedEx while grocery shopping at their local Albertsons.

Safeway (Select States)

Like its partner banner Albertsons, Safeway also provides in-store FedEx shipping in over a hundred stores across several states:

🚚 Currently offered in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii
🚚 Accepts FedEx Express and Ground packages
🚚 Features self-service kiosks for customer convenience

Thus Safeway shoppers in the western coastal states have an easy outlet to ship FedEx without leaving their errand route.

The Post Office

While the United States Postal Service (USPS) is a separate carrier from FedEx, the two delivery companies maintain a business partnership that enables select FedEx packages to be dropped at USPS locations.

Specifically, FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Ground Economy parcels that will transit partially with USPS can be dropped off at post offices or blue collection boxes. These services leverage both USPS and FedEx networks to reduce costs for shippers:

  • FedEx SmartPost uses USPS for initial long-distance transport and FedEx for final delivery
  • FedEx Ground Economy utilizes both USPS and FedEx ground networks

To qualify for USPS drop-offs, SmartPost/Economy packages must:

🚚 Have proper USPS-compatible labeling
🚚 Weigh under 10 lbs
🚚 Have accurate dimensions entered in label

While not officially sanctioned, there is also anecdotal evidence that USPS locations will hand off incorrectly dropped FedEx packages to FedEx personnel when they come by to exchange SmartPost parcels.

So post office shipping counters and blue mailboxes can provide options for FedEx customers in a pinch, but are not recommended routinely.

Summary: Key Considerations By Location

When deciding where to drop off your FedEx package, weigh the factors that matter most to your situation:

LocationKey BenefitsConsiderations
FedEx Office
  • Packages handled by experts
  • Longer weekend hours
  • Wide range of shipping options
  • Less locations than stores
  • Typically more expensive than self-service
FedEx Ship Centers
  • Very late drop-off hours
  • Volume discounts available
  • More shipping supplies on-hand
  • Only ~200 locations nationwide
  • Primarily business-focused
FedEx Drop Boxes
  • Extended availability (open when nearby stores close)
  • Convenient outdoor access
  • Completely self-service
  • Only for FedEx Express
  • No package over 70 lbs
Retail Stores
  • Already part of regular errands
  • Later hours at some chains
  • Self-service kiosks
  • Staff not shipping professionals
  • More location variability
US Post Offices
  • Part of running other mail errands
  • Familiar location/faces for many
  • USPS collection boxes accessible 24/7
  • Only certain FedEx package types
  • Tighter weight and dimension limits
  • Higher chance of transit delays

As you can see, FedEx provides an immense breadth of dropoff options across the country. So whether you‘re a regular residential shipper or high-volume business, there is likely a FedEx parcel deposit solution that aligns conveniently with your lifestyle and shipping needs.

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