best business to start with little money from home

The Best Business To Start With Little Money From Home In Nigeria

The Perfect Income Generating Business Model You Can Start With Little Money(From Home In Nigeria)

As an online business coach and entrepreneur. In my 5 years+ of actively running home-based businesses (within the comfort of my home).

I have been asked severally by many people for my opinion over and over again regarding the best business to start with little money from home.

Common questions like…

  1. Best business to start with little money working from home?
  2. What is the best business to start with little capital in Nigeria?
  3. What sure business can I run on the side with my 9-5 job with little money?
  4. What perfect business model can I start with 50k?
  5. What lucrative business can I start under 100k?

If you take a proper look at those questions above.

They all mean the same.

And I know you are also looking for an answer as well. If not, you won't be here reading this piece. And I promise to give you the answer shortly.

Infact, not only will you know this business model. If you read to the end, you will understand why it is considered the perfect business model for you to start right away.

One more thing,

You will also get my exact blueprint to run this business model so you can lay out your cards right from the get go and be successful at it. 

I explained how you can get this exact blueprint for FREE from me without having to pay N5,000 to get a copy.

But before we get into that, 

Let me share few important things first about the…

Best Business to Start With Little Money From Home In Nigeria

When it comes to choosing a perfect home-based business model in Nigeria. There are few important things to take note of.

So, let's get into it.

First of all if you want to truly kick-start a profitable business from home and with little capital.

There are 4 crucial factors you must consider first so you don't waste your time, money, energy and effort.

1. The Scalability Factor

A good home-based business model must give you room to generate profits by consistently increasing revenue while keeping overheads under control.

Majority of people choose the wrong business as a result of this because they don't consider this #1 factor and they end up getting stuck in the process.

A scalable business model is one that has the ability to grow its income without increasing its running costs.

2. The Leverage Factor

If you have a little money to spare. It is wise to consider income model that won't require you to start creating the product from scratch yourself.

Think of it, there is high chance that your little capital won't be sufficient enough to grow, efficiently manage and scale to a level that is required to be successful.

A perfect business model to run with a little capital will be the type that most of the hardest and riskiest part had been taking care for you already – Leverage.

3. The Marketing Factor

It will be in your best interest to look more into home-based business model that gives you opportunity to take full advantage of the internet to sell effectively.

So, you can effortlessly leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current & prospective customers.

This way, you can reach a wider audience than you could with traditional means, and you can reach prospects who are most likely to buy your stuff.

4. The Delivery Factor

Personally, I consider “e-business” model most of the time – A digital based business model can be delivered electronically via the internet. 

This help me to easily overcome geographical limitations and eliminate travel time and cost.

Purely, e-business models do not require a physical location and do not incur costs for rent, utilities, or parking. They don't have to keep physical inventory on hand.

In general, an online business is a lot less expensive in terms of input costs, which means there is potential for higher ROI in the long term.

You understand?

Now let's talk about the perfect business model that fit into the above criteria (and also has the potential for great ROI – return on investment) and what is required to run it.

I'll start with what is required to successfully run it first.

The Basic Requirement:

1. You Need Something to Sell – The essence of creating a business is to make profit (money). Isn't it? To make money, you MUST have something for sale like a product or service.

The product doesn't have to necessarily be created by you. Infact, it doesn't have to be physical. 

Digital product like ebooks, courses, video trainings, membership programs OR digital services works best because they can be accessed or delivered electronically without physical contact.

2. You Must Have The Right Mindset – Basically, anything that promises you'll make a LOT of money doing very little to no work might be another scam.

Developing the right mindset start by knowing that money is made by selling or offering something of value. It can be a product or service in exchange for money.

3. You Need Some Capital – The goal of starting up a business is to make money.

Any legit business model will require you to spend in some kind of way. Either to start it up or to acquire the right skillset needed to run such business.

4. You Need Basic Marketing Skill – You also need to learn how to reach out to the right people in order to sell your product using the right medium on the internet. 

If you are gonna work from home. A basic digital marketing skill is needed.

Don't let this discourage you. Infact you don't need to beg (like most do) for sales, once you understand how to position your offer properly to the right audience.

A quick recap.

