Car importation In Nigeria

Car Importation Business In Nigeria: 5 Smart Steps to Import Used, Clean & Durable Cars Into In Nigeria

Car Importation Business In Nigeria!

5 Smart Steps to Import Fairly Used, Classy & Durable Clean Cars To Your Doorstep in Nigeria!

Iyanu Taiwo

Written by Iyanu Taiwo

Dec. 22, 2021 | 3 mins read

Want to know how to start your own car importation business in Nigeria? 

And make good profits in million monthly from this business…

If this is truly what you want and you are very serious about learning…

… how to import durable, clean Tokunbo cars to your doorstep in Nigeria without having any single issues with custom or delivery and with all the necessary valid documents complete every time you import cars from USA, UK and the likes…

Then, listen to what I am about to share with you on this page.

But before I dive, let me wet your appetite with some beautiful facts.

Do you know that….

That 80% of Nigerian cars are Tokunbo and over $8bn worth goes into importation of this fairly used Tokunbo cars annually?

Here's a short story.

You would want to read this…

Few years back, 2015 to be precise.

There was this classy car a friend of my business mentor got.

Mercedes-Benz GL450 2008

Don't know how it looks like.

See it below…

Car importation In Nigeria

The cheapest car dealer in Nigeria sells this car for nothing less than 5 million while others sell it around 7 million naira upward.

You can even goto JIJI free classified website to confirm that yourself.

Import fairly used car in Nigeria

But my mentor's friend got his own car around 4 million naira.

Very clean and neat.

This got my business mentor more curious and he kept on wondering how he did it exactly.

Due to his curiosity, he asked him where he got such nice, classy clean car for that cheaper price compared to the price the same car is being sold here in Nigeria.

Then he got to know that the car was imported at an auto auction car in USA with the help of a friend who is an expert at importing fairly used cars to Nigeria.

Now, let's leave that story for now because that's not where I am going.

Now, think along with me my friend.

Have you thought about how much he saved to his pocket?

That's at least N1m that he saved right?

Very interesting…

Few years back.

I learnt about a guy who teaches people how to import fairly used clean cars abroad to cut huge cost…

… and even turn this to a business by helping people buy fairly used car abroad or resell at huge price here in Nigeria.

Honestly, I didn't put my mind into this that time. I thought it wouldn't matter much.

Not until recently I stumbled at a news report online where our vice president stated that Nigerians import $8bn worth of Tokunbo cars yearly.

You can read that full news published on website…

Tokunbo cars in Nigeria

I got wowed seeing such a huge business opportunity I haven't consider over this year.

And that brought us to the main business today.

Recently, I was introduced to this smart guy through my same business mentor.

This smart guy is called Mr Shina Saseyi.

He has been buying fairly used cars from the U.S and Canada successfully since 2011 and usually save between N500,000 – 1.5M on every car he import down to Nigeria.

He has imported over 150 durable and classy cars successfully down to Nigeria…

… without having any single issues with custom or delivery and with all the necessary valid documents complete.

He was able to do that successfully using a 5-step blueprint which he followed every single time he import car from abroad down to Nigeria.

And last week, he gave out his exact importation secret blueprint but only to few people.

And that's why I decided to let you know about it as my loyal subscriber.

The secret blueprint is called  – Cut Cost Car Importation Blueprint.

Which consist of a 5 ultimate step guide that walks you through the same process he has been using to import cars at lower prices since 2011 up till today.

In the importation blueprint, he covers his exact strategy for finding cars to buy, inspecting them, shipping and custom clearing down to delivery here in Nigeria.

Inside The Cut Cost Importation Blueprint. He Will Show You:

  • Everything you need to know from A-Z about buying fairly used durable cars from the US and getting it delivered to you here in NIgeria.
  • What to look for when buying a car. He also highlighted every mistake that you must avoid when buying a car from America. (No one teaches this).
  • How to buy cheap cars and remodel them into a clean cars for higher profit margin…
  • And much more awesome secret stuffs he is ready to share with just 20 people before he shut the secret down.

Click here to access Mr Shina Saseyi car import blueprint…

Are you still reading?

Then wait a minutes and think like a business person here.

Exactly the way I thought about this car importation of a thing…

Outside the fact that you will know exactly how to get any car cheaper at least N500,000 cheaper using his business blueprint compare to what any dealer will sell their car here in Nigeria.

Don't you think this is a great business opportunity to tap into as well?

I think this is the best time to have a fair cut from the $8bn business industry, that's almost 2.9 trillion naira in worth yearly.

This is a business model that is hot cake right away and I see no competitions in it.

I think you should grab this business blueprint and make business out of it.

Click the orange button below to get his car import blueprint right away…

Get His Blueprint Here

Of course, his blueprint isn't free. You should know that already.

You shouldn't be expecting such secret for free. The blueprint is for sale at the moment.

But whether you'll buy or not. I think you have to see it for yourself what he has for for you on the next page and then decide whether it worth it or not.

You'll even see the exact cars he imported lately as well plus his simple 5 steps that he will be teaching you plus some other importation secrets as well.

But if you will think of it.

Okay, let even say you are the one buying the car for yourself or a relative and you could save at least N500,000 on any car you buy henceforth.

How much cost do you think you will pay someone to reveals his exact secret for you that will save you up to that huge cost.

Think about that…

Either you are buying the car for yourself or you are starting a business from it.

What you are learning is this.

You will know exactly how to import durable, clean and classy cars at the best lower prices for yourself or for others while you make some reasonable cut off it.

You shouldn't allow this opportunity to pass you by.

It is now up to you to decide your choice…

> Click Here To Learn More About Mr Shina Faseyi's Exact Car Importation Blueprint Right Here >>>

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