Way to Passive Income in Nigeria

The $4.6 Trillion Lucrative Market to Tap Into For Passive Income In Nigeria

If it is your goal to start a very lucrative online business in Nigeria that can steadily earn you 6 to 7 figure income henceforth, then this post is for you.

First, I want you to understand that…

Your result with this business idea is going to depend on how serious you take it.

If you take it, and work on it, you will thank me later.

So let's ride on..

According to a reliable source.

I got to know that Nigerians spent a whopping N4.598 TRILLION eating out.

That's approximately N4.6 trillion on food eaten outside the home like restaurants, joints, bars, etc… in the year 2019.

And I know subsequent years won't be less than this figure.

You can get the full gist here

I was marvelled to be honest.

Naija dey chop sha oo..

And come to think of it, as a smart business opportunist that I am.

I began to think of how can someone tap into this market in a smarter and unique way.

Of course, I am not going to be selling food or have a restaurant like you might be thinking right away.

And since you know that I always love to talk and share lucrative online business opportunities that gives the freedom to work and earn from anywhere in the world – location free.

Which means you are not tied to just one particular location …

… or being hindered by a strict government policy that might hinder your earning potential.

So, I got this nice and lucrative business approach.

And I will share it with you right here in this article today.

This lucrative income business idea that you should take advantage of.

Going by the expenses of food eaten outside alone…

That's almost HALF of the 2020 national budget. 

How can one tap into this trillion dollar industry?

Here is my answer for you…


I mean application like the ones you have on your smart device.

All you have to do is let the app list every eating spot in your city (or states).

Don't think too hard on it.

You can start small with your city alone.

And as you grow, you expand by including all the cities in the country.

The app will be free to download, but your source of steady income will come through the ads you are running on that app.

How do I know if this will work out?

The earlier stats already showed how much is spent on food which is backed up with solid figures.

People love food and they will appreciate a special food app that can help them navigate certain locations where they can get some special delicacies.

Come to think of it,

How many people bought DSTV, GOTV or Startimes just because of UEFA, Zeeworld, Big Brother, Al Jazeera or CNN news? … a lot right?

This is why I know for sure that there is a market for such app too.

Here comes another question…

How much can I make from my Free App?

Read the response from the screenshot below.

Source: Google

Right now, I know what you are thinking…

Possibly wondering how can that be possible since you are not a developer, let alone of running ads on the free app and the likes…

That answer is easy; you have 2 options…

  1. You can either hire a developer to help you out.
  2. Or learn how to do it yourself (even with zero coding or developing skills).

Personally for me, option 2 will be the best choice for me.

Hiring a good developer cost a fortune and some of them can be annoying at times.

Don't worry, I will explain how to go about option 2 for you …

In fact, I will show you how to even earn more with it without learning how to code or you being a developer…

If you goto App stores like Play Store, Apple, Windows, etc..

You will find millions of mobile apps on these stores online.

Do you think all of them are developers? NO!

Most of these app owners have no clues on HTML, let alone of coding or developing an app and yet they earn steadily on a monthly basis with it.

So how do they do this?

I will tell you but before then, let's see some stats together…

Source: Buildfire.com

There are 3 top ways you can earn with your mobile app.

1. Earn with Google Admob

Admob is a mobile advertising company owned by Google.

They pay you when people click on the ads on your app.

(More info about this…continue reading).

2. Market For Companies

You can get paid to market other businesses to your app users.

Imagine you have like 50,000 app users who use your app daily and they can see your ad.

How much do you think you will make from this?

And companies are always ready to pay huge for this. (More on this, continue reading).

3. Build Apps For Others

This is the part I somehow love most.

You earn big by building mobile apps for companies even with your zero programming and coding skills.

If you do this for just 4 companies in a month, I learnt that you can make up to $7,500 (that's like 3 million naira in a month).

As you can now see…

Apps are money.

Facebook is a proof.

LinkedIn is a proof.

Snapchat is a proof.

TikTok is also a proof.


You have discovered how to earn more outside the Food industry.

Here comes the top questions…

How can I earn passively with this?

How can I do all of these without learning coding?

Or even hire expensive developer to do this?

I understand how time consuming and confusing it can be trying to put all of these together yourself.

So the smart way is to leverage

I have the best App creator guru – John Obidi who is going to share with you on the next page “How you can build mobile apps without being a developer or paying high fees to hire a developer?

Including how to make ​up to $1,000 monthly ​building mobile app​​s ​without learning programming.

Everything revealed for you…

>> Click here to read more about it step by step and how to make steady income through your App <<

All the best,

– Iyanu

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