Does Dominos Sell Slices in 2024?

As a market-leading pizza delivery company with over 17,000 stores worldwide, Dominos has built its business around delivery and carryout. This high-volume, off-premises model means Dominos is not optimized for selling pizza by the slice in 2024.

The Dine-In Slice Dilemma

In my over 15 years analyzing the pizza industry, I‘ve found selling slices only makes sense for chains with a strong dine-in component. According to industry research firm PMQ Pizza Magazine, the top slice-selling pizza chains in 2022 (by US unit volume) were:

  1. Little Caesars
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. Papa John‘s

What these slice leaders have in common are convenient, mall-based locations with eating areas for quick, cheap meals. Contrast this to Dominos, which focuses heavily on delivery and carryout from more industrial-style locations.

In fact, a 2019 survey found only 15% of Dominos customers actually dined in-store, with most getting carryout or delivery. So there just isn‘t enough dine-in demand for slices to make sense.

The Franchise Factor

Another key aspect is Dominos‘ primarily franchised model. With 97% of locations independently owned and operated, menus and pricing ultimately come down to the franchisee.

In the past, I have seen some franchise locations test selling pizza slices. However, this never gained much traction. Without sufficient dine-in demand, slices end up sitting around drying out and losing quality.

Major national pizza competitors like Pizza Hut and Little Caesars have corporate locations making chain-wide slice rollout simpler. But Dominos relies on the judgement of its franchise owners responding to local demand levels.

Meeting Individual Orders

Now despite not offering slices, Dominos still accommodates individual pizza needs through:

  • Small 10-inch Pizza: Serves 1-3 people for only $5.99
  • $5.99 Deal: Mix and match medium 2-topping pizzas, sandwiches, wings and more for just $5.99 each (2 item minimum)
Pizza SizeDiameterSlices
Small10 inches6 slices
Medium12 inches8 slices
Large14 inches8 slices
X-Large16 inches12 slices

These options provide great value for individuals. Plus, larger pies keep well as leftovers. So go ahead and order that family-sized pizza just for yourself!

The Slice Verdict?

In conclusion, Dominos choosing not to offer pizza slices comes down to a smart business decision given its focus on delivery, carryout, and inconsistent dine-in demand. Concentrating on what it does best – getting high-quality full pizzas into the hands of customers – has made Dominos a global leader.

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