Is your new partner allergic to your dog or cat? Here’s what to do

Our pets love us unconditionally, and most of us make a commitment to love them back unconditionally as well. However, lines become gray when new partners have allergies. By making a commitment to all parties, in most cases the allergies can be seriously diminished and pets can remain in the household. If your new girlfriend or boyfriend is allergic to dogs or cats (or another one of your pets), consider this advice to help them prevent allergy symptoms and not let it get in the way of having a healthy relationship.


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  • remember that a commitment to an animal is lifelong
  • feed the highest quality food
  • consider treating your pet for leaky gut
  • use coverings on the furniture
  • vacuum daily

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  • change your behavior to please someone
  • let your pet sleep on the pillows
  • forget to brush your pet daily
  • be afraid to suggest your partner pursue allergy desensitization
  • use air fresheners to cover up pet odors

Cathy Alinovi‘s recommendation to ExpertBeacon readers: Do

Do remember that a commitment to an animal is lifelong

Communicate clearly to your new partner from the very beginning that you have pets. Animal shelters are full of pets who were turned in due to relationship issues. Clear communication from the beginning will help all parties work together so the whole family can be full of love.

Do feed the highest quality food

High-quality nutrition decreases how much our pets shed, therefore decreasing allergies. Less hair and dander helps the allergy sufferer. Raw diets actually work best to reduce allergies as these diets are least inflammatory. Dry food will cause the most allergies, especially if the dry foods contain grains, byproducts, and dyes. Ask your holistic veterinarian about dietary options to ensure you are feeding your dog or cat the healthiest food to reduce as much allergens as possible.

Do consider treating your pet for leaky gut

Leaky gut (dysbiosis) causes inflammation and shedding, which in turn leads to fur and dander floating everywhere. Leaky gut comes from eating inflammatory foods (dry foods with inferior ingredients) – the result is greasy coat, dandruff, and more causes of allergies. Holistic vets have learned methods to treat leaky gut – healing the pet and helping the human. Search around your area for a vet that can help you treat your pet without the use of unneeded medications. Again, this is usually caused by a bad diet and can be fixed simply by introducing food to your pet that is natural and doesn’t contain all of the inferior ingredients like fillers, dyes, and byproducts.

Do use coverings on the furniture

Washable furniture coverings are an easy tool to reduce dander and fur where your partner’s head may lay. Allergens near the face are usually the worst culprits in aggravating an allergy attack. Be sure to wash the furniture coverings at least once a week, or even just replace the covering when your boyfriend or girlfriend comes over to remove as much allergens as possible. Also, don’t forget about washing and/or replacing your bed sheets if your pets sleep on the bed.

Do vacuum daily

The vacuum sucks up a lot of loose fur and dander that causes allergies. Vacuuming also picks up dust mites, another major culprit in causing allergies. Carpeting holds many allergens and can be a major source of allergic issues. Vacuuming daily will make your partner love you even more as they recognize how much you are doing to help prevent their allergies and keep your relationship strong.

Cathy Alinovi‘s professional advice to ExpertBeacon readers: Don't

Do not change your behavior to please someone

Your pet has more than likely been with you longer that your new boyfriend or girlfriend, so maintain that commitment while learning to help your new partner live in harmony with your pet(s). Far too many dogs and cats are put in animal shelters only to be euthanized for no other reason than the owner wasn’t prepared to take care of them. Don’t let this happen to you.

Do not let your pet sleep on the pillows

The fastest way to an allergy attack is for the allergic human to lay his/her face on a pillow covered in fur and dander. By keeping the pets off the pillows, or even changing pillow cases each evening, allergic reactions can be reduced. Get your dog or cat a bed and designate a place for them to lay down, like their own blanket.

Do not forget to brush your pet daily

Brushing, especially with a fine tooth tool, will grab extra fur and dander to be thrown out, rather than the float around the house. Additionally, brushing is a great bonding experience with your pet. Consider brushing your pet outside as well to help reduce any chance of allergens floating around when you brush them.

Do not be afraid to suggest your partner pursue allergy desensitization

Anything from allergy shots to NAET to other allergy reduction techniques can help the allergic partner. Treating the human’s leaky gut, just like treating the pet’s leaky gut, will reduce how sensitive the human is to the pet. Consider having your partner speak with their doctor about options to help reduce their allergies.

Do not use air fresheners to cover up pet odors

Air fresheners, with their strong chemicals and odors, can actually be a stronger cause of allergies than pet dander and fur. If you do want to use air fresheners, consider a light candle and speaking with your partner before spraying anything. If they do have allergies, they are going to know what types of smells bring about an allergic reaction.


Because we are talking about lifelong commitments, our commitment involves fairly simple measures to decrease how much fur and dander our pets shed. Decreased allergy load in the household environment makes for happier relationships while maintaining all animals in the house.

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