The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Statistics in 2023

LinkedIn is the world‘s largest professional social media network with over 930 million users worldwide. As more professionals and businesses join the platform every day, LinkedIn continues to evolve and provide valuable insights into how people network and find jobs.

This guide takes a deep dive into the most important LinkedIn statistics to know in 2023, from user demographics to content marketing performance. Understanding these key metrics can help you maximize your or your business‘s LinkedIn presence.

Key LinkedIn Statistics

Here are some of the most noteworthy LinkedIn statistics at a glance before we dig into the details:

  • LinkedIn was founded in 2003 and has over 15,000 employees.
  • 76% of LinkedIn‘s users are outside of the United States.
  • 57% of LinkedIn‘s users are male.
  • 59.9% of users are between the ages of 25 and 34.
  • 40 million LinkedIn members look for jobs on the platform every week.
  • 57% of LinkedIn‘s traffic comes from mobile devices.
  • There are over 60 million senior influencers on LinkedIn.
  • 55% of decision makers use LinkedIn to vet companies.
  • The average time spent on LinkedIn is 7 minutes 12 seconds per visit.
  • Live video streams increased by 437% in 2020 on LinkedIn.
  • 57 million company pages exist on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn User Statistics

Understanding LinkedIn‘s user base can help you tailor content and marketing campaigns more effectively. Here are some of the key demographics and usage statistics among LinkedIn members:

1. Rapid User Growth

LinkedIn celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023. In that time, the platform has exploded in size:

  • LinkedIn launched in 2003 and hit 1 million users by March 2004.
  • By 2011, LinkedIn had over 100 million registered members.
  • In April 2022, LinkedIn surpassed 900 million members.

This trajectory shows how vital of a platform LinkedIn has become for networking and recruitment over the past two decades.

2. Where LinkedIn Users Are Located

While founded in the U.S., LinkedIn now has an international scope:

  • As of 2023, the United States accounts for 31.98% of LinkedIn‘s traffic.
  • Other top countries by traffic include India (6.42%), United Kingdom (6.65%), Brazil (4.06%), and France (3.5%).
  • Overall, 76% of LinkedIn‘s users are located outside the United States.

This global presence makes LinkedIn hugely valuable for international networking and recruiting.

3. User Gender

LinkedIn membership leans more heavily male:

  • 57% of LinkedIn members are male, while 43% are female as of late 2022.

So while women are still well-represented, men dominate the current user base.

4. Age of Users

In terms of demographics, LinkedIn appeals most strongly to millennials:

  • 59.9% of LinkedIn users are aged 25-34.
  • The next highest age brackets are 35-44 year-olds (15.5%) and 45-54 year-olds (11.2%).

So overall, LinkedIn attracts a relatively young professional audience compared to some social networks.

5. User Engagement

LinkedIn shared some interesting statistics around user activity in late 2022:

  • 40 million members look for new job opportunities on LinkedIn weekly.
  • The average visitor spends over 7 minutes actively using LinkedIn per visit.
  • Members create 8 million posts, comments, and other content daily.

This shows a high level of engagement, especially around job hunting and commentary.

Content Marketing on LinkedIn

With so many active users — especially from influential demographics — LinkedIn presents major opportunities for content marketing. But success depends on the right strategy.

Here are key stats for optimizing content on LinkedIn:

6. Most Content Impressions vs Job Listings

While many people use LinkedIn for recruitment, content earns significantly more impressions:

  • In 2023, LinkedIn serves 15x more content impressions than job listing impressions.

This demonstrates users have an appetite for quality content beyond just job searches.

7. Video vs Image Engagement

Both images and video perform well on LinkedIn, but video converts shares at a higher rate:

  • Image posts earn 2x more engagement than non-image text updates.
  • However, members are 20x more likely to share native video than static images.

This makes video a strategic investment for increasing social sharing.

8. Ideal Post Length

Contrary to assumptions, longer posts tend to engage LinkedIn audiences more effectively:

  • Posts with between 1,900 and 2,000 words earn the highest engagement.
  • This dramatically outperforms both short-form posts and extremely long posts.

So while long-form content takes more effort to produce, it pays off in reactions and shares.

9. Optimal Post Headlines

Headlines between 40–49 characters in length earn the most clicks:

  • Posts with 49-character headlines earn up to 75% more clicks than headlines with 50 or more characters.
  • 39 characters or less underperforms as well.

This shows the value of concise, scannable headlines suited for LinkedIn‘s stream.

