How to Make Money Blogging In Nigeria 2023

In this guide today, you'll learn how to make money blogging in Nigeria.

Do you have a strong passion or some great skills you want to monetize? Then let me show you a smarter way to use a blog to turn your passion or expertise into a cash machine.

My goal is to show you how to start a profitable blog of your own that can make you money by creating it around something you enjoy doing or that you already know.

I have to inform you that you are about to read a long article that is very informative and actionable. By the end of this post, you will undertand the steps to take to turn your passion into profits with a blog with other great opportunities that lies within.

how to make money blogging in Nigeria

How I started

In 2010, I began doing some tech-related online work (such as creating wapka sites, remoulding Java apps, using browsing cheats, and other useful mobile tricks). Those days were fun and unforgettable.

Then in 2012, I got an HP laptop with a strong desire to start a business online and I began to look for opportunities on the internet that can make me money online in Nigeria.

All I wanted then was to find a way out to make some decent income to cater for my major needs as a student.

In a gap of 1-8 years in the business and digital marketing world. I engaged in top online businesses that anyone can think of (outside Yahoo business ooo).

I went into affiliate marketing business, CPA and information marketing, importation business (now known as smart ecommerce business, blogging, online surveys, Bulk SMS, online sports betting, selling of supplements (Forever Living), investments (crypto-currency), and many more..

But Guess What?

I failed at most of these businesses that I mentioned to you above.

Not that they didn't work but was simply because I was trying to do many of them at a time. 

And this somehow did me more harm than the good though I acquired several skills.

Actually, I made some money quite alright to cater for my major needs but something was still missing.

I was yet to find that perfect business that will make me money while being fulfilled at it.

Until I came across a platform called Wealthy Affiliate System. It was the best investment I ever made in the system to find the missing puzzle.

I learnt how to blog with simplicity. And was also grateful enough to meet some wonderful people doing fine blogging about what they love and making decent income from it.

Instantly, I stopped most of the businesses and focused more on what I am most passionate about and guess what, it has created many opportunities for me online while the blog grows everyday.

And this is exactly what I want to share with you today in this post.

Not just the common “blogging” as it sounds to you or what everyone has been talking about.

However, we remain focused on how to build a profitable long-term business online, with a blog serving as the ideal medium for reaching out to the right audiences who want our offer.

Not only that, you'll also discover some important factors you should never ignore to be successful with your blogging business on a long-term.

What is a Blog?

It is a form of a website that deals with contents that engages readers on a regular basis. It might be daily, weekly or monthly.

The content can be in form of article, video, audio, etc…

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an ongoing activity which involves you to constantly update, refresh or write contents (like articles, videos) on your blog or website that are helpful to your readers.

Side Note:
In case you have questions. Please use the comment section below. I'll love to answer all your questions.


It's quite alarming with the innumerable increase in the number of Nigerians wanting to start a blog online these days.

It's possible you've heard about Linda Ikeji's Blog, Bella Naija, and top blogs in Nigeria with the incredible amount of money these guys make from adverts and sponsorship on their blogs.

If you are very updated on top social platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). You might have come across several adverts or post on your timeline related to this topics – blogging, make money online.

Maybe you might have heard someone talk about the endless opportunities a blog (or a website) can get you especially as business owners who want to triple their sales.

Blogging is truly profitable because it is a kind of internet business. It is actually a business when treated like one but only few definitely know how to treat it like a business.

The majority of people still believes the only way someone can make a reasonable income from a blog is through adverts and sponsorship.

And this is not so…following that old style of blogging now might not make you a dime because it can take forever to build such exposure that will be profitable like those popular blogs of today.

This is why you must read this post to the end to properly discover a faster approach to make money with your new blog.

In two simple sentences:

One, You'll learn how to create and use your blog to make money fast even if you are just few months old in the system.

Two, You will learn how to use your blog to sell your business and reach out to the right audience.

All I want is your full attention right away and read the article to the end so you can know the path to successful and profitable blogging online this time around in Nigeria.

I will be sharing with you:

  1. The 4 top factors to consider first when about to start a blog.
  2. The profitable approaches to start your own blog online for fast success.
  3. And the proven methods to make money blogging in Nigeria.
  4. Including some other helpful tips and advice.

4 Important Factors to Take Note Of Before You Embark On Your Blog Journey in Nigeria

Over the years,

I've created several blogs online which I failed at most of them due to my negligence, mistakes and ignorance.

I didn't write this post to scare you off but I think you should know the essentials to achieving success in your blogging business and also learn from my mistakes.

Are you getting me now?

