How to Request a Replacement (order new), Chase Card

How to Request a Replacement (order new), Chase Card

In today’s world, life without a debit card is virtually impossible. If you look around carefully, you will see that every other person around you is using one, either to buy groceries, order for food, book for a movie ticket, book for a vacation, or doing all sorts of other transactions.

I can positively say that the lives of people in the metropolitan cities and urban towns run on debit cards. They are the wheels to our everyday lives.

So, when you lose your card, it must feel terrible, because it means that you may be unable to pay for your everyday needs, but you need not worry. Most banks have put measures in place to ensure that you receive your much-needed card as soon as possible.

In this review, I shall tell you how to get your Chase Debit Card replaced stress-free quickly. It is so easy that you will appreciate the bank’s customer service and their need to ensure that you are covered at all times.

Two ways of replacing your worn out or lost chase debit card

Requesting for a replacement by calling them

Most people actually do this over the phone. Well, if you are replacing because the card has expired, you simply need to look at the back of your card and see the telephone number available for this, otherwise, if your card is lost, you can check online for Chase Bank’s telephone numbers in case you do not have them.

You shall be required to confirm your identity, which is an easy and straightforward process.

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Requesting through the website

You will have to click here

Then, select the card that you want to replace and give a reason why from the menu provided.

Requesting for a replacement online

Another way of doing this is logging into your card account and click on the link named “things you can do” this will bring you to a drop down box that gives you a list of services that you can choose from. Simply click on replace a card.

 replace a card

You should receive your new card within 3 – 5 business days, and if you still haven’t received it, simply call the numbers above for more enquires.

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How should you dispose of your old debit card?

If you are replacing your card because it is expired or damaged, you will need to go a step further and consider how you shall get rid of the old card you still have.

Here is how you should do it;

For metallic cards

Well, most cards are usually plastic, but just in case you happen to have the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or the Chase Sapphire Reserve cards, you will not be able to easily dispose them of by cutting with a pair of scissors, because they are made of metallic material.

You will be required to call the number at the back of your card, and Chase Bank will send you a postage-paid envelope which you shall use to send your metal card back to them so they can dispose of it for you in the right way.

You can also take the card to any Chase Bank branch, and they will destroy it for you.

Plastic cards

These are very easy to dispose of, and all you need to have is a pair of sharp scissors. Here is the procedure, to ensure that you do a good job;

Demagnetizing the card

For you to do this the right way, you shall be required to remove the magnetic strip first. This is where all of your information is stored.

Demagnetize this strip in order for the card to become unusable. It is easy to do, and if you have a fridge magnet, it will remove the information for you, then you can cut it out with scissors.

Destroy the chip

The chip shall be next in your destroying process.

This is a very small gold or silver square that is found on the left side of the card. It has all of your personal information.

You can use a hammer to destroy it or a pair of scissors.

Cutting up the rest of the card:

The rest of the card needs to just be cut up with the scissors and you are good to go.

Throwing away the pieces

Throw them in a trash bin, and ensure they are separate, such that no one can be able to put them back together.

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What to do when your card is lost

If your card is stolen, or you lose it accidentally, you must be very first with your next cause of action, because of debit card frauds. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that you are safe;

Call Chase Bank

First thing you should do is not panic. Immediately you notice that the card is lost, call the bank and report the loss or theft of your card. Check for their contact information online if you do not have it, and make sure they have blocked the card.

A blocked card cannot be used, and as such, you shall be safe.

Provide your personal information

Once you call the bank, they will obviously want to verify your identity. You will likely be required to supply them with your personal information such as your name, Social Security Number, and your address.

Monitor your account statement

It’s not enough to just report the card, ensure to continually monitor your card statement to ensure that there aren’t any unauthorized transactions taking place.

In case you happen to see any changes or you see unfamiliar charges and appear to be fraudulent, call the bank immediately and report these transactions. Remember that you are not liable to any charges on your card after reporting it lost.

What to do to prevent future loss of your card

There are many ways you can lose your debit card. You never really know when it shall happen, and what you need to do is try as much as you can to protect yourself from theft and loss. Here are a few tips that may help you take care of your precious card.

Only carry the cards that you shall need and use

Avoid filling your wallet with all of your active cards if you don’t need to use them all at once. Instead, carry the card that you shall be using immediately. If you are going shopping, take the appropriate card, and leave the rest behind.

Keep the card in a secure place in your wallet or your purse. Do not break your tradition, or routine when carrying your card and decide to put it in your breast pocket or your shoes maybe. Keep them where they are safe at all times.

Dispose of your old cards immediately

This will mostly protect you from fraudsters. Ensure that you follow the procedure I have laid out when it comes to disposing of your old and expired cards. This is the best way of disposing of old cards that are no longer in use.

Keep good records

It’s always advisable to keep all of your card use records. This helps you keep track of all the card activities and ensures that you are always alert in case anything is amiss. It also helps you pinpoint a fraudulent activity a mile away.

Check the statements

The minute you receive your card statements, ensure to go through them thoroughly. Look for charges that you think you did not make or charges that look suspicious. This will help you keep your account guarded at all times.

Your account number

Do not write your account number all the time, as thieves will not always require your card to commit identity fraud. The account number is enough. Be careful not to write it down on paper and lose it, rather, destroy the paper once you are done with it.

Don’t share your card number

If you are making an on-the-phone purchase, avoid sharing your number with the other party, unless you made the call yourself. Also, ensure no one is eavesdropping on the call.


Chase bank has made it extremely easy for you to get your card replaced as soon as possible. In addition, they will deliver it to you at your doorstep as soon as the card is ready for collection. All you have to do is give them a call, using the numbers I have given you above, or log on to your account online and order for a new card.

We can never talk about cards and fail to mention the rising number of frauds that are happening every day through debit and credit cards. For this reason, I have included a few tips on how to keep your card safe and how to ensure that you are not a victim of card fraud.

Immediately you realize that your card is missing, the prudent thing to do is alert the bank as soon as possible, so they can make the necessary updates on your account such as blocking the card so no one else can use it.

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