Where Does Piper Rockelle Live?

Piper Rockelle, a social media personality, actress, singer, and dancer, currently lives in Sherman Oaks, California. She moved into her house in November 2020. Actress Bella Thorne previously owned the house.

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She lives in Sherman oaks California

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14 year old Piper Rockelle lives in California. (Specifically, Los Angeles) Are you a Piperazzi?

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What State Does Piper Rockelle Live In?

Piper Rockelle has quickly risen to fame as one of the most popular young social media stars today, amassing over 10 million followers. But where does this teen phenom call home? Currently, Piper resides in an elegant Sherman Oaks mansion ideal for a budding influencer in Los Angeles.

But she had humble small-town beginnings before migrating to LA at age 10 to further her entertainment dreams. Living in the Hollywood spotlight has undoubtedly shaped Piper's path – but she also wisely balances life outside the limelight.

Table of Contents

  • Piper's Small Town Georgia Upbringing
  • Relocating to LA and Getting Early Career Breaks
  • Homes Over the Years – From Studio City to Sherman Oaks
  • The Lavish Lifestyle of Her Current Sherman Oaks Estate
  • Comparison to Fellow Young LA Influencer Elites
  • Benefits of an LA Home Base for Her Blossoming Career
  • Maintaining Privacy Amid Fame and Fortune
  • Possible Relocation Someday Once Established
  • Impact of LA on Her Brand and Content Style
  • The Next Evolution as She Matures in the Spotlight

Piper's Small Town Georgia Upbringing

Piper Rockelle Smith was born in August 2007 in the quiet town of Johns Creek, Georgia. There she lived a typical suburban childhood, attending local schools and dancing competitively from a young age. Bitten by the performance bug, she began auditioning and landed some small catalog modeling jobs and film roles in Atlanta by age 8. But Georgia offered limited opportunities to advance her ambitions.

Relocating to LA and Getting Early Career Breaks

Recognizing Piper's budding talents, her family made the life-changing decision to relocate to Los Angeles in 2017 when Piper was just 10 years old. Almost immediately, Piper's career accelerated in the entertainment capital of the world. She quickly began booking national commercial work, modeling jobs, and dance promotions across LA. Within a year, she had launched her own YouTube channel which swiftly took off. Piper's early career breaks demonstrated the possibilities of LA's star-making media machine.

Homes Over the Years – From Studio City to Sherman Oaks

During her first years in LA, Piper lived relatively modestly in rental homes around Studio City as the family established themselves. But as her fame grew, so did her wealth and lifestyle. By 2020, now a fully-fledged social media influencer, she had upgraded to a $3 million luxurious home in Sherman Oaks.

This lavish mansion better befitted her elite status, with bright modern architecture, a crystal chandelier, open-concept kitchen, and large backyard pool. For an ambitious middle-schooler, it was a dramatic upgrade reflecting her success.

The Lavish Lifestyle of Her Current Sherman Oaks Estate

Piper's current 5-bedroom, 6-bath Sherman Oaks pad epitomizes the luxe LA influencer lifestyle. Spanning over 5,000 square feet, the 2-story farmhouse-style home features high ceilings, a marble-clad chef's kitchen, and a resort-style pool. For recreation, there's a home theatre and gym.

Outdoors, a spacious terrace overlooks the grounds. The home oozes wealth, but is also designed for creating content with studio lighting and ring lights installed. While extravagant, Piper's parents also insist on some rules and structure within the mansion. For a 14-year-old, it's an aspirational life alongside attending traditional school.

Comparison to Fellow Young LA Influencer Elites

Piper's journey from Atlanta amateur to Sherman Oaks superstar follows a common path among LA's Gen Z content stars. Fellow teens like Charli D'Amelio and Joshua Bassett also migrated from smaller towns to LA.

There they first rented modest starter homes before upgrading to mansions as their following exploded. Piper's elite circle includes TikTok collective Hype House members and other young YouTubers collaborating across LA. For these transplants pursuing internet fame, migrating to luxury in the Hollywood Hills signifies achieving influencer status.

Benefits of an LA Home Base for Her Blossoming Career

Locating in Los Angeles provided Piper vital access to resources that propelled her swift success, including:

  • Networking with top social media talent managers and agents
  • Connecting with video directors, producers, editing teams
  • Proximity to studios, sets, and filming locations
  • Access to acting classes, dance studios, vocal coaches
  • Meeting celebrity stylists, makeup artists, photographers
  • Discovering trendy LA spots and events to use as video fodder

The concentration of entertainment industry talent and infrastructure in LA makes it the ideal headquarters for Piper's cross-platform empire – now spanning YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and music releases.

Maintaining Privacy Amid Fame and Fortune

However, Piper also admits LA's intense celebrity culture poses challenges. She shares:

“LA isn’t as glamorous as it seems. While the stars, beaches, and shopping are nice, you also sacrifice a lot of privacy and safety which can be really scary.”

She now takes precautions in public like wearing disguises. Her family also protects their address as her profile grows. Finding balance amid the frenzy remains an ongoing adjustment.

Possible Relocation Someday Once Established

In a 2021 Q&A, Piper suggested she may consider moving from LA once her career is more established, saying:

“I feel like when I'm older, I want to move to a state that has seasons…just to switch it up because I’ve lived in LA for so long.”

But for now, LA still offers the best opportunities to grow her brand.

Impact of LA on Her Brand and Content Style

There's no denying Los Angeles culture permeates Piper's content style – from the clickbait video titles to the high-production music video shoots. The flashy cars, mansions, and hypebeast fashion prioritized in LA influence promotions. While Piper has genuine talent, her online persona also caters to LA's rich-kid hype aesthetic. It will be interesting to see whether she maintains this aesthetic as she matures.

The Next Evolution as She Matures in the Spotlight

In conclusion, while Piper Rockelle calls LA home for now, her next evolution as she inevitably outgrows her kid influencer appeal remains unclear. Will she leverage her fame for a serious acting, music, or business career? Or fall prey to the child star curse if popularity fades? Her choices from lifestyle to location in her teenage years and beyond will prove fascinating as she navigates growing up in the limelight.


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