The Complete Guide to Deleting Instagram Highlights Like a Pro

Instagram highlights enable you to recycle old stories while curating collections of your greatest hits. But when those handpicked story compilations go stale, knowing how to delete highlights comes in handy.

As a social media data analyst who handles Instagram strategy for top brands, I‘ve helped DELETE hundreds of highlights during profile refreshes and rebranding. Trust me, it takes just seconds once you know the steps!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything from why you should delete highlights to how to remove them for a streamlined Instagram presence.

Why Reviews Are Important for Your Business

Before jumping straight into the deletion process, let‘s discuss WHY you may want to delete highlights in the first place.

Outdated Content

Like your Instagram feed, highlights can grow outdated as your brand evolves overtime. Maybe that #TBT highlight blast from the past no longer fits your vibe. Or that cute relationship highlight doesn’t apply post-breakup.

When highlights no longer feel fresh or relevant, deleting them for a clean slate just makes sense. As the saying goes…out with the old, in with the new!

Too Many Highlights

Instagram only allows you to pin 100 highlights bubble above your grid. If you’re maxing out that limit, deleting a few sets can help simplify your profile.

The key is keeping ONLY your best, most captivating highlight content. As a Pro tip, I recommend showcasing between 5-15 highlights tops. This prevents it from feeling overwhelming to visitors.

Poor Performance

Your highlights should function as little previews into your brand, enticing visitors to tap and explore further.

But if certain highlights have low engagement or aren’t eliciting interest, deleting them can make room for better options. Rely on data and insights to guide which highlights get cut.

Fresh Branding

Rebranding your Instagram presence provides the perfect opportunity to wipe highlights clean. Out with the old vibe, in with the new!

It allows you to recreate highlights that align with an updated color palette, logo, content style and more.

Now that we’ve covered top reasons to remove highlights, let’s get into the fun part…how to actually delete highlights!👇

Step-by-Step: Deleting Instagram Highlights

Without further ado, here is a foolproof walkthrough for deleting highlights:

1. Navigate to Profile & Highlights

Open the Instagram app then tap on your profile picture or username to access your page.

Next, tap on the horizontal highlights bubble right above your grid of posts.

Navigate to the highlights bubble on your Instagram profile

This brings you to your highlights grid view

2. Long Press the Highlight

Here you’ll see small circles representing each highlight collection.

To delete, firmly long press your finger on the specific highlight you want to remove.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to delete MULTIPLE highlights, starting holding down on one then use your other hand to press the additional ones. This “multi-select” trick saves loads of time.

3. Tap the Trash Icon

Once you’re long pressing a highlight, a pop-up menu appears.

Simply tap the trash icon to confirm you wish to delete that highlight.

Tap the trash icon to delete Instagram highlights

Just like that, your highlight disappears from the profile! 🪄✨

4. Check Your Profile

To verify the highlight removal, head back to your profile by tapping the arrow icon.

Scroll up and visually confirm that the highlight no longer appears within your main bubble collection!

And that’s seriously all it takes to delete those old highlights. Told ya it was easy peasy. 😉

Now let’s get into some related topics around reposting that highlight content…

Repurposing Deleted Highlights

Just because you removed a highlight doesn’t mean that precious content needs to go to digital waste! Here’s 3 smart ways to repurpose deleted highlights:

Post to Your Grid

Turn old highlight content into Instagram feed posts! This allows you to reuse creative shots and videos in a more permanent placement.

Followers appreciate both past moments AND current happenings on your grid. Posting archived stories brings back blasts from the past in a fresh way.

Add to New Highlights

Reshuffle seemingly outdated highlight content into a NEW, relevant highlight capsule.

For instance, take individual stories from an old “Product Launch” highlight and file them into a new “Webinar Series” highlight. Repositioning existing content can give it renewed purpose!

Remix as Story Content

Deleted highlights can enjoy new life as rotating feed story content. You have a full story archive to pull fun blasts from the past for #Throwbacks and more.

Followers LOVE seeing that authentic behind-the-scenes footage or random moments you already have captured. Repurposing it to stories is a surefire way to boost engagement.

Pro Tip: Add text, stickers, gifs and even trending audios on recycled stories to make the content feel fresh again.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to get the most mileage from highlight content even after deleting collections!

Now let’s tackle some of your most frequently asked questions around managing highlights…

FAQs: Managing Your Instagram Highlights

Still have some lingering questions around fine tuning highlights? I’ve got you covered with pro tips for every scenario!

How are highlights different from close friends stories & story archive?

Great question! While highlights, close friends and your archive have some overlaps, here’s how they differ:

  • Highlights – Collections of stories that live ABOVE your Instagram profile grid indefinitely

  • Close Friends – More exclusive stories only visible to your inner circle

  • Archive – Your personal storage of all expired stories from the past

The key distinguishing factor is highlights showcase select stories publicly on your actual Instagram profile. Close friends and archive content stays private and invisible to the masses.

What’s better – inactive highlights or NONE at all?

I get this one all the time. With inactive highlights, the content ages and gets stale over time. But some people argue empty highlights also look bad.

My professional recommendation? Prioritize quality over quantity.

Having NO highlights allows you rebuild and refresh then wow visitors. Placeholders and outdated highlights simply waste prime real estate above your grid.

Only keep highlights when they actively contribute value aligned to your brand vision! Otherwise deleting is wise.

How do highlights impact the Instagram algorithm?

Given their premium placement at the top of profiles, Instagram actually boosts highlights’ visibility.

Active interactions with highlights signal to the algorithm that the content provides value. So in turn, Instagram pushes it out to MORE people to spark engagement.

That means if you keep low-performing highlights stagnating up top with minimal views, you inadvertently limit reach. Deleting them can lift limiting factors in the algorithm.

Let your best highlights shine while making room for new collections that grab attention!

Hopefully these pro tips equip you to refine your highlights like a boss. 😎 Now let’s recap everything we covered…

Recap: Delete Instagram Highlights in Seconds

We just unpacked a TON of insider tricks on successfully deleting highlights. Let’s review the key takeaways:

🔴 Outdated, irrelevant and poor performing highlights deserve DELETING from profiles. Don’t let stagnant content waste prime real estate!

🟢 Deleting and recreating fresh highlights aligns BETTER with rebrands and keeping content current. Take advantage of the chance to refresh your profile!

🟡 Learn the simple step-by-step for deleting highlights:

1️⃣ Navigate to your Highlights tab

2️⃣ Long press the highlight

3️⃣ Tap the trash icon

🟣 Don’t lose that highlight content forever though! Repurpose it as grid posts, story content and future highlights.

🟠 Only keep the BEST highlights that actively contribute value aligned to your brand and audience. Quality over quantity!

Whew, that was quite the Instagram highlight deep dive! Whether you’re looking to hit reset with a profile refresh or just clear out stale content, YOU’VE GOT THIS.

Let me know if any other Instagram questions pop up! I’m here to help you crush it on the ‘Gram. 💪😃

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