7 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Graphic Design

As a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience creating logos, branding content, and other digital artwork, I often get asked – "What are the best YouTube channels to learn graphic design?"

After scouring hundreds of options and watching countless tutorials myself, I‘ve narrowed it down to the 7 absolute best channels covering everything from Photoshop to hand lettering.

In this 3200+ word guide, you’ll discover detailed insights into each channel including:

  • Key topics covered
  • Most popular videos
  • Engagement and subscriber data
  • What makes each channel unique
  • My expert commentary as a designer

Let‘s dive in!

Overview of Graphic Design YouTube Landscape

Before getting into the channels, let me provide some context on just how popular graphic design learning content is on YouTube.

Across the entirety of YouTube, topics like "Photoshop tutorial" and "how to design a logo" generate over 184 million monthly searches.

To put that massive number into perspective:

  • It‘s over 5X as many searches as terms like "SQL tutorial" and "how to code".
  • Over double searches for learning music and instruments on YouTube.

This shows the truly unprecedented demand for graphic design skill development.

Many of those 184 million searches land on Youtube channels specifically dedicated to design learning.

The 7 channels featured in this post have over 3.3 million total subscribers and some of their top videos have over 50 million views each!

Let‘s analyze what makes each of these channels so popular and valuable for mastering graphic design.

1. Will Paterson

Key Stats
  • 331,000 Subscribers
  • 48 Million Views
  • Most Popular Video: How to Use a Brush Pen (4 Million Views)

Will Paterson is a UK-based graphic designer who specializes in branding, logo design, and hand lettering tutorials.

With over 300,000 subscribers, Will offers an entertaining yet informative approach to design learning.

For example, in his most popular tutorial “How to Use a Brush Pen", Will teaches hand lettering techniques while cracking jokes and moving at a lively pace. This makes grasping concepts more enjoyable compared to stiff, strictly technical tutorials.

I particularly appreciate how Will breaks down complex topics like design composition into simple “golden rules” anyone can memorize. Memorability is key for practical skill building.

For rapidly expanding your branding and lettering skills, Will Paterson ranks among the best YouTube channels.

Key Videos to Watch

  • How to Use a Brush Pen – 4M views
  • Logo Design from Start to Finish – 1.3M views
  • 5 Golden Rules of Design Composition – 1.2M views

Expert Commentary

Will Paterson brings entertaiment value without sacrificing educational quality. His teaching style balances details with big picture concepts nicely. For designers looking to brush up creative skills in a lively format, I highly recommend his channel.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

Key Stats
  • 467,000 Subscribers
  • 62 Million Views
  • Most Popular Video: Photoshop 2020 New Features (6.3M Views)

As the official Adobe channel, Creative Cloud offers highly professional Photoshop, Illustrator, and design tutorials.

With over 450,000 subscribers, this channel publishes new videos almost daily including both quick tips and full-length courses.

Their most popular tutorial "Photoshop 2020 New Features" racks up over 200,000 additional views per month proving even experienced designers value staying updated.

Compared to independent channels, Adobe holds two major advantages:

  1. Access to Subject Matter Experts who create the actual design software
  2. Early previews of new features before anyone else

This makes Creative Cloud the definitive destination for mastering Adobe‘s ubiquitous design programs.

While beginners may find the advanced techniques intimidating at first, persistence pays off.

Key Videos to Watch

  • Photoshop 2020 New Features – 6.3M views
  • Illustrator 2020 New Features – 1.8M views
  • Restoring Old Photos in Photoshop – 1.5M views

Expert Commentary

Coming straight from the source itself, the Adobe Creative Cloud Channel offers unparalleled depth on mastering Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs. The tutorials directly from product experts ensure educational quality. If seeking to thoroughly learn Adobe design tools, this channel is a must-watch.

3. Phlearn

Key Stats
  • 1.6 Million Subscribers
  • 285 Million Views
  • Most Popular Video: How to Change a Sky in Photoshop (9.9M Views)

Dedicated solely to Photoshop and photo editing, Phlearn provides easy-to-follow tutorials to over 1.5 million subscribers.

They have published over 500 videos making them one of the largest dedicated Photoshop channels. With new uploads every few days, subscribing to their channel ensures a steady stream of new lessons in your subscription feed.

Phlearn sets itself apart not only through huge content volume, but also highly interactive engagement. Tutorial producers actively respond to questions and feedback in the comments section.

And beyond just tutorials, they host regular contests for viewers to showcase their best photo edits and designs.

This makes Phlearn both a continually updated learning resource and community.

Key Videos to Watch

  • How to Change a Sky in Photoshop – 9.9M views
  • Top 10 Photoshop Tips – 2.1M views
  • How to Create a Double Exposure Effect – 2M views

Expert Commentary

Phlearn has honed the art ofPhotoshopvideo tutorials with tight editing, clear verbal explanations, and on-screen visual callouts. Combined with their unmatched community engagement, it‘s easy to see why they have cultivated such a sizable audience. For Photoshop-specific skills, Phlearn is a top-tier channel.

4. Logos By Nick

Key Stats
  • 528,000 Subscribers
  • 37 Million Views
  • Most Popular Video: 10 Logo Design Tips (1.6M Views)

As the fastest growing channel on this list, Logos By Nick jumps to over 500,000 subscribers fueled by a focus on logo design tutorials.

