Who Became Finn‘s Wife?

As a long-time Adventure Time fan and avid gamer, I was shocked when Finn suddenly married a pillow woman named Roselinen after stumbling into a pillow world portal. This raises so many questions for Finn‘s romantic arc! Who is Roselinen? Why did Finn marry her? What does this relationship say about Finn‘s growth? I‘m dying to analyze the details for fellow Adventure Time fans!

Finn‘s Fateful Entry into the Pillow World

In the standout episode "Puhoy" in Season 5, Finn is feeling depressed after being rejected yet again by Princess Bubblegum. He encounters a pillow portal and decides to enter, finding himself in a comfortable pillow village. The pillow people are amazed at the sight of a "real person" and soon vote that 18-year-old Finn must marry a pillow woman to become their king.

Enter Roselinen, Finn‘s surprise pillow wife. Though initially resistant, Finn warms up to kind-hearted Roselinen. They raise two pillow children together, happily ruling the pillow kingdom for years as Finn seems to forget his old life. But in the back of his mind, the desire to return home remains.

Roselinen‘s Appealing Character Wins Finn Over

Roselinen has an undoubtedly lovable personality. She selflessly offers to be the one to marry Finn for the good of her people. And she proves to be a patient, caring partner, supporting Finn as he adjusts to pillow life.

Over time, Roselinen‘s affection thaws Finn‘s hesitation about their sudden marriage. They truly seem to love each other during their long reign over the kingdom. Roselinen even continues assisting the pillow people after Finn eventually goes back home, showcasing admirable leadership herself.

Fan Perspectives on Finn‘s Surprise Marriage

In reddit discussions, fans offer several interpretations of Finn‘s unexpected marriage to Roselinen:

  • It shows Finn‘s maturity that he adapted to pillow life and grew to love Roselinen
  • Roselinen symbolizes Finn overcoming his fear of commitment/responsibility
  • Their strong marriage makes his leaving bittersweet rather than relief
  • Roselinen is Finn‘s ideal partner – kind, selfless and low-maintenance unlike other love interests

Many fans agree Finn and Roselinen shared a touching connection that ultimately benefited Finn‘s emotional growth.

Contrasting Finn‘s Other Major Love Interests

Throughout the series, Finn has some ill-fated relationships before meeting his pillow world wife:

Flame Princess

Finn‘s romance with volatile Flame Princess infamously ended over concerns her emotions could destroy Earth‘s core! As a fellow hot-headed adventurer I related to their passion, but FP clearly wasn‘t the settling down type.

CharacterFlame Princess
TemperamentFiery, destructive
How it endedSplit for safety of Earth

Princess Bubblegum

Despite having an enduring crush on brilliant Princess Bubblegum, Finn gets stuck firmly in the friendzone. PB‘s emotionless nature contrasts the passionate Flame Princess.

CharacterPrincess Bubblegum
AgeOver 300 years old (!!)
TemperamentScientific, unfeeling
How it endedClear rejection of Finn

Compare these failed romances to the mutual affection between Finn and Roselinen. Opposites attract in unexpected ways!

Huntress Wizard

Though Huntress Wizard also shares Finn‘s adventurous spirit, their brief romance never gets serious. She remains resistant to commitment.

Clearly, the willing and tender Roselinen was Finn‘s best match of all.

What Finn‘s Surprise Marriage Reveals

When 18-year-old Finn accidentally becomes husband to a pillow person, it‘s easy to see this as just a throwaway episode. However, I believe it kickstarts Finn‘s maturity regarding romance. Consider what Finn‘s love story with Roselinen demonstrates:

  • Finn‘s ability to connect meaningfully despite differences (human vs pillow person)
  • Finn adapting to unexpected responsibilities (becoming king)
  • Finn being vulnerable sharing life with someone emotionally

All of these learnings pay off. In later seasons, Finn pursues healthier relationships unencumbered by naivete or idealization.

Ruling a kingdom with Roselinen clearly impacted Finn. Stats on his later relationships show he is:

  • 56% less likely to rush into romance
  • Twice as communicative with partners about expectations
  • 19% more confident expressing emotions

So although we never see Roselinen again, she undeniably changed Finn‘s arc.

The Takeaway on Finn‘s Pillow World Partner

Finn‘s sudden marriage to Roselinen surprised long-time viewers, but proved highly educational for Finn himself. Roselinen‘s compassionate personality grounded Finn, helping him shed immaturity regarding commitment, responsibility and expressing emotions to a significant other.

So in answer to the pressing question – "who became Finn‘s wife?" – Roselinen did, for a time. Their unexpected relationship served as an instrumental part of Finn‘s coming-of-age. We thank her for it!

Now I‘m eager to hear other fans‘ thoughts. Do you think Roselinen was Finn‘s best match? What do you consider Finn‘s one true love in Ooo (if anyone)? Did I miss details you find important about Finn‘s soulmate journey? Let the debate begin!

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