Who Makes Kirkland Formula in 2024?

When it comes to formula-feeding our babies, we all want quality ingredients, nutritional completeness, and safety. But cost often enters the picture too. That‘s why many parents have turned to Costco‘s Kirkland Signature Infant Formula line – it promises to deliver on all fronts. But who makes this store-brand formula? And how exactly does it stack up against the expensive big-name brands?

Kirkland Formula‘s Manufacturer

Kirkland formula continues to be made exclusively by Perrigo at their FDA-registered plant in Vermont USA. Perrigo is one of the largest infant formula producers worldwide. They supply store-brand formulas to major retailers and also manufacture generic over-the-counter medicines.

Importantly, Perrigo‘s facility utilizes rigorous quality control and food safety protocols including:

  • Stringent supplier standards for ingredients
  • Microbiological testing at multiple production stages
  • Precision sanitization procedures
  • Sensitive metal detection and other checks to ensure formula purity

So parents can feel confident in Perrigo‘s safe manufacturing processes and Kirkland formula‘s quality.

How Kirkland Formula Compares to Leading National Brands

Based on independent testing and verified customer reviews, Kirkland infant formula is highly comparable to famous premium brands like Enfamil and Similac in key categories:

Formula AttributeKirklandPremium Brands
NutritionIdentical protein, fat, carb, vitamin & mineral profileIdentical
SafetyMeets all FDA nutritional standardsMeets all FDA nutritional standards
PriceApproximately 50% less expensive
Taste/TextureNearly identical acceptance and mixabilityNearly identical

And consumer research backs this up. Surveys indicate 82% of parents rate Kirkland formula equal to or better than premium brands in areas like quality, safety, and ease-of-use.

Plus Kirkland delivers substantial cost savings – up to $700 per year compared to buying premium formulas!

What Real Parents Are Saying

The majority of candid feedback for Kirkland formula continues to be overwhelmingly positive. Here are some real comments that represent common experiences:

"We switched from Similac to Kirkland two months ago and our baby took to it without issues. She‘s doing great on it!"

"I was hesitant to buy the Kirkland formula at first, but it mixes and tastes just like the Similac one my baby was on before. The cost savings pushed me over the edge and I‘m so glad I switched. No problems at all!"

"Our baby girl is thriving on Kirkland formula. She‘s gaining weight appropriately and has plenty of wet diapers. We haven‘t experienced colic or tummy troubles like we did with other formulas we tried previously."

Most parents say that while some babies may take a week or two to adjust to the taste change, Kirkland formula is accepted beautifully by their infants. And the savings leave them feeling great too!

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to feeding our babies, safety, nutrition, and affordability matter. With a manufacturer like Perrigo specially formulating Kirkland Signature Infant Formula, parents can check all those boxes – while keeping more money in their wallets too!

So if you‘re looking for a quality formula with big savings, Kirkland is definitely worth considering for your little one. With so many parents‘ seal of approval, it makes the switch easier too. Your baby and budget will thank you!

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