The TAQ-56 Reigns Supreme for Recoil Control

After extensive testing and consulting the community‘s top players, one assault rifle stands out from the pack when it comes to tameable recoil in Warzone 2 – the TAQ-56. This SCAR platform excels past all other ARs for control and pairs it with competitive TTK.

Unmatched Stability

Based on TrueGameData‘s recoil plots, the TAQ-56 has upwards of 30% less bounce compared to the next best option. This allows for extremely accurate full-auto spurts even at a distance. Popular analyst Metaphor also echoes these sentiments, claiming the latest TAQ "has no recoil."

According to [‘s data](,15-9-taq56-barrel,60-round-mag,ftac– ripper-56,fss-sharkfin-90), the ideal TAQ-56 build further minimizes its recoil to match an unmatched 92 rating, the highest of any AR. This even surpasses traditionally steady options like the Kastov-74u.

WeaponRecoil Rating

Lethal Damage Range

What truly differentiates the TAQ-56 is that it pairs this industry-leading stability with competitive TTK figures. Within 42 meters, its damage dropoff is on par with dominant choices like the Kastov 762 as shown below.

WeaponDamage Falloff Start
Kastov 76234m

This balance of accuracy and lethal damage at range makes the TAQ-56 extremely versatile. Whether picking apart enemies at long sightlines or hip firing in close quarters, its stability helps you sink shots other ARs would miss.

The Definitive AR Pick

Based on community feedback and my own experience grinding up camo challenges, the TAQ-56 stands in a tier of its own right now for assault rifle potency. Despite undergoing minor tweaks in Season 2, it remains unmatched in recoil control while still dropping targets swiftly.

Both the data and qualitative assessments from myself alongside top Warzone analysts paint the TAQ-56 as the definitive AR pick for a mix of range and usability. No matter your playstyle, its stability helps you stay on target to outduel enemies.

I expect the TAQ to remain dominant until substantial balancing changes, which likely won‘t come until at least Season 3. But for now, this SCAR platform crushes the AR competition when it comes to taming recoil during intense firefights.

Let me know your thoughts on the TAQ-56 versus alternatives like the Kastov 762! I‘m curious to hear what ARs you prefer running in your loadouts lately.

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