1. Why A Blog?

Make money blogging in Nigeria: Why Your Blog

Why do you want to start a blog?

There must be a reason for it? Can you be sincere with yourself?

What is/are your topmost reasons? I mean your Ultimate WHY?

  • Is it to make money? OR
  • Is it to promote your business?
  • Is it to connect with a specific audience?
  • Is it for fame or popularity?
  • Is it to help others on a complex matters?
  • Is it to share your knowledge, experience, expertize or skill?
  • Is it to showcase your creativity?
  • Or just for the fun of it? (I doubt that)

If it was the money that comes to your mind first, well, no problem yet but that shouldn't be the only reason for you.

If your main aim is after the money alone, then I strongly advise you not to even think of a blog let alone of having one because you'll soon end up frustrated especially when the money isn't coming forth at first.

I have been there before, so I know what I am talking about.

My past mistake, learn from it

Some years ago when I first started to blog. I have blogs in niches like – News & Media, Technology, Fashion, Lifestyle, Make Money but all of them crashed…Urgh!!!

Niche is a term used in the internet marketing space to refer to a specific audience, categories or topic that people blog about online.

niche blog is a blog that focuses on a narrowed group of people or audience in a larger market with a common specific interest or goal.

Why did those blogs fail?

I wasn't surprised later because my topmost interest was majorly after the money right from day one that I started those blogs.

I had to burn my fingers out yet posting low-quality contents every time because of the zero passion and interest I had in those niches.

I got frustrated because I had no strong drive that could push me forward a bit. So there is no point doing what is not making me happy and fulfilled. So I quit.

Initially, I thought I could copy some top blogger's method raking in millions monthly through their blog in any kind of niche they enter. These guys are always successful in any niche but this doesn't work in my own case.

Maybe they are doing something I don't know – Of course, YES!

I later discovered these foreign bloggers source for top quality contents from professional writers with tens of thousands (in dollars) in those niches but for me, I don't have that kind of money.

Immediately I discovered this,

  • I unlearnt those toxic advice I was taught before.
  • I begin to learn from genuine sources only.
  • I learnt to do things in my own unique way. My selling point.
  • I learnt my passion is what could keep me going even when result isn't showing forth.
  • I begin to look for a way to help more people solve their problem where my passion and expertize lies.

So if your answer was solely just for your own selfish interest alone. You should stop the idea of starting a blog.

Your ultimate reason for your “WHY” should be centered on:

  • Your passion (what you love doing).
  • And a need to solve a problem.

I recommend both.

In my own case, I was to do more with what I am passionate about (business and marketing) which also go in line with the second reason which has to do with..

…Helping others create a profitable business online and how to build strong presence around their businesses for more sales and profits.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘Passion gets an entrepreneur through the startup days and the enormous efforts it takes to build a business.” – Peter Diamandis” quote=”“Passion gets an entrepreneur through the startup days and the enormous efforts it takes to build a business.” – Peter Diamandis”]

I share my knowledge with others in the digital business world so that they can be super-profitable with their businesses through the power of the internet and technology.

I take “passion” to be something that energizes me. Something that makes me feel fulfilled, it makes me feel “oh yeah“.

Something I always love to talk about over and over again without getting tired.

Something I am always eager to learn more and more about everyday or teach anytime.

It never bores me one bit. This way I can write to any length I want and not be freaked out. Just like the article you are reading right now.

It can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, interests, intrigues and motivates you.

These are what you should put more of your focus on when you are starting your blog.

It is best for you to totally stick to what you are passionate about so you can be consistent and able to pour your heart into it and thereby bringing value to your readers.

2. What Can You Offer?

What Can You Offer on Your Blog?

What problem can you solve?

What are you skilled at or knowledgeable about that can help others overcome their daily problem in your various field of interest?

I want you to know that this is not about you, it’s all about them. You have to always come up with evergreen content or information that will add up to what they know.

Or open their eyes to certain possibilities or opportunities.

Or help them increase their worth or overcome their daily fear.

A crappy or a copy to paste content with no value won't do it here.

You must keep providing value every time on your blog.

As a blogger, everything that you do flows from understanding your audience properly and seeking to help them as much as possible.

If you are not doing so, your readers won’t stick around your blog or any stuff you have to offer them.

My deadly mistake that brought about failure in my time past blogging exercise was because I failed to give more of value to my readers while I was expecting more of money which did not show forth at the end.

As a beginner, your main focus shouldn't be on the money. I advise you to start out by giving out value and build up a community first. Please take note of this.

Bottom line:

Always try to solve a problem first to some level before asking for the money. Believe me, if you are passionate enough to always solