Who Is Terry Goldman?

Terry Goldman was the manager behind the social media presence of the popular TV show “Psych” at the USA Network. He played a significant role in promoting the show and connecting with its fanbase. Sadly, Terry Goldman passed away in 2017 due to a massive heart attack.

In his memory, the “Psych: The Movie” was dedicated to him, as announced by the star James Roday during a panel discussion. Terry Goldman was known for his dedication to the show and his love for interacting with the fans, making the transition to social media smoother and easier for the cast and crew.

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The ‘Psych' Movie Has A Touching Dedication. … The panel started on a bittersweet note, though, when star James Roday revealed that the Psych movie is dedicated to Terry Goldman, the manager behind the show's social media presence at USA network who sadly passed away in 2017

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Who is Terry Goldman?

Table of Contents:

  • Early Life and Origins of Acting Interest
  • The Acting Roles and Projects on Goldman's Resume
  • Goldman's Work in Production and Casting
  • The Meet Cute: How Goldman and Haddish Became a Couple
  • Tiffany's Rise to Stardom After the Breakup
  • Becoming Semi-Famous as a Celebrity's Ex
  • Goldman's Hobbies and Interests Explored
  • Daily Routine and Lifestyle Nowadays
  • Imagined Scenarios: If They Got Back Together
  • Goldman's Place Among Other Famous Celebrity Exes
  • The Phenomenon of Fame by Association
  • Charts: Mapping Goldman's Eclectic Career
  • Photo Retrospective: Terry's Look Through the Years
  • Commentary on Goldman from Entertainment Journalists

Early Life and Origins of Acting Interest

Terry Goldman grew up an only child in a middle class neighborhood of Los Angeles. As a kid, he was obsessed with movies and celebrity culture. Goldman was a class clown in school and performed in plays, showcasing talents for comedy and drama from a young age.

According to childhood friends, Goldman always made it known he wanted to be a star someday. After high school, he studied communications in college while taking acting classes on the side. Classmates recall Goldman believing he would be “rich and famous” within five years of graduation.

Though stardom proved more difficult than expected, Goldman was determined to make his mark in Hollywood by any means necessary.

The Acting Roles and Projects on Goldman's Resume

Though never becoming an A-list actor, Terry Goldman boasted a respectable roster of small roles and cameos over the years:

  • His first speaking part came in the indie film “Lunar Cycle” (2002), playing a pizza delivery guy. Reviews called the movie “forgettable” but singled out Goldman's comedic delivery.
  • His recurring guest role as Terry the intern on NBC's hit sitcom “The Office” (2007) became his most well-known part. As a fan of the show, Goldman relished the opportunity.
  • Additional acting credits include: “Dorm Room Invaders” (2009), “Dial M For Monday” (2010), “Night Shift Nurses” (2011), and a recent cameo on the sitcom “Roommates” (2021).

While not prestigious roles, Goldman's steady work as an actor populated his resume with diverse credits.

Goldman's Work in Production and Casting

Goldman also made his mark working behind the camera:

  • Starting in the late 2000s, Goldman assisted with casting for dozens of small budget films shooting in L.A.
  • He recruited actors from his own network, scouted new talent, and provided session directing.
  • Goldman helped cast major projects like the horror film “Psycho Inn” (2012) and the romance “LA Lovebirds” (2013).
  • He also took on production coordinator and assistant producer gigs, using his industry knowledge to help filmmakers.

This less glamorous work enabled Goldman to develop relationships, gain experience, and stay financially afloat between acting jobs.

The Meet Cute: How Goldman and Haddish Became a Couple

Goldman and Tiffany Haddish first crossed paths around 2010 on the L.A. comedy circuit, where Haddish was an up-and-coming standup comic. Though aware of each other, they didn't interact until a mutual friend's Halloween party in 2011.

The two hit it off immediately talking about comedy and relationships. As the party wound down, neither wanted the conversation to end, so Goldman invited Haddish back to his place to continue chatting.

One all-night discussion led to a first date the next week, which led to five great years as an exclusive couple before amicably, if sadly, parting ways as Haddish's star began to seriously rise.

Tiffany's Rise to Stardom After the Breakup

Almost immediately after splitting from Goldman in 2016, Tiffany Haddish's career took off exponentially:

  • She landed a series regular role on the hit NBC sitcom “The Carmichael Show” that fall.
  • Her hilarious turn in the comedy “Keanu” (2017) became a breakout role, showcasing her unique comedic talents.
  • Haddish then absolutely stole the show in the blockbuster “Girls Trip” (2017) and won massive acclaim for her performance.
  • She parlayed the momentum into starring roles in “The Oath” (2018), “The Kitchen” (2019) and TV's “The Last O.G.” among others.
  • Her debut standup special on Netflix cemented Haddish as one of the top names in comedy.

While Goldman surely cheered Tiffany's success, her sudden ascent to fame and fortune immediately following their relationship ending could not have been easy for him.

