Will There Be a Slither 2? No Official Word, But Strong Long-Term Potential

Let‘s address the slimy space slug in the room – there is currently no sequel to 2006‘s Slither in active development or production. This despite the original‘s status as an ultra-gory cult classic with state-of-the-art practical creature effects.

However, while horror fans wait eagerly for news, certain factors suggest a strong possibility of Slither 2 materializing eventually – perhaps within the next decade. Especially with director James Gunn ascending to A-list status within the superhero genre.

Why Slither Fans Are Eager for More

To understand where sequel hopes stem from, let‘s examine why Slither itself struck such a chord among horror buffs and sci-fi aficionados following its release:

  • It tapped into 80s-style absurdist horror-comedy – films like Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator and Night of the Creeps
  • Practical effects hit astonishing heights of gross-out insanity – including slug-like, body-snatching aliens rending flesh
  • Nathan Fillion cemented his cult icon status – starring as down-to-earth hero Bill Pardy amid the chaos
  • Direction of James Gunn pre-dated his Marvel fame – Showcased stylistic talent only fully realized later

In particular, Switol and crew‘s mind-warping, goo-spewing creature work left jaws firmly hit floor. Effects easily on par with classics like John Carpenter‘s The Thing.

In short: a modern, R-rated homage to 80s excess – prime material for ongoing franchise potential.

Fan Reactions Showcase Desire for More

"That ending leaves things WIDE open for a sequel!! One of my fave creature effects movies."

"Where is Slither 2 tho?? I need more gross-out alien action in my life!"

"Gunn better reunite with Nathan Fillion at some point to keep this bonkers story going. There‘s still unfinished business with Grant Grant!"

By the Numbers: Modest Initial Success, Cult Following

While Slither‘s box office intake was modest, its post-theatrical traction – along with critical appraise – showcase franchise viability:

Production BudgetWorldwide GrossRotten Tomatoes
$15 million$12.8 million86% Critics
72% Audiences

Indeed, celebrated revisionist critic Mark Kermode highlighted Slither in his list of top 25 over-looked films of that era. A testament to enduring appeal.

Re-releases in additional formats also speak to ongoing fandom – including Blu-Ray special edition packing behind-the-scenes footage and director commentary.

Slither 2 – What Would Another Outing Entail?

Part of the appeal lies in just how wide open the twisted world remains for further flesh-rending adventures:

  • Despite Bill Pardy defeating Grant Grant, his disturbing alien sentience persists – Leaving Jack MacReady ominously alone guarding his remain
  • The nature of the wider meteor impact and extraterrestrial origins are left largely unexplored
  • Familiar locale of Wheelsy, SC remains locus of abnormal activity – begging for the arrival of federal agents or ill-fated scientists investigating strangeness

The above certainly leaves no shortage of narrative jumping off points!

My Prediction…

We find Bill Pardy now sheriff of Wheelsy, ill-equipped as renewed alien activity draws outsider attention that strains his small force. All while the dormant will of Grant Grant exerts sway over susceptible townsfolk. Events spiral out of control…

Could easily toggle between small town drama, flash backs of Bill and Starla in aftermath, and shocking reveals around prior impact site. Mixing character development with epic creature chaos!

If rumors surrounding Guardians 3 suggest anything, James Gunn has a decade worth of imaginative genre projects churning in the cauldron. Why not return to his shoestring horror roots with chum Fillion in tow?

So in summary – Slither 2 sits firmly in speculative territory but with strong long-view potential.

For fans, it becomes a waiting game on just when Gunn and Switol‘s schedules align after half a dozen MCU projects… In the meantime, indulge in some creature effects nirvana – and speculate what insanity may come!

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