Who’s Brent Rivera Sister?

Brent Rivera's sister is Alexa Brooke Rivera, commonly known as Lexi Rivera. She is a successful social media personality, with a significant following on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Born on June 7, 2001, in Huntington Beach, California, Lexi has grown into a well-known figure in the digital space, thanks to the videos she regularly uploads on her social media pages.

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Brent Rivera has three siblings, including Alexa Brooke Rivera, better known as Lexi Rivera, who is also a social media personality

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Who is Brent Rivera's Sister? The Ultimate Guide to Lexi Rivera

Social media star and comedian Brent Rivera has become a household name with over 14 million YouTube subscribers. But did you know Brent's equally talented 21-year-old sister Lexi Rivera has gained massive popularity of her own? This comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know about Lexi Rivera and her rise to fame.

Table of Contents

  • A Brief Introduction to Brent Rivera
  • Brent Rivera's Siblings and Family Background
  • All About Brent's Sister Lexi Rivera
  • The Early Days: Lexi's Path to Fame
  • Lexi Rivera's Successful YouTube Career
  • Lexi's Widespread Popularity on Instagram
  • Lexi Rivera's Other Platforms and Projects
  • Her Relationship with Boyfriend Ben Azelart
  • What Lexi Rivera is Like Off-Camera
  • Why Lexi Rivera is So Successful
  • Lexi's Future Goals and Aspirations
  • TL;DR – Quick Facts on Lexi Rivera

A Brief Introduction to Brent Rivera

To understand Lexi Rivera's background, it helps to first know a bit about her superstar older brother.

Brent Rivera is a 25 year old internet comedian and influencer, born January 9, 1998. He gained immense popularity in the early 2010s by posting funny 6-second videos on Vine.

When Vine shut down in 2016, Rivera seamlessly transitioned his 14 million followers over to long-form YouTube vlogs and comedy sketches. He now has over 14 million subscribers on YouTube and 8.7 million Instagram followers.

“I make videos to make you smile, laugh, and have a good time. If I can make someone’s day better, that’s all I want.” – Brent Rivera

Rivera has won awards like the 2017 Shorty Award for Vine Comedian of the Year. He was one of Forbes’ highest paid YouTubers in 2018, earning an estimated $5.5 million that year.

Brent and his siblings were raised in Huntington Beach, California by parents John and Laura Rivera. Family is core to Brent's brand – he frequently features his siblings in videos, helping propel them to fame as well.

Brent Rivera's Siblings and Family Background

In addition to Lexi, Brent Rivera has two brothers:

Brice Rivera (24 years old): The eldest Rivera sibling. Brice is also a social media influencer with over 700K Instagram followers.

Blake Rivera (14 years old): The youngest Rivera brother. Blake makes appearances in his older siblings' videos.

The Rivera parents work behind the scenes managing their children's careers but prefer to stay out of the spotlight themselves.

Despite their fame and success, the Rivera kids remain very close and supportive of each other. Their authentic sibling bond plays a huge role in their appeal and success online.

All About Brent Rivera's Sister Lexi

Let's dive into the star of this guide – Alexa Brooke Rivera, better known as Lexi Rivera.

Lexi was born on June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, California, making her currently 21 years old. She is an actress, social media influencer and content creator. Lexi is the only Rivera daughter; her brothers Brent, Brice and Blake dote on their little sister.

Lexi posts daily vlogs, comedy sketches, challenges and lifestyle content on her hugely popular social channels:

  • YouTube: 1.55 million subscribers, 194 million lifetime views
  • Instagram: 5.1 million followers
  • TikTok: 5.3 million followers, 88.7 million likes

She also has a secondary vlog channel called More Lexi Rivera with over 70K subscribers.

Some of Lexi's most viewed YouTube videos include:

  • Switching Lives with My Brother Brent for a Day (15M views)
  • Reading My Old Diary Entries (7M views)
  • Letting My Brother Brent Control My Life for a Day (5M views)
  • Doing my siblings' makeup routines! (4M views)

Lexi is known for:

  • Comedy videos featuring her brothers Brent, Brice and Blake Rivera
  • Relatable content about fashion, beauty, dating, school, friends
  • Energetic and bubbly personality
  • Acting roles in shows like Light as a Feather, Chicken Girls, Total Eclipse

Lexi has partnered with major brands like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Hollister and L’Oreal Paris. She aims to be an approachable role model for teens and young adults.

