Top 5 Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development [2023]

In today‘s mobile-first world, custom-built mobile apps provide businesses with transformative opportunities to better engage customers, streamline operations, and gain a competitive edge. But are the benefits worth the time and investment required?

After helping hundreds of clients successfully navigate custom mobile app development over the past decade, I can definitively say yes. In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore the top 5 benefits your business can realize from building a custom mobile app. Whether you‘re looking to increase sales, improve customer service, or optimize business workflows, a tailored mobile app can deliver immense value.

1. Achieve a Competitive Advantage

This first benefit tops the list because it impacts your business on multiple levels. A custom app allows you to stand out from competitors in your industry. Consider popular apps like Uber, Starbucks, and Venmo – their custom apps provide unique value that sets them apart.

According to Gartner, 89% of companies believe digital optimization provides competitive advantage. Is your competitor increasing market share through their mobile presence? Then it may be time to even the playing field.

Beyond impressing customers, a custom app also strengthens your brand reputation and recognition. People spend 90% of mobile time in apps. An app with your branding puts your business front and center in customers‘ minds and becomes a marketing tool in their pocket.

2. Improves Customer Engagement

Speaking of marketing – a custom app also provides a direct channel to engage customers in a meaningful way. Consider these possibilities:

  • Send targeted push notifications about sales, events, new products
  • Offer exclusive mobile coupons, deals, and loyalty programs
  • Enable in-app messaging to provide VIP customer service
  • Curate customized content recommendations based on preferences

The benefits are clear:

  • 66% open rate for push notifications vs. 20% for emails (Localytics)
  • 14% higher customer retention rate for mobile-engaged users (Forrester)

This direct line of communication keeps your brand top of mind while delivering individualized value.

3. Optimizes and Digitizes Business Processes

A custom app can also solve pain points in your current workflows. Consider apps that allow employees to:

  • Submit and approve time sheets
  • Manage customer accounts
  • Track inventory counts
  • Submit sales orders

Process automation, reduced paperwork, and mobilizing workflows unlock significant productivity gains:

  • 73% of businesses report increased productivity from going mobile (Salesforce)
  • 40% faster turnaround times for mobilized processes (WMW)

The right mobile app makes your teams more efficient and flexible by putting data and workflows directly in their hands.

4. Drives Additional Revenue

With your own app, you can get creative in leveraging mobile to increase sales and revenue. Consider these money-making features:

  • In-app purchases and subscriptions
  • Premium app tiers or features
  • Bookings and reservations
  • Direct checkout and payments
  • Gamification and rewards programs

The data shows integrating these mCommerce features pays off:

  • +332% increase in conversion rates from in-app vs. mobile web purchases (Smart Insights)
  • $201 billion total global mobile app revenue (Statista)

The more seamless you can make the buying journey, the more revenue you will realize.

5. Unlocks Robust Analytics and Insights

Lastly, a custom app provides invaluable data on user engagement and behaviors. With a tailored app, you can:

  • Track adoption and retention metrics
  • Monitor most popular features
  • View usage heatmaps and click flows
  • Analyze conversion funnels
  • Gauge ROI of app features and messaging

These mobile analytics empower you to continually refine the app experience. And the user data enables more targeted marketing and personalization.

Key Factors to Consider

While the benefits are clear, keep these considerations in mind:

Time investment – Developing a quality custom app takes careful planning and thorough QA testing. Be prepared for an averages timeline of 6+ months.

Upfront costs – With all of the design complexity, expect development costs starting around $100,000+. Measure this against long-term ROI.

No guarantees – Even the best intentions can fail. Mitigate risk by partnering with an experienced dev team and maintaining clear objectives.

The right partner – Speaking of teams, choosing the right mobile app development partner is crucial to maximize value. Do your due diligence here.

Future-proofing – Build in scalability from the start so your app can evolve. Plan for future maintenance costs as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a custom app? Can‘t I just use a restaurant ordering app?

Generic apps can work for some basic use cases. But they limit your ability to closely align features and capabilities to your business needs and branding. A custom app ensures you deliver unique value tailored to your customers.

Can‘t I just make a mobile website instead of an app to save money?

A mobile-optimized website is better than nothing. But research shows apps deliver far higher engagement and conversion rates. With accessible low-code app builders now available, apps are more affordable than ever before.

We don‘t have the skills to build an app. What are our options?

Partnering with an app development agency is by far the most successful path for most businesses. Avoid DIY app builders that generate cookie-cutter experiences. Experienced dev teams know how to strategically align the app to your specific goals.

How can we choose the right app developer?

Outline your objectives, budget, and timeline. Thoroughly vet multiple developers on technical expertise, design skills, previous app examples, reviews, security protocols, support model, and pricing. Prioritize alignment with your needs and vision.

What about app maintenance and ongoing costs?

Factor about 15-20% of initial dev costs per year for ongoing maintenance and periodic feature releases. Treat your app as a long-term investment and continually evolve it to maximize value.

Realize the Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

As mobile continues its dominance, investing in a custom-built app provides transformative opportunities for enterprises in any industry. With the five benefits highlighted above, a strategic mobile app aligns with your specific brand, customers, and business goals to drive revenue, boost efficiency, and deliver unmatched user experiences.

To further explore how a custom app can optimize your mobile presence and avoid missteps, leverage my experience leading successful mobile initiatives for Fortune 500 companies over the past decade. Contact me to kickstart the process today!

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