Invisible braces are a great option for obtaining a beautiful smile

If you have issues with your teeth, you’ve probably been considering braces for some time. Maybe your teeth are a little crooked, and you’re aware that straightening them will improve your dental health and give you the confidence that will help advance your career. Maybe you have an important event in the near future, like a graduation or a wedding, and you want to look your very best.

You know that braces will correct your issues and give you a straight, beautiful smile. But you’ve waited this long because you dread the thought of wearing traditional braces that everyone can see. You may be thinking that the shiny “train track” look will distract your clients, or that it will attract unwanted attention at school. But what you may not realize is that you can get all the benefits of braces without the stigma. Nowadays, you can wear customized braces that are bonded to the back of your teeth and cannot be seen under normal circumstances.

Now, no matter your age or your circumstances, you can straighten your teeth in perfect privacy. Here is some advice to help you achieve that straight smile you have always wanted.


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  • research local orthodontists
  • call for a consultation appointment
  • prepare questions for your first consultation
  • consider various options
  • ask your orthodontist to see before & after photos of patients

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  • think it’s too late
  • choose an office based on location alone
  • be shy
  • settle for a less expensive option that isn't right for you
  • ignore problems with your teeth

Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD‘s recommendation to ExpertBeacon readers: Do

Do research local orthodontists

Do research on the orthodontists in your area to find out which ones are certified to use hidden braces technology. Some braces are custom-fitted and require both skill and specialized training. Not all orthodontists use all braces types.

Do call for a consultation appointment

A consultation with a certified orthodontist will give you a chance to ask questions about hidden braces. Your orthodontist will explain how they work, what you can expect from your treatment, and how long it might take to achieve that beautiful smile.

Do prepare questions for your first consultation

Your meeting with your doctor is a great opportunity to ask about your concerns, so come prepared. Take a few minutes to jot down your questions so you won’t forget them.

Do consider various options

If you are interested in behind-the-teeth braces, consider options like Incognito and Incognito Lite. If you are interested in clear, retainer-style aligners for more limited treatment, check out Invisalign. Finally, if you want more traditional braces, choose ceramic braces, which will be less visible on the front of the teeth than metal ones.

Do ask your orthodontist to see before & after photos of patients

Hidden braces, which use the latest technology, yield beautiful results, and your orthodontist will be happy to show you before and after photos from other patients.

Dr. Adam Schulhof, DMD‘s professional advice to ExpertBeacon readers: Don't

Do not think it’s too late

Don't convince yourself that it's too late to get braces or too embarrassing to wear them at work or school. If you choose hidden braces, these fears no longer apply. No one will be able to see your braces unless you choose to show them.

Do not choose an office based on location alone

Don't choose the closest orthodontic practice merely out of convenience, instead of finding a leading expert in the latest technology. Your dental health is too important to entrust to anyone but a leading expert.

Do not be shy

Don’t hesitate to speak up about what you want from your treatment. It’s important to let your orthodontist know what results you expect from your treatment. He will only know what you want if you tell him, so don’t be afraid to communicate.

Do not settle for a less expensive option that isn't right for you

You can safely economize in many areas of life, but you shouldn’t skimp on your teeth. Your dental health is central to your well-being, and you need your best smile to succeed in life.

Do not ignore problems with your teeth

Don't set yourself up for a lifetime of dental and orthodontic problems by not addressing your issues. They won’t improve on their own. See an orthodontist and have them corrected – you’ll be glad you did.


Good dental health and self-confidence are essential to success in life. The right braces can give you the straight, beautiful smile that will open doors and reinforce your natural self-confidence. You need not make any sacrifices in your business or social life to accomplish this goal, as hidden braces will straighten your teeth invisibly. Talk to an expert orthodontist about options such as hidden braces. He or she will be happy to answer your questions and design a custom treatment plan that’s right for you.

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