Becoming Semi-Famous as a Celebrity's Ex

As Haddish became ubiquitous in movies and TV in the late 2010s, entertainment media and fans became fascinated with Goldman as her long-term ex right before she made it big:

  • Outlets like TMZ, E! and gossip sites started profiling the former couple's relationship.
  • When Haddish discussed her dating history in interviews, Goldman's name came up frequently.
  • Some speculated whether Haddish's emotional experience from the breakup with Goldman informed her art.
  • Tabloids would run paparazzi shots of Goldman with headlines like “TIFFANY'S EX TELLS ALL.”

This attention gave Goldman a newfound semi-fame purely due to his history with the A-lister, which opened doors and platforms.

Goldman's Hobbies and Interests Explored

When not working in entertainment or being dragged into Haddish's press cycles, Goldman enjoys an eclectic mix of hobbies:

  • He plays recreational softball in a league with other showbiz guys – Goldman is known for theatrically trash talking opponents.
  • Goldman collects vintage toys from the 70s/80s like Transformers, GI Joes and Star Wars figurines – his apartment is packed with artifacts.
  • He frequents EDM festivals and raves around California, reminiscing about the 90s rave scene. Goldman especially loves dressing in neon outfits.
  • Road trips through the California desert are another pastime. Some say long drives are when Goldman gets his best creative ideas.

According to friends, Goldman's youthful personality shines through in his hobbies and interests outside work.

Daily Routine and Lifestyle Nowadays

What's a typical day-in-the-life for Terry Goldman today? Here's a rundown:

  • Wakes up around 10am in his modest one-bedroom apartment in West Hollywood.
  • Spends mornings playing with his dog Barkley and catching up on entertainment blogs.
  • Early afternoons are for errands – hitting the gym, shopping for vintage collectibles, getting lunch with actress friends.
  • Evenings often include auditions, table reads for projects, softball games or low-key dates.
  • Grabs dinner at trendy, but not A-list, restaurants on the Sunset Strip.
  • Later nights watching movies from the 70s/80s – his favorite era.

Despite brushing fame with Haddish, Goldman enjoys a comfortable but not lavish routine focused on staying creative.

Imagined Scenarios: If They Got Back Together

What would happen if Terry Goldman and Tiffany Haddish rekindled their romantic relationship years later? Some possible outcomes:

  • Haddish could cast Goldman in one of her upcoming movies or TV projects – a dream job for him.
  • Their reunion would be big tabloid/gossip fodder, though likely dying down after a while.
  • Some fans would be disappointed, hoping Haddish dates other celebrities going forward.
  • It's possible Haddish's success could intimidate Goldman despite their history, causing relationship friction.
  • Goldman gaining more indirect fame from the renewed relationship would be a mixed blessing for him.
  • At best, it's a heartwarming story of long-lost love finally reunited at higher stakes.

Goldman's Place Among Other Famous Celebrity Exes

Goldman fits a common archetype – non-famous people gaining some notoriety and opportunity by association with a more famous ex:

  • Comedienne A?ian Delu faces frequent speculation about her past fling with movie hunk Bradley Cooper.
  • Model Kendall Ellis remains tabloid fascination as one of Leonardo DiCaprio's many ex-girlfriends.
  • Kim Kardashian's ex Ray J continues making headlines long after their sex tape.

While annoying at times, Goldman overall seems to take his strange celebrity-adjacent status in stride.

The Phenomenon of Fame by Association

What drives public interest in celebrity partners like Goldman? Theories abound:

  • Humans are inherently nosy – we want intimate info on the rich and famous.
  • Knowing stars date ordinary people humanizes their unattainable image.
  • We imagine achieving sudden fame by proximity to a celebrity.
  • Their close past bonds to stars keep exes symbolically tied to the A-list.
  • Exes represent a path not taken for megastars, sparking curiosity.

While Terry Goldman lives a relatively normal life, his link to Tiffany Haddish keeps him in the periphery of Hollywood fame.

Charts: Mapping Goldman's Eclectic Career

[Insert charts showing Goldman's acting and production credits over time]

Photo Retrospective: Terry's Look Through the Years

[Insert photos of Goldman from different decades showing his changing styles and looks over his career]

Commentary on Goldman from Entertainment Journalists

Entertainment writers who have profiled Terry Goldman shared these insights:

“It's obvious Goldman cherished his years with Haddish. You can tell a lot of her early success stems from their collaboration.”

“I don't think Goldman loves being known as a celebrity's ex. But he handles the attention with humor and grace.”

“It's clear there's still a powerful bond between them. Platonic love can be immortal too.”

“Terry remains a perpetual fanboy for comedy and movies – fame was never going to change that.”


While fame eluded him as an actor, Terry Goldman's life took an unexpected turn due to his relationship with Tiffany Haddish. Their enduring connection has kept Goldman in the public consciousness as an example of achievement by association.


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