How to Reverse a Video on Snapchat: The Complete Guide

Reversing videos on Snapchat is a fun and creative way to add a unique twist to your Snapchat stories. By playing your Snapchat videos in reverse, you can make entertaining video clips that will grab your friends‘ attention.

In this comprehensive guide, you‘ll learn everything you need to know about reversing videos on Snapchat. We‘ll cover:

  • History and popularity of reversing Snapchat videos
  • Step-by-step instructions for reversing a video
  • Shooting tips for fantastic reversible videos
  • Saving and sharing reversed video content
  • Metrics and analytics for optimizing performance
  • Troubleshooting guide for technical issues
  • Innovative examples pushing the boundaries

So if you‘re ready to become a Snapchat video editing pro, let‘s get started!

The Rise and Evolution of Reversed Snapchat Videos

Before we dig into how to reverse Snapchat videos, it helps to understand the origins and growth of this popular camera effect.

Brief History of the Reverse Filter

Snapchat introduced its native reverse filter in October 2018. This built-in effect allowed easy reversing of video clips within the app itself.

The filter gained traction after Snapchat promoted it as part of a Halloween campaign. Users leveraged the eerie, distorted impact it had on footage.

It helped kick off a viral trend of recording everyday actions and playing them backwards for surprise and laughs.

Growth in Usage Over Time

Over the next year, use of the reverse filter skyrocketed. By August 2019, Snapchat reported over 130 million video snaps were being reversed per day.

The chart below shows the rapid adoption of the feature in the first 10 months since launching:

This chart shows how reversing videos quickly moved from a niche effect into a hugely popular Snapchat feature.

Comparison to Similar Features on Other Platforms

The simplicity of creating reversed video likely fueled Snapchat‘s growth. Competitor platforms have their own takes on backwards video, but with limitations:

  • Instagram Boomerang – Creates video loops played forwards and backwards. But output is lower resolution and must be condensed to under 3 seconds.

  • TikTok Time Warp – Allows reversal in small clip segments only. Final render combines forward and reversed clips into a single video.

Snapchat stands above by letting users reverse an entire video in full resolution with one click. The app makes it uncommonly easy to share surprising reverse footage.

Recent viral examples demonstrate the creative potential unlocked by Snapchat‘s approach.

Spotlight: Recent Viral Examples of Reversed Videos

Part of the popularity of reversing Snapchat videos comes from the viral clips it enables. Funny or mind-bending videos will rack up views as they spread across social media.

Here are two recent cases of reversible Snapchat videos blowing up online:

"Jump Flip Challenge" Quickly Amasses 55 Million Views

Influencers on Snapchat kicked off this trend which soon flooded feeds across platforms. The formula is simple:

  1. Record someone jumping into a body of water backwards
  2. Reverse the video so it looks like they flung themselves out of the water
  3. Share and challenge others to beat your flip

With clever timing and acrobatics, the optical illusion of "jumping" high out of water entertained tens of millions. Snapchat‘s reverse effect made pulling it off fast and fun.

"Water Bottle Flip" Video Goes Viral With 33 Million Views

Another Snapchat user racked up views when he combined bottle flipping with video reversal to eye-catching effect.

The reversal makes it easy to "fake" an impressive bottle flip stunt. This creative hack struck a chord with Gen Z‘ers and spread widely.

Both examples show how reversing video can reboot tired trends or enable new challenges. Analyzing metrics and performance data provides tips for optimizing such viral content.

Metrics and Analytics for Reversed Snapchat Videos

Creating popular reversible video snaps takes more than just guessing what may catch on. By studying key metrics and analytics, you can employ proven best practices.

Measuring Performance

Snapchat provides data on views and engagement for posted videos. Monitor these metrics to see what content resonates:

  • Views – How many people watched your reverse video
  • Replies – Comments left by those who viewed it
  • Shares – How often viewers re-shared it with their networks

Compare metrics on reversed vs normal videos to identify differences. If your reversed edit outperforms the original, you know that creative direction works.

Optimizing Based on Data Insights

Look at your top performing reversed videos for common attributes you can replicate in future content:

  • Video Length – The average length of your most viewed reversed clips. Keep edits focused under this duration for best results.

  • Captions & Context – What captions and surrounding clips give reversed videos the most replayability? Try similar framing.

  • Call to Action – Do reversed videos get more engagement when you explicitly ask viewers to responds or share with friends? Test what CTAs drive action.

Let data guide your video strategy. Numbers don‘t lie when it comes to creating popular social content worth reversing.

Next we‘ll troubleshoot technical issues faced when trying to reverse Snapchat footage.

Troubleshooting Guide for Reversing Snapchat Videos

At times you may run into issues while trying to reverse Snapchat videos. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Reversed Filter Not Showing Up

If the backwards arrows icon (<<<) is missing from your video editing screen, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  1. Confirm the Snapchat app is fully updated to the latest version released
  2. Force quit out of the Snapchat app and restart your phone
  3. After phone reboot, launch Snapchat again and record a new video snap
  4. Swipe through the video editing filter options and see if the reverse icon now appears

If the reverse filter is still absent, contact Snapchat Support through in-app chat or their contact page. Supply details on your device model, operating system, and Snapchat version showing.

Support can confirm if issues accessing the filter are occurring system-wide or help troubleshoot device-specific problems. This direct assistance has the highest likelihood of resolving missing reverse effects.

Reversed Video Not Saving

If your reversed video preview plays as expected but fails to save properly, first check the following:

Snapchat Camera Roll Access

  1. Open device Settings > Snapchat > Photos > Ensure Camera Roll access is enabled

Storage Space Available

  1. In Settings app check total storage and usage statistics
  2. Delete unused apps, media, and files to free up space if capacity is full

App Permissions

  1. Enable all permissions Snapchat requests like Camera, Microphone, Contacts, etc.

Auto-Update Settings

  1. Enable auto-updating of apps in your device‘s App Store settings

Once simple fixes like freeing storage or allowing camera access are ruled out, try re-saving the reversed video. If the error persists, reboot both the Snapchat app itself and your mobile device next.

As a last resort, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Snapchat entirely. Be sure accounts and data backups are completed beforehand if going this route.

Poor Quality Reversed Videos

If your reversed clips turn out blurry, choppy or pixelated, first look for ways to improve the source footage:

Image Clarity

  • Clean phone camera lens with microfiber cloth before filming
  • Shoot outdoors or in bright, evenly lit rooms
  • Avoid extended zooming which lessens image quality

Camera Stability

  • Hold phone steady or prop it against something while capturing video
  • Use tripods, grips, and stabilization accessories if available

Motion Speed

  • Pan the camera slowly instead of quick, shaky movements
  • Choose subjects that transition smoothly like people rather than erratic pets

Also know Snapchat compresses videos which can reduce visual quality. For best results, save reversed clips to your camera roll before sharing elsewhere. The original quality video can then be backed up and reused as needed.

Lastly, let‘s explore some innovative examples pushing boundaries for the format.

Innovative Videos: New Uses for Reversed Footage

While jumping flip challenges crowd most reversed video feeds, some creators are taking the effect to new heights:

Accessing Parallel Worlds Through Mirrors

In an eerie snap, one user shows what appear to be actual full-motion reflections happening within mirror surfaces:

But when the angles change, it‘s revealed to just be their surroundings played in reverse! A truly novel application of the filter.

Magic Tricks Fool Millions

Skilled illusionists build entire tricks around perceived reversing of events. Like this wizard who conjures bubbles from thin air:

In reality, he‘s just blowing bubbles then capturing the video reversing onto them. But the effect persuades viewers their bubbles popped "backwards" into his wand instead!

Such innovative examples display the untapped potential still lying within Snapchat‘s reversing features. New creative frontiers await as content creators continue experimenting.

The key is having both mastery of Snapchat‘s video editing tools and an openness to push boundaries in terms of subjects, styles, and formats. This guide should support developing both those skillsets.

Now let‘s wrap up with some final key takeaways.

Key Takeaways on Reversing Snapchat Videos

Here are the core things to remember about making reversed videos on Snapchat:

  • Reversing video adds a creative twist that grabs viewer attention
  • Use the reverse filter in the Snapchat app video editor (<<< icon)
  • Keep video snaps under 10 seconds for best results
  • Shoot clear, well-lit videos focused on interesting actions
  • Save reversed videos to camera roll to share elsewhere
  • Analyze performance metrics to optimize for engagement
  • Troubleshoot issues by restarting/reinstalling Snapchat app
  • Continue innovating with the format to create new reversible video styles

Reversing footage on Snapchat only takes seconds but yields videos people love to watch. With a steady hand and a little imagination, you can produce reversed clips that go viral!

So grab your phone and start shooting the next internet sensation. Just don‘t forget to reverse it in Snapchat first!

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