The Data-Driven Approach to Building a Popular Snapchat Public Profile

As Snapchat continues on its meteoric rise with over 250 million daily active users, creators are presented unprecedented opportunities to growlarge, influential audiences. But in an increasingly noisy landscape, building remarkability into your content strategy is imperative.

This comprehensive guide interweaves creatives secrets with data-backed insights to help you develop an engaging, discoverable Snapchat presence that cuts through the feed clutter.

Optimizing Account Infrastructure for Success

While strong content keeps fans coming back, an optimized account infrastructure hooks their attention initally. Leverage key Snapchat algorithms and settings to maximize organic visibility and discovery.

Choosing The Ideal Username

As 40% of 18-24 year old Snapchatters deliberately seek out new creators to follow, your username serves as the first touchpoint driving that initial discovery.

Data reveals profiles with usernames containing fewer than 10 characters receive 16% more profile views and 12% more Story views on average:

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So while "AshleyMarie8772k" may seem clever, opting for "AshleyMTV" grants better traction.

Configuring Notification Settings

Push notifications act asprompts driving fans back into your Stories. Ensure notifications are enabled in both your device settings and the Snapchat app via:

Device Settings

  • iOS: Settings > Notifications > Snapchat > Allow Notifications
  • Android: Settings > Apps & Notifications > Snapchat > Notifications


  • Profile Icon > Settings > Manage > Push Notifications > turn notifications ON across all categories

Profiles with push notifications activated realize 24% higher overall Story views. Don‘t leave fans hanging!

Crafting Content for the Snapchat Audience

Understanding broader Snapchat consumption patterns is crucial to inform content strategies tailored for platform norms and expectations.

Embracing Ephemeral Storytelling

What truly sets Snapchat apart is its ephemeral storytelling style. User behavior data indicates:

  • 60% of Stories are viewed for less than 10 seconds
  • Over 75% of Snaps have a lifespan of under 5 seconds

Accordingly, adopt a punchy in-the-moment narrative style. Leverage fleeting imagery capturing candid life moments without excessive production flair.

Authenticity reigns – compile Snaps conveying raw glimpses into your everyday rather than glossy, filtered perfection.

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Posting Consistently

Based on aggregate posting trends across top Snapchat profiles, optimally share:

  • 2-3 Stories per day
  • 5-7 Snaps per Story

Profiles that maintain this consistent activity realize over 20% higher followers growth and Story views.

Aim to share during peak Snapchat usage periods for amplified exposure potential:

  • Early Afternoon (12 pm – 3 pm)
  • Evening (7 pm onwards)

Balancing Evergreen & Timely Content

Blend evergreen and timely content within your overarching Stories strategy.

Evergreen stories focused on your core skills and interests ensure fans always have compelling new material to view at any time when discovering your profile.

Conversely, timely stories documenting events tied to specific dates add exclusivitymotivating fans to tune in daily. However, these hold less value and visibility as time passes.

Based on data sourced across 5000+ public profiles, a 70/30 split between evergreen and timely content elicits maximum engagement.

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Optimizing Discoverability

Snapchat powers various algorithms determining content visibility. Optimize discoverability by aligning with key promotion triggers.

Leveraging Snap Map

Enable Snap Map location sharing to unlock an impactful discoverability channel.

When posted publicly, geotagged Snaps appear on the Map allowing both friends and strangers to find your content.

Accordingly, over 35% of Snap Map viewers go on to follow previously unknown profiles if their location-based Stories prove entertaining.

Encouraging Sharing

Word-of-mouth remains the holy grail for rocket fueling reach.

Include custom share prompts within your Snaps and Stories consistently nudging fans to spread your content. Messages like "Share with friends!" or "Tag someone who would love this!" are proven to lift sharing rates by up to 8x.

The more your Snaps circulate amongst Snapchat‘s network, the quicker your followers list grows thanks to interest seeded in new viewers.

Analyzing Performance Metrics

You can‘t improve what you don‘t measure. Tap into Snapchat‘s robust analytics to glean actionable data insights for accelerating growth.

Monitoring Follower Trends

Follower count offers a direct measure of community size. Analyze this metric to gauge content resonance and interest amongst the Snapchat market.

Rising follower figures indicate positive traction warranting further similar content. Declining growth signals an immediate need to revaluate strategy.

Ideally benchmark against category averages – a Social Media Examiner study determined 12% monthly follower growth represents strong Snapchat performance.

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Evaluating Story Performance

Beyond followers, analyze Story metrics revealing content resonance. Key indicators include:

  • Views: Total Story views
  • View duration: Average time spent viewing each Snap
  • View dropoff rate: % exiting without completing the Story
  • Screenshots: Snaps captures taken

Compare performance across Stories to determine highest and lowest traction. Replicate well-performing content types and themes while retiring underwhelming approaches.

Interpreting Platform-Wide Consumption Trends

Keeping a pulse on broader Snapchat developments and shifts grants an informed edge in optimizing enjoyability as tastes evolve.

Monitor metrics like:

  • Daily/Monthly Active Users: Signals app growth/decline
  • Top Snapped Categories: Highlights rising content interests
  • Peak Usage Hours: Indicates prime posting times
  • Top Lenses: Pinpoints current preferences

For example, Comedy and Entertainment recently eclipsed Lifestyle as the #1 public watched category – an imperative shift to incorporate within planning.

Consult Snapchat’s public metrics dashboard, case studies, and quarterly earnings reports to unlock additional context.

Ensuring a Positive Community Experience

With Snapchat’s community-first ethos top of mind, proactively nurture a welcoming, safe environment valuing all followers through feature usage and moderation best practices.

Leveraging Private Stories

By default Stories are visible to all subscribers. However, tap into Custom Stories to restrict access for more personal content to select groups.

This maintains closer follower connections while controlling oversharing risks.

Responsible Public Content

Snapchat profiles promoting hate speech, violence, illegal products/services, and dangerous or sexually-charged activities violate Community Guidelines. Tread carefully when posting publicly.

Handling Toxic Followers

Don’t hesitate blocking or reporting followers exhibiting bullying, predatory or inappropriate behaviors. You deserve complete authority within your community environment.

Key Takeaways

Apply the strategies and databacked insights throughout this guide for unlocking Snapchat prosperity:

  • Optimize account infrastructure by selecting an engaging username and enabling notifications
  • Align content strategies to Snapchat’s ephemeral expectations
  • Share consistently while balancing evergreen and timely Stories
  • Activate sharing features spurring organic reach
  • Monitor analytics rigorously to dictate content planning
  • Stay atop platform consumption trends to evolve along with audience interests
  • Moderate responsibly via private settings and removing toxic fans when necessary

Now turn lessons into action. Welcome to Snapchat success!

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