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Capio Partners

It has now become almost common to be harassed by debt collectors, and unfortunately, consumers do not know that they have rights, and can protest against this.

In this review, I shall be talking about Capio Partners, who are debt collectors. I shall explain to you who they are, whether they are a legit company or not, and I will go a step further to tell you about your rights as a consumer, and the fact that you should never feel harassed, even if you have an unpaid debt.

Let’s get started;


Is Capio Partners a scam?


This is not a scam, Capio Partners is a legit debt collection company that was started in the year 2008. Usually, they love to purchase uncollected debts, and then collect them on their own in order to make a profit.

This company has been reported to make at least $50 million annually in revenue, so, it is quite a profitable business for them.

They normally purchase debts for pennies on the dollar, and after collection, they make some profit from the debt. Now, even if the profit is just a tiny fraction, it’s still worth it, because if you calculate the tiny profit out of 1 million collected debts that makes 1 million tiny profits.

Capio partners actually trademarked “complaintless collections,” which they use to provide financial rewards to their agents who collect without complaints and maintain a clean record.

Who are they?

They are actually one of the biggest companies that deals with healthcare debts in the US. They do claim to deal with over 300 healthcare providers and they have been able to collect more than $20 billion in the last couple of years.

The company’s headquarters is in Sherman, Texas.

On the BBB – Better Business Bureau website, they have a rating of B. In March 2007, they had received 235 complaints from customers who claimed harassment from them.

On Justia – the legal services website, there had been 8 reported cases against Capio Partners, and these had already been filed with the federal court.

Most of the complaints on the BBB website cite violation of the Fair Debts Collections and Practices Act.

Contact information:

Capio Partners LLC.

2222 Texoma Parkway #150

Sherman, TX. 75090

Phone number: 888-876-2814.


How do they work?

Most of their work is centered on healthcare, and they help these organizations to complete their revenue cycles. After the companies designate debts to be bad debts, Capio partners come in to help complete the PatientComplete program.

They also provide organizations with cash flow to complete their operations, and they give them the confidence of knowing that they will be able to manage their patients.

Once they buy off the bad debts, they then engage in an extremely vigorous process of trying to recover, and this is where they sometimes employ unorthodox procedures that lean more on harassment than polite procedures.

What can you do if Capio Partners LLC is harassing you?

If you are not sure yet, whether you are being harassed, because you probably think that everything is normal, then, here are some signs to show that you are indeed being harassed by this company;

  • Are you receiving multiple calls from them each week?
  • Are the calling you very late at night, or very early in the morning?
  • Are they calling you coworkers, your friends, family members and even your neighbors trying to reach you, and claiming that you owe quite a lot?
  • Are they threatening to send adverse instructions to the credit bureaus?
  • Have they attempted to collect from you more money than you know you owe?
  • Have they threatened you with bringing criminal accusations against you?
  • Have they been making robocalls on your phone while trying to collect from you? These are calls that are untraceable.
  • Have they ever used obscene language when speaking to you?
  • Have they intimidated you to the point that you feel threatened?
  • Have they ever disguised themselves such that you do not know whether you are speaking to a debt collector or not?
  • Do they pretend they are police officers, federal agents or attorneys?
  • Do they demand exaggerated amounts that have been inflated by their service charges?

If you have experienced any of the above, then, you are being harassed by Capio Partners.

What can you do if you are being harassed?

Now, Federal laws are there to protect you against any form of harassment. A legislation was passed by congress known as The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) to help regulate how debt collectors work.

The act consists of guidelines that must be followed by these agencies, and they must ensure not to violate these consumer rights, otherwise they may be sued.

Some of these guidelines are;

  • They prohibit the use of harmful and unfair tactics when trying to collect a debt.
  • They should not contact anybody who is not the main person that owes the debt.
  • They must never threaten you with wage garnishment, harming your credit, or suing you without the actual intent of doing so.
  • They should never call you at odd hours, such as before 8am, or after 9pm.
  • They should never contact you at work.
  • They shouldn’t use profanities or obscene language when talking to you.
  • They must never send letter for you to appear in court.
  • They shouldn’t threaten to arrest you if you do not pay the debt.

These are the rules that debt collectors must follow, and if you wish to enforce these rights when they have been violated, you shall have to sue the debt collection company.

The laws give you the right to seek monetary damages in a court of law.

The following phone numbers belong to Capio Partners;

  • 1-678-682-6666
  • 1-888-876-2814
  • 1-888-893-0171

If any of them appear on your caller ID when the phone rings, Capio Partners, LLC may be trying to contact you. If they misrepresent the nature of your alleged debt and threaten lawsuits to make you pay more quickly, hire a consumer attorney who can help you stop the bullying once and for all.

If you decide to file a claim against Capio Partners, LLC, you could be awarded $1,000 per FDCPA violation. No matter how significant your debt may be, the law requires collection agencies to treat you with respect and penalizes those that fail to do so.

Can they sue you or garnish your wages?

No. This is illegal. They mustn’t even make threats to garnish your wages.

It is however unlikely for them to sue you on a debt that you don’t really owe.

If however, they win a case against you, which is called a default judgement, then they have a right to put a lien on your properties, and even garnish your wages as per the court ruling.

When can you work together with a collection agency?

Yes. There are times when you can work together with debt collectors. One of those instances is when they have validated the debt, and provided you with concrete proof that you do indeed owe the specified company the money.

If this is the case, then, you better choose to negotiate with them on a repayment strategy, rather than ignoring their calls. In fact, some debt collectors have been able to help consumers repay up to 15% less of what they owe.

You can also ask them to allow you to repay the debt in installments, and here, you can go as low as you wish, since this is a negotiated plan and the collectors are always more than willing to accommodate you, since their number one desire is to have the debt repaid, regardless of how it will be repaid.

Can you ask for help?

The rules of debt repayment can be hard to understand, and even when the law is on your side, you may find it hard to get debt collectors to comply with the rules.

They sometimes use the fact that they are large companies to try and intimidate you. These tactics may include bombarding you with calls and sending you mails. If this happens, you must report it immediately to the relevant authorities.

When you feel that you have done what they wanted and you are still feeling frustrated by the process, it could be time for you to call in professionals such as lawyer and dispute resolution companies to help you deal with Capio Partners.


When you find yourself in a situation where you have to deal with debt collectors, you should make use of professionals such as accountants, lawyers, or credit repair companies. I have discussed this information in the following blogs;

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These are companies that will engage the debt collectors, and find ways where you can pay the debt in small installments, and also ensure that once the debt has been cleared, the entry is deleted from your credit report, and which will substantially help in ensuring that your credit score improves.

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