10. Number of Images For Maximum Views

Including images in your posts is clearly beneficial. But views peak at a certain point with more images:

  • Posts with 8 images earn significantly more views than those with 1-7 images or 9+ images.
  • So more visual content helps, but overloading posts sacrifices returns.

11. Video Content Statistics

As mentioned earlier, video strongly captures attention and encourages sharing on LinkedIn. The growth of video has exploded in recent years:

  • Live video streams increased by 437% year-over-year in 2020.
  • Nearly 50% of all B2B video views now occur on LinkedIn.

Video is clearly an essential component for reaching LinkedIn audiences going forward.

Company Presence on LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides fantastic opportunities for companies to establish their brand, market to professionals, and recruit talent.

Here‘s a snapshot of how businesses currently leverage LinkedIn:

12. Number of Company Pages

Over 57 million company pages now exist on LinkedIn:

  • This number includes some automatically created pages for organizations added by members to their profiles.
  • But it shows the platform‘s dominance for corporate networking and recruiting.

13. Employee Content Engagement

Employees‘ content engagement drives major value for their companies according to LinkedIn:

  • Company updates see 8x more engagement when shared by employees vs the company itself.
  • Company Page followers increase 4x more when employees share content.

Mobilizing employees for content amplification is hugely impactful.

14. Completed Company Profiles

Businesses can add substantial information to their Company Pages like images, descriptions, employee stats and job listings.

Those who go the extra mile by extensively completing profiles achieve greater visibility:

  • Fully completed Company Pages receive 5x more views than incomplete profiles.

Putting in the effort pays dividends for corporate brand building.

Advertising on LinkedIn

With rich targeting data and influencer audiences, LinkedIn advertising presents big opportunities despite lower overall traffic volume compared to other social platforms.

15. LinkedIn‘s Audience Reach

LinkedIn Ads offer the capability to engage professionals globally:

  • LinkedIn advertising can potentially reach over 675 million people.
  • That equates to over 13% of the world‘s population aged 13+.

So while smaller than audiences on Facebook or Instagram, 13% global reach is still impactful for B2B brands.

16. Targeting Options

Granular targeting makes LinkedIn advertising extremely personalized:

  • LinkedIn offers over 200 targeting categories for campaigns including company, industry, job function, skills, and more.

This level of specificity enables exceptional relevance for professional audiences.

17. Purchasing Impact

Serving ads to the right decision-makers influences their buying consideration:

  • 33% of customers say viewing LinkedIn ads makes them more likely to buy a product or service.

So quality ad placements positively sway consideration at relatively high rates.

18. Comparative Lead Cost

The targeting precision of LinkedIn ads allows reasonably priced lead generation:

  • LinkedIn offers cost per lead (CPL) 28% lower than Google AdWords for B2B brands on average.

More affordable leads mean better ROI potential for companies promoting goods, content offers or webinars.

Recruitment on LinkedIn

Originally built as a job board, LinkedIn remains a hugely valuable tool for recruitment and job hunting by both employers and candidates.

19. Profile Completion

Members who thoroughly complete their LinkedIn profiles signal professional dedication that attracts recruiter attention:

  • Profiles that are less than 40% complete are 14x less likely to be found by recruiters.
  • 86% of recruiters say they consider profile completeness essential or very important.

This demonstrates that putting in the time optimizing your profile pays dividends for career visibility.

20. Jobs Listings vs Candidates

While LinkedIn features lots of active job hunters, open positions also abound:

  • There are over 15 million open jobs listed on LinkedIn as of late 2022.
  • However, there are also more than 760 million professionals on the platform eligible for opportunities.

So supply and demand for talent remains high on both sides.

21. Hiring Frequency

The volume of talent recruitment efforts on LinkedIn is massive and continuous:

  • A new hire is made through LinkedIn every second.
  • That equates to over 3 hires per minute or well over 100,000 hires daily.

As a result, LinkedIn drives a huge share of global professional recruitment activity.


As LinkedIn has evolved over 20 years, the platform has become an undisputed leader for business networking, content marketing, recruitment and online professional visibility.

These LinkedIn statistics for 2023 confirm the network‘s vast scale and value across multiple fronts. Understanding how users and companies actively leverage LinkedIn provides you the blueprint for optimizing your own presence.

There‘s no sign of slowing momentum — with almost 1 billion members to date and still expanding functionality, LinkedIn‘s importance for business seems poised to keep increasing year after year.

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