How Many People Use Instagram in 2024? (Instagram Statistics)

Instagram originally started as a simple photo sharing app back in 2010 but has since evolved into one of the biggest social media platforms of our time with over 2 billion monthly active users. Let‘s dive deeper into some fascinating Instagram statistics and facts for 2024.

Key Instagram Statistics for 2024:

  • 2.35 billion monthly active users
  • 500 million+ daily active Instagram Stories users
  • 81% use Instagram for researching products and brands
  • 25%+ of total Instagram content comes from Stories
  • 1 billion+ shoppable posts tapped per month
  • 88% of users are from outside the US

A Look at Instagram‘s Impressive Growth

Instagram celebrated its 13th birthday in October 2023. From humble beginnings as a mobile photo sharing app to one of the top 10 websites globally, Instagram‘s growth has been monumental.

Some statistics that showcase this incredible growth:

  • Launched in October 2010, Instagram hit 1 million registered users in just 2 months
  • By December 2014, Instagram had over 300 million monthly active users
  • This number doubled to 600 million by December 2016
  • Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users in June 2018
  • Current monthly active user count stands at a staggering 2.35 billion

Driving this growth is Instagram‘s global appeal and adoption across all age groups. However, its core user base still lies among the 18-34 year old demographic.

Let‘s analyze Instagram usage and engagement metrics across various user segments.

Instagram Usage and Engagement Statistics

6. 30 Minutes a Day: Average User Time Spent on Instagram

On average, an Instagram user spends 30 minutes per day browsing their feed and interacting with content. That‘s almost as much time spent on parent company Meta‘s Facebook.

This daily active usage results in over 117 years worth of video watched and 4.2 billion likes generated each day!

The introduction of addictive features like Instagram Stories and Reels has contributed to the spike in time spent on the platform.

7. 200 Million+ Interact with Business Profiles Daily

Instagram began introducing business profiles and ecommerce features around 5 years back. This has directly contributed to more users interacting with brand content daily.

Some numbers that underline Instagram‘s business appeal:

  • 200+ million Instagrammers check out business profiles daily
  • 90% of users follow at least one business account
  • 130+ million users tap on shoppable posts every month

Clearly, Instagram has become the digital storefront for many businesses big and small. No wonder eMarketer predicts retail social commerce sales to near $80 billion by 2025, driven primarily by Instagram and its parent company, Meta.

8. 93% Use Instagram for Product/Service Research

In its early years, Instagram usage was mostly passive browsing. But today, an overwhelming majority actively research products, services, offers etc. on Instagram before making purchase decisions.

Some research-led user behavior statistics:

  • 93% users turn to Instagram for research before purchases
  • 75% look for product inspiration on Explore/hashtags
  • 72% seek opinions on products from influencers
  • 65% discover emerging brands on Instagram

This means businesses must optimize Instagram presence to stay top-of-the-funnel for potential buyers. Branded content, shoppable posts and influencer marketing will continue driving bottom-funnel conversions.

9. 99% Instagram Users are on Other Platforms Too

Despite being highly addictive in its own right, 99% of Instagrammers also use at least one other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok.

Platform stickiness and exclusivity are slowly fading away as people embrace a multi-platform approach depending on specific needs. For example, serious shoppers likely use both Instagram and Amazon.

However, since 88% of Instagram users lie outside the US, reliance on just Facebook or other Western platforms is reducing. Instagram‘s global diversity makes it an essential channel for brands targeting international growth.

Instagram Stories Engagement

With over 500 million daily users, Instagram Stories represent a quarter of total time spent on the platform. For context, that‘s almost as many people as the entire population of the United States!

Let‘s explore some Instagram Stories statistics more closely:

10. 930 Million Daily Active Users on Stories

Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories has seen massive adoption over the years. After crossing 500 million daily active users in January 2019, the figure now stands at a jaw-dropping 930 million per day!

To boost engagement, Instagram has added a multitude of interactive formats like questions, quizzes, emoji sliders and more to Stories over time.

11. 15%-30% Engagement Rates for "Swipe Up"

The swipe up feature allows redirecting viewers from Stories to external websites. But it is available only to profiles with over 10,000 followers.

Despite the limitation, between 15%-30% of viewers swipe up on enabled business accounts. This results in massive traffic to landing pages daily.

To boost conversions, brands can create shoppable Stories or set up instant checkout via Meta‘s payment platforms. This will remove friction in the purchase process.

12. Brand Stories Completion Rate Over 86%

User behavior shows that Stories have grabbed attention spans far more than regular posts. 86% who begin watching a brand‘s Story complete viewing it.

This creates scope for serialized content that keeps audiences hooked. Brands in entertainment, sports and gaming verticals achieve even higher completion rates.

Therefore, marketers need to create Stories that are impactful, snackable and urge viewers to see them to the end. Interactive elements like stickers and questions also work well.

Instagram for Business & Advertising

Instagram has aggressively invested in shopping and advertising capabilities in recent years. This has benefited both users seeking to buy and brands targeting growth.

Let‘s look at some business and advertising Instagram statistics:

13. 93% of Marketers Will Increase Instagram Marketing Investment in 2024

Already one of the highest ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) platforms, Instagram‘s role in strategic marketing plans is set to rise even further in 2024.

A staggering 93% of marketers state that they will increase Instagram marketing budgets next year according to a Socialinsider survey. No other social media channel comes close in terms of projected marketing spend growth.

14. Retail Social Commerce Sales to Touch $79.6 Billion by 2025

As more shoppable features launch, Instagram is at the forefront of the booming social commerce industry. Users are increasingly buying directly via social apps rather than just research.

This user behavior shift has accelerated growth projections for retail social commerce sales. From $37 billion in 2021, the numbers are predicted to rise to almost $80 billion by 2025 per Insider Intelligence!

Naturally, Instagram is poised to take the lion‘s share alongside its Meta siblings like Facebook Shops based on current adoption trends.

15. 4 Million+ Advertisers Active Monthly on Instagram

Instagram opened advertising to businesses only in late 2013. In less than a decade, over 4 million marketers and agencies now run Instagram ad campaigns monthly.

This figure underlines the platform‘s extremely high monetization potential. With multi-format Instagram ads including photo, video, carousel and Stories, there are options available for objectives ranging from reach to direct conversions.

No wonder 59% of social media ad spending is now allocated towards Instagram, ahead of Facebook (26%) and YouTube (12%).

Instagram Content & Hashtags

Now that we‘ve covered users, engagement and advertising, let‘s analyze some Instagram content statistics that can help shape planning.

16. 10 Hashtags per Post is Optimal

The Instagram algorithm relies heavily on hashtags for indexing and content distribution. But does using more result in better reach?

Turns out between 8-10 hashtags per post generates maximum engagement. Anything more could signal as spam to Instagram and actually reduce distribution.

For reference, the average Instagram post contains 10-11 hashtags. So you‘re already at the optimum level to get content to relevant users.

17. Carousel Posts Have 2X Engagement of Photo Posts

Carousels or posts with multiple images tend to grab more eyeballs thanks to the scrolling effect. Accordingly, their average engagement levels are almost double that of single photo posts.

Here are benchmark Instagram engagement rates across formats:

  • Carousel posts – 1.86%
  • Video posts – 1.8%
  • Photo posts – 0.98%

So adding element variety into your feed can boost metrics and improve content longevity.

18. Wednesday at 11 AM & Friday 10-11 AM are Best Times to Post

Analyzing millions of Instagram posts revealed that Wednesday mornings and Friday late mornings generate maximum user interactions in the form of Likes and Comments.

Many productivity studies also highlight midweek mornings as peak online times after overnight information absorption. People are refreshed and ready to publicly react or share their thoughts.

As a best practice, try posting brand content during these two weekly time slots. While Instagram remains active 24/7, these timings will improve visibility and engagement.

Instagram Demographics

Despite its perception as a hangout for teenagers, Instagram boasts impressive diversity across age groups and geographic regions. Let‘s explore the platform‘s demographic statistics:

19. 38% Users are Gen Z & Millennials Aged 18-29 Years

As expected, young adults form the largest chunk at 38% of the worldwide user base. These digital natives have grown up with social media acting as their primary interface with the world.

However, do note that an almost equal one-third Instagram demographic distribution applies for 30-49 year olds as well.

20. Women Have 10% More Usage Than Men

Historically women have been more active on most social networking platforms. The trend continues with a 55% female vs 45% Instagram demographic split.

In the 18-29 age bracket, women‘s usage soars even higher at 38% compared to 30% for men. But the gender gap isn‘t high enough for brands to adopt dramatically different content strategies.

21. 88% Users are Outside USA; India #1 in Installs

Underscoring the global appeal, American Instagram users make up just 12% of all members despite high awareness.

India tops with the most app installs at 23% followed by Brazil (9.8%) and Indonesia (9.4%).

Western nations prefer Facebook, while Instagram has won emerging mobile-first markets across Asia, Africa and South America. Tailor your content accordingly.

Summarizing Key Instagram Statistics 2024

  • Launched in 2010, hit 2.35 billion monthly active users in 2024
  • 930 million interact via Instagram Stories every day
  • 200+ million daily business profile visits
  • 88% usage for pre-purchase research
  • 99% of Instagrammers on multi-platforms
  • Retail social commerce sales to hit $80 billion by 2025
  • India has highest & fastest growing usage
  • 38% from 18-29 years age group
  • 55% of users are female

Reviewing these Instagram statistics provides a snapshot of what lies ahead and ways to align your approach for maximum outcomes.


From the first-ever post of a dog outside a taco store to becoming a global digital shopping and networking phenomena, Instagram‘s epic growth journey continues unabated.

User behavior has evolved from casual browsing to active engagement via messaging, stories, reels and in-app shopping. Accordingly, content formats require constant innovation to stay relevant in crowded feeds.

For businesses and marketers, Instagram drives genuine conversions across domains – be it ecommerce sales, lead generation or even fundraising non-profits.

Investing marketing dollars where the consumers already lie actively sharing and discovering is a no-brainer. Expect Instagram‘s advertising revenue to boom even higher once Meta unlocks more shoppable and direct messaging features in the coming months.

The future looks Instagram, no matter which persona you‘re trying to target!

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