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Want to Bring Your Business to the Right Buyers? Use this PRO Instagram Marketing Tips

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Times without number we've heard people say to get targeted traffic online to a website, be it a blog, product or service, you need to create pure value or piece of content that truly solve people's problem and once you can do this, you ranked easily on Search Engines and tons of traffic rolls in, isn't it?

Instagram Traffic MasteryBut was that really true? Let's be sincere with ourselves here.

Can you remember how many times you've created that perfect content around your product but no traffic?

My friend, don't be deceived any longer.

Do you know that we spent a lot of time and energy even money inclusive just to get on the first page of Google and other search engines while the time and energy ought to be spent on getting our business to the right people who have a keen interest in what we have to offer

Don't get me wrong here.

Am I saying it isn't good to get your website or service ranked? – NO

It is good to get ranked as you stand the chance to get your content which talked about your offer to the market out there while you spend nothing on traffic – it is cool.

As an Entrepreneur, we love fast results, isn't it?

So why not focus on ways to bring your stuff in front of hungry customers rather than waiting for Big G (Google) to do that for you. I won't advise you to so much rely on search traffic.

If you are like me who loves getting fast results while my business grows on long term basis, then I suggest you read to the end of the post.

This is the best time we stop waiting for Google to rank our website or page on the first page? Don't wait for people to find your stuff, take your stuff to their doorsteps. This is the best approach to get effective results for your business and still come out profitable.

This post might not really be for everyone by the way but am very sure it will be helpful to eCommerce entrepreneurs and as well as new and intermediate entrepreneurs out there looking for a sizable means of promotion but with a profitable result.

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In today's post,

I will walk you through the correct method to finding the right traffic to your offer through Instagram. You might have heard a lot recently about it and how Instagram traffic can tremendously help a business online but you don't know the exact way to go about it or you might have tested some methods out but no result.

There are a lot of teachings online on Instagram traffic generation but here I will be walking you through the best way I know which can tremendously bring a change to your business online as an entrepreneur.

Are you ready?

Now, let's log into the real business.

Why A Business Need Instagram Traffic?

Recently Instagram has been the best platform people run to especially people in the eCommerce world, people who sell physical products online through their website or Shopify). Of all the social traffic platforms, Instagram came out to be the most sort after because of it effective result for business owners.

Instagram, counted 600 million total users as at 2016 — 100 million+ of whom have joined the service in the past months — is “one of the most quickly developing segments of the growing influence marketing market,” according to Mediakix, which says that the Influencer industry across all platforms will be valued between $5 and $10 billion by 2020.

Opportunities for business and marketing ventures are growing on Instagram. This gives room for influencers with certain passions to show products and services to their followers.

According to Similarweb, Instagram is ranked #4 for Internet and Telecom/Social Network and #15 Globally

Instagram Traffic Mastery: Instagram ranking

This is huge my Friend!

Once you can master this type of traffic perfectly, not only will you get profitable results, you'd probably rank your offer on several search engines without all the headaches involved in the ranking process.

Using Instagram Traffic for Profitable Results

The best approach to get result through Instagram is to make use of Instagram Influencers promote your product, offer or service. This is a top notch traffic source.

Instagram Influencers are high-profile persons or brand on Instagram who focuses on a particular topic or interest, they have a good number of followers who are interested in what they post and share.

A high-profile Instagram influencer is a top person in a particular area of interest or niche who manages his social account under his name, a good example is Rory McIlroy with 1.3 million+ Followers. 

Instagram Influencer Rorymcilroy

While a generic Influencer might have no particular name here. Their names are always based on the niche topic most of the time. A good example here is “Golfdigest” with 629k+ Followers.

Instagram Influencers

How can Instagram drive traffic to a website?

My first experience with this Instagram traffic (Mar. 15, 2017)

The first time I tested this traffic source for my eCommerce store (a Dog & Cat Pendant Store).

I went on to Instagram to find an influencer who can promote my cat pendant. I did some rough research as an Instagram newbie and finally found a guy (an influencer in the cat niche) who has a reasonable number of 250k+ Followers (Only few followers were from top purchasing countries. I don't even bother myself much because all I could care about was to test if am going to get real clicks and possibly salesI just wanted to test the waters).

I contacted him and paid him $30 through PayPal for a 24 hours shoutout, within the first 12 hours, I made 4 sales, 12 prospective buyers and others were clicks. (Real clicks because I monitored those clicks)

Not so bad for an Instagram traffic newbie like me selling at averagely $10/pendant.

Since then, I knew Instagram traffic through Influencers truly worth checking out for real and had been among my top traffic sources which I'll keep recommending especially to my Blog readers who sells physical products online.

I have come across several guys doing well in drop shipping business with this type of traffic source especially the eCom Dudes and his team. They are crazily cracking the codes.

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Instagram Traffic Mastery for Profitable Result

Here I'll be showing you a fast method to find Influencers through Instagram and cut away all the headaches involved in manual processes. This best approach saves you time and energy to find the right Influencers.

To get started, you need to find the right Influencer in your niche (specialized area).

For instance, you might be selling an eCourse on Yoga or Weight loss, then you need a Yoga Influencer. If your product is a Dog product, you need to find a good Influencer in this area that can promote your product through their account to their followers.

So what is the best approach to get this done?

This is going to be done with an Instagram analytics website called Websta, formerly known as Webstagram.

Drive targeted traffic online using Webstagram

Websta gives you the opportunity to make smart marketing decisions based on Influencer statistics, engagements and data. With this website, you get a clear insight on posts, engagements, explore hot brands, users, and Influencers on Instagram.

You are very assured to find the right Influencerbrand or Promoter through this platform. More about them here

To get started with registration, follow these steps:

Step #1:  First signup with

Signup for webstame account

#2. Login with your Instagram details via your username & password or sign up for an account.

Login using Instagram login details

#3: Give Websta the full right by clicking on the Authorize button to access your media and profile info, etc…

Authorize Webstame

#4: Upon successful Authorization, add your email address and change your timezone under the personal information section to verify your account. Click UPDATE.

Adding your email address and time zone to websta

#5: At this point, you need to verify your email address by clicking the “Confirm your Email Address” button in your verification email.

Once done successfully, you should be taken to your profile dashboard where you can see your profile, recent posts, engagement, and analytics.


Using Websta to find the right Instagram Influencer

This process is a simple one you can handle yourself once you are on their dashboard but I won't fail to give you some important tips here.

Don't joke with it. This is what brings the success to your business through Instagram.

And for the purpose of this post, I will be using “Golfdigest” and “Rory McIlroy” as a case study in the Golf niche.

So what are the steps?

#Step 1:  Login into your Websta Dashboard. From the search bar, type in your relevant keyword that's best related to your business or product and search. And in return comes with the result based on the keyword entered.

Instagram traffic through Influencer search

You can as well search using username or hashtag.

#Step 2:  From the search result, look for profiles that interest you (Influencers with a minimum of 250k+ followers is advisable here). Open them in new tabs.

PS: If not satisfied with a particular result, try to twist the keyword a bit and research till you find the best result.

#Step 3: The drilling process

At this stage, we have to take a good look at some certain things here which are – the influencer's profile, the number of followers including likes, the engagement rate and as well as the comments per post.


As for Golfdigest Account Analytics:

Golfdigest Analytics and Engagement rate

And Rory McIlroy Account Analytics


Accounts Summary:



  • Total post of 4,550
  • Had 630,012 followers (good)
  • Following 140 people
  • Post Engagement Rate 30.77%
  • Total likes 192,082
  • Total Comments 1,772


  • Total post of 287
  • Had 1.32 million followers(better)
  • Following 170 people
  • Post Engagement Rate 59.40%
  • Total likes 776,010
  • Total Comments 10,391

Comparison between Golfdigest & Rory McIlroy Analytics

Golfdigest result is fair because the engagement rate was 30.77% and as well as the comments were low compared to Rory Mcilroy who had 59.40% engagement rate and 10k+ comments.

From experience, using personal-profiled Influencer like Rory McIlroy for business SHOUTOUT is better though charge might be quite high, it truly worth it.

Most of the time, promotion using this type of Influencers brings about better result simply because it commands reputation and credibility than a generic account being managed by an unknown entity. That was why Rory Mcilroy had good ratings over Golfdigest.

Both worth checking out, test and test till the huge success comes. Instagram traffic through influencers is great I must tell you, either brand or non-brand. You will get quality traffic to your website.

So What Next?

After you have gotten yourself a perfect Influencer suitable for use, you need to contact them.

Their contact details especially their email address can be found on their IG profile or through the website address on their profile.

Please Note: Some Influencers won't reply your message. Just keep moving till you find one that will. You mustn't get tired easily. You are an Entrepreneur

Read my suggestion and advice below – Very important.

My Suggestion And Advice:

Please before sending any Influencer a private message requesting for promotion, SHOUTOUT or making payment. Please take note of the following:

  1. Always take note of their engagement rate (40% minimum is advisable)
  2. Always target Influencers with over 200k+ Followers (I personally prefer 300k minimum)
  3. Follow those of interest and take the time to check their first 20 latest posts on Instagram (do they have a good number of comments on each post. Be calculative here.)
  4. Always test their lists first with few bucks ($30-$100 maximum is okay for a 24 hours shoutout).
  5. Never and ever send visitors directly to your product offer or sales page without building a list (very important ).
  6. Your means of payment should be through Paypal (most preferred means of payment).

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Now Your Turn?

I hope you find this article “Instagram Traffic Mastery Tips” helpful on your journey to create a profitable business online? I would love to hear back from you through your comment below.

I would also love to learn new ideas from you, feel free to drop something meaningful below. I'll appreciate it.

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