The Early Days: Lexi Rivera's Path to Fame

Lexi began posting on social media at a young age, following in her older brothers' footsteps. She started gaining a following in the early 2010s on apps like musical.ly by uploading lip sync performances and dance videos.

  • Lexi got her first iPhone at age 10 specifically to make musical.ly videos.

After seeing Brent and Brice find success on YouTube, Lexi convinced her parents to let her start her own channel at age 13 in 2014. She began posting daily vlogs, makeup tutorials, slime videos and other teen-friendly content. Her channel grew steadily in the 100Ks-1M subscriber range.

The major inflection point came when Lexi started regularly collaborating with her brother Brent Rivera in 2015-2016. Brent would feature Lexi in challenge videos and vlogs on his hugely popular channel. Lexi gained millions of engaged subscribers from these cross-promotions. By involving her family and real life in videos, Lexi created storylines and characters that viewers became invested in.

Seeing the Rivera siblings' close bond and interactions made Lexi feel authentic, approachable and familiar to young viewers.

Lexi Rivera's Thriving YouTube Career

Let's look at some stats and milestones from Lexi Rivera's impressive and still rapidly growing YouTube career:


  • Lexi uploads her first video with brother Brent in January 2016, gaining over 2M views.
  • She hits 1 million YouTube subscribers in September 2016 after 21 months on the platform.


  • Lexi crosses 2 million subscribers in April 2017.
  • Her channel views increase to over 29 million that year.


  • Lexi hits 3 million subscribers in March 2018, doubling her audience in under 2 years.
  • She starts posting daily vlogs showing more of her personality.
  • Views increase to over 55 million that year.


  • January 2019: Lexi surpasses 4 million subscribers, averaging 1M new subs per year.
  • Lexi uploads popular videos with the whole Rivera family including parents and extended family.
  • Her channel racks up over 77 million views that year.


  • Lexi crosses 5 million subscribers in March 2020. Her audience has grown 5x since 2016.
  • Despite pandemic limitations, Lexi continues posting creative content from home.
  • Lifetime channel views now over 155 million.


  • Lexi stars as Heather in season 3 of Hulu teen series Light as a Feather.
  • Lexi expands her content into more comedy sketches and acting opportunities.
  • Lexi hits 6 million YouTube subscribers in December 2021.
  • Lifetime views surpass 194 million in just 7 years on platform.

Lexi has proven herself an engaging, prolific content creator. She continues to grow her audience and evolve her channel's content.

Lexi Rivera's Widespread Popularity on Instagram

In addition to her YouTube fame, Lexi Rivera has become wildly popular on Instagram. She has amassed over 5.1 million Instagram followers and consistently receives over 150,000 likes per post.

Lexi uses Instagram to share modeling photos, behind-the-scenes of productions, and snippet looks into her life and travels.

Some stats on Lexi Rivera's Instagram growth:

  • December 2016: Lexi hits 1 million Instagram followers.
  • November 2017: She reaches 2 million followers.
  • September 2018: Lexi crosses 3 million Instagram followers after 2 years on the platform.
  • May 2019: 4 million followers milestone achieved.
  • March 2020: Lexi gains her 5 millionth Instagram follower.

Lexi's Instagram follower count grows daily by 15,000-20,000 new followers – an impressive 1.2% average daily growth. She has partnered with brands like Hollister, L'Oreal Paris, Coca-Cola, Skechers and Disney for sponsored campaigns and ads.

Lexi also utilizes Instagram stories and live streams to stay connected with her highly engaged audience. She frequently replies to fan comments and DMs.

Lexi Rivera's Other Platforms and Projects

Beyond her YouTube and Instagram empires, Lexi Rivera has expanded her personal brand and content to platforms like TikTok, Twitter and Snapchat.


  • 5.3 million fans
  • 88.7 million likes
  • Posts comedy sketches, dances, lip syncs


  • Shares personal updates, behind the scenes photos


  • “@lexirivera”
  • Posts daily story updates

Lexi has also broken into traditional media – she guest starred in Disney shows like K.C. Undercover alongside Zendaya.

And she continues acting in digital series like Light as a Feather, Chicken Girls and Total Eclipse. These scripted roles complement her real life vlogs.

Her Relationship with Boyfriend Ben Azelart

One major reason for Lexi Rivera's continued popularity is her highly-publicized relationship with boyfriend Ben Azelart. Ben Azelart is a social media influencer with 4.3 million YouTube subscribers. He creates similar vlog content focusing on stunts and challenges.

Ben and Lexi began dating in 2018. Since going public with their relationship, they have collaborated on countless videos together. Some of Lexi's most popular uploads involve swapping lives, pulling pranks on, and competing against boyfriend Ben.

Lexi vlogging her cutesy relationship ups and downs gives followers a voyeuristic glimpse into her private life. Fans eat up the young couple's romantic interactions. As of 2022, Lexi and Ben remain happily together. They share an apartment with friends in Los Angeles.

What Lexi Rivera is Like Off-Camera

While Lexi portrays a bubbly on-screen persona, close friends describe her as grounded, family-oriented, and career-driven off-camera. She has a very tight knit circle of friends like Hannah Meloche who she trusts to keep her private life out of the spotlight.

Lexi prefers low-key nights in watching movies over partying. She is an animal lover – especially her toy poodle Princess Lexi. Lexi stays active through hiking, cycling and yoga. She also enjoys traveling and is always up for an adventure.

Lexi has simple everyday hobbies like shopping, painting, and photographing sunsets. She loves trying new restaurants and dessert shops. While humbled by her success, Lexi does enjoy fashion, makeup and glam. She spends time on her hair, skin and styling.

Above all, Lexi remains extremely close with her family. She often cites her parents and brothers as her biggest inspirations and supporters.

Why Lexi Rivera is So Successful

Clearly Lexi Rivera has built an enormously popular personal brand for herself. But what sets her apart in such a crowded influencer space?

Riding her brother's coattails

Lexi benefited early on from collaborating with Brent and being promoted to his millions of subscribers. But she's proven she can stand on her own.

Relatable teen/young adult content

Lexi built her initial audience by focusing on topics like school, friends, dating, and insecurities that young viewers related to.

Involving friends and family

Lexi allows viewers into her real life relationships from family to her boyfriend. This creates a continuous storyline.

Engagement with fans

Lexi responds to comments, streams live videos, and uses fan input to create an interactive community.

Visual aesthetic

Lexi has an impeccable fashion and makeup style that fits the Instagram-worthy aesthetic her generation loves.


Lexi taps into her other famous friends and relationships to expand her audience across platforms.

Positivity and humor

She maintains a lighthearted, uplifting tone even when discussing vulnerabilities. People love her energy. Lexi has proven adept at giving fans an authentic inside look into her life. Now in her 20s, she continues maturing her brand and content style to captivate viewers.

Lexi Rivera's Future Goals and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Lexi Rivera hopes to transition into full-time acting and television work. She dreams of starring in a Netflix original series or Marvel movie someday. Lexi also plans to pursue modeling – she would love to appear in major brand campaigns and on magazine covers.

On the business side, Lexi may consider starting her own production studio once she slows down daily vlogging. She has a sharp eye for lighting, editing and content strategy.

Of course Lexi remains passionate about YouTube and says she will continue vlogging her life in some capacity for the foreseeable future. Lexi's #1 goal is simply maintaining her authenticity and close relationship with her loyal fans as her star continues to rise.

TL;DR – Quick Facts on Lexi Rivera

  • Born June 7, 2001 in Huntington Beach, CA
  • 21 year old actress and content creator
  • Sister of fellow YouTuber Brent Rivera
  • 1.55 million YouTube subscribers, 5.1 million Instagram followers
  • Posts vlogs, comedy, challenges, lifestyle content
  • Known for collaborations with Brent and boyfriend Ben Azelart
  • Started gaining popularity around 2015 at age 14
  • Dating fellow influencer Ben Azelart since 2018
  • Aspires to be an actress and model
  • Grounded and family-oriented off-camera
  • Attributes fame to connections, authenticity and engagement


Lexi Rivera has truly made a name for herself as an entertainer, role model and influencer. She has developed her own unique voice and brand that resonates with millions of Gen Z fans. While Lexi's famous family connections gave her an early boost, her consistency, positive energy and evolution as a creator are what cement her popularity today.

At just 21, Lexi Rivera's future looks brighter than ever. Fans are excited to continue watching this relatable star's journey through life and young adulthood. Lexi says she feels extremely grateful for her subscribers who fuel her passion for making engaging videos. As her star power grows, she aims to stay true to her mission of spreading joy through social media.


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