You need some money to run or learn a business. Such business must offer great value in exchange for the money, and you must know how to sell it.

Now, Let Me Unveil This Smart Business Model, How It Works And Why I Always Recommended It.

Once again, please understand that you are working from home simply by using the internet to reach people who are interested in a product or service you provide and they will pay you.

The internet is simply the medium.

So, below is my top, perfect income model I will recommend for people looking for business to start with little money in Nigeria to earn extra income.

Read through this part carefully.

Have you heard about selling other people’s product to make money?

You might have heard this phrase before.

That’s Affiliate Marketing in the simplest definition.

The affiliate marketing industry is valued at over $12 US billion globally and forecasts predict more increase in industry size.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative income model where you make money by selling someone else's product for a commission.

The possibility of making money is faster than most home-based businesses simply because there is no need of going through the stress of creating a product.

You simply leverage on valuable products created already for you in the market.

Basically, you get a link that recognizes you brought the visitor and when they buy, you get a fair cut which can be anything from 30% to as high as 90%.

Let me explain how it works with this simple illustration below.

Take for instance…

You have a friend (say Michael) who need help on how to pass his IELTS exams (so he can relocate to Canada). 

You referred him to Oga Chuks who is an Expert that coaches people on how to score high points in their IELTS exams.

Michael paid Mr. Chuks for this IELTS coaching program, say N30,000 and he got a whole lot of value from it.

At the end, Michael was happy because he finally passed his IELTS exam.

You are happy you contributed to his success. Oga Chuks was also happy you brought him a sale and he rewarded you N15,000 (50% commission) for it.

This is a WIN WIN for everyone.

Let's do some math here.

What if you take this seriously. Get up to 20 valid sales in that month, you will earn N300,000 in commissions. Isn't it?

As you can see. This is a really effective way for complete newbies to make good money working from home.

The main thing here is to get sales for the product you are promoting and you get paid a commission for it.

It is possible you still don't believe the possibility of this business.

Let me quickly tell you how I used this to make N22,500 recently.

What I did was to go to an affiliate platform known as

Maybe you have heard that name before.

It has been around since 2018.

So, what I did was to pick a product on digital marketing. I grabbed my affiliate link for that product, and went ahead to post the affiliate link on my Facebook page along with a small write up in between.

72 hours later, I checked my email and I saw an email from Expertnaire. 

The email congratulated me that I had just made N22,500 commission from selling that product.

This is the email I got.

income proof 1

This is exactly what is meant by getting paid a commission per product sale.

Here, I got paid 50% (which is N22,500) for selling this product.

There are many people making as much as N150k a week with this model by posting their affiliate links on their Whatsapp status, FB pages, Instagram, etc.

And you can even take it a step further by running paid adverts and setting up funnels (my favorite approach).

You can get started by going to to register as an affiliate. 

It should cost you N10,000 to sign up but before you quickly rush there. 

You should understand that there is more to just signing up and be spamming everywhere with your link.

If you really want to make good money with this income model. You have to approach it like a business minded.

But how?

YES, I know how frustrating this can be and a whole LOT to navigate by yourself especially if you are serious about it.

If you really want to succeed BIG with this income model. I will advise that you follow the guidance of an experienced person.

This is why I have taken my time to prepare this FREE blueprint for you to crush it online affiliate marketing business.

The free PDF report is titled: 

The N500k+ Per Month Ultimate Blueprint.”

Inside you discover…

The exact steps I use to make money with affiliate marketing and how you can copy these exact 7 steps to make N500,000 or even more monthly.

Best Business To Start With Little Money From Home In Nigeria

In step 2 of the report, I uncover one major secret recipe that enable me spot high in demand product that pays huge commissions – N180,000 ($331.81) in one day promoting just one product.

The manual is to be sold for N5,000 (start price) but I am giving few copies out for FREE but not for everyone.

I can't afford to share my secret recipe with people that won't appreciate or implement it. 

This manual is for people who really want to win big with affiliate marketing and are ready to put in the required efforts to do so.

To have me send a FREE copy of the guide right away to you.

>> Click here to claim a FREE Copy <<

It is FREE today but won't be free forever.

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