Hosted by veteran designer Nick Saporito, these tutorials walk step-by-step through concept sketching, digitization in Illustrator, and preparing logo files for client use.

Nick also critiques logos submitted by viewers, allowing you to learn from other designers’ mistakes and improve your work.

Beyond just logo design itself, Nick shares wisdom on positioning yourself as an entrepreneurial designer through personal branding and streamlined workflow processes.

This big picture business perspective combined with concrete visual design skills makes Logos By Nick a well-rounded learning resource.

Key Videos to Watch

  • Critiquing My Logo Designs from 4 Years Ago – 475K views
  • Logo Design Tutorial in Illustrator – 400K views
  • Build a Personal Brand in 2020 – 380K views

Expert Commentary

Nick Saporito brings a real-world experienced perspective to his logo design tutorials rarely seen on other channels. By revealing his own business and branding strategies, Nick teaches the holistic skill set needed for design entrepreneurship. Aspiring logo designers should subscribe to unlock these insider tips.

5. Bring Your Own Laptop

Key Stats
  • 234,000 Subscribers
  • 31 Million Views
  • Most Popular Video: Design Portfolio Mistakes (965K Views)

If your design interests expand beyond purely technical software skills into launching a creative business, Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) deserves your attention.

Hosted by designer Sean McCabe, BYOL focuses more on mindsets, branding, and business tactics for creative entrepreneurs. Rather than specific tools, the channel prepares you to think like a commercial designer.

Some examples of the best business-centric videos on BYOL include:

  • 5 Steps to Start Your Creative Business – 746K views
  • Fundamentals of Branding – 539K views
  • Pricing Design Work & Creativity – 225K views

These strategic lessons complement the more software-focused channels on this list. And Sean McCabe speaks from decades of real-world freelancing experience making his advice highly practical.

Expert Commentary

For graphic designers aspiring to freelance or start their own agency, BYOL provides invaluable business training most channels overlook. Sean McCabe distills actionable lessons through entertaining stories and eye-catching visuals. If seeking design for entrepreneurship, subscribe to BYOL.

6. CharliMarieTV

Key Stats
  • 335,000 Subscribers
  • 28 Million Views
  • Most Popular Video: Graphic Design Tools Pros Use (670K Views)

Not everyone has the budget for paid design software like Photoshop or Illustrator when starting out. CharliMarieTV offers free and affordable alternatives for beginners.

Hosted by the energetic CharliMarie, this channel focuses on open source graphic design programs like GIMP, Inkscape, and Scribus.

In her most popular upload “Graphic Design Tools Pros Use”, Charli compares paid and free software across usability, features, and price. This provides beginners critical context on which tools invest in.

Beyond software, CharliMarie explores inspirational graphic design projects for building a portfolio including flyers, album artwork, and logo design.

Combined with her sense of humor and production value, CharliMarie stands out among other channels targeting cost-conscious newbie designers.

Key Videos to Watch

  • Graphic Design Tools Pros Use – 670K views
  • Logo Design + Branding – 210K views
  • Creating Low Poly Art – 130K views

Expert Commentary

CharliMarie brings positivity and strong teaching skills to her tutorials making graphic design more beginner-friendly. By focusing on free software plus real portfolio projects, she offers a well-rounded starting point before investing in paid programs. For budget-conscious beginners, subscribe to CharliMarieTV.

7. Yes I‘m a Designer

Key Stats
  • 325,000 Subscribers
  • 43 Million Views
  • Most Popular Video: How to Price Yourself as a Creative (720K Views)

Rounding out my picks, Yes I‘m a Designer takes a refreshing big picture perspective on being a graphic designer rather than purely software technical skills.

Co-hosted by designers Tracy Osborn and Chris Do, this channel covers higher-level topics like overcoming creative block, building sustainable habits, and managing workload. Videos tackle both psychology and strategy.

Some of their most insightful uploads provide frameworks for:

  • Pricing design work professionally
  • Finding your niche as a designer
  • Optimizing processes and tools to complete client work faster

Both hosts bring decades of real-world experience for credible advice on building a thriving design business.

Key Videos to Watch

  • How to Price Yourself as a Creative – 720K views
  • How to Become a Successful Freelance Designer – 330K views
  • Difference Between Graphic Designers & Graphic Artists – 250K views

Expert Commentary

While mastering Photoshop and other tools matters, Yes I’m a Designer sets designers up for long-term success by teaching healthy habits and mindsets. Tracy and Chris distill higher-level business wisdom other channels lack. I highly recommend designers subscribe and watch videos alongside more technical tutorials.

I hope this guide to the 7 best YouTube channels for learning graphic design helps streamline improving your skills as a designer or creative entrepreneur.

With over 3 million collective subscribers and many videos generating over 1 to 2 million views each, you simply can’t find this level of expertise and community anywhere else online.

Each channel offers unique value:

  • Concrete software tutorials
  • Critiques to improve work
  • Business strategy for monetization
  • Psychology and habits for sustainable success

Combined together, these channels offer well-rounded design skill development far beyond what I can fit into a single blog post guide.

I encourage you to continue exploring by:

  1. Subscribing to channels that align with your learning goals
  2. Implementing techniques from popular tutorials into your own projects
  3. Engaging with tutorial creators and communities around videos

Learning never stops for successful designers. Lucky for us, we have these incredible (and free!) YouTube channels paving the way.

Time to put them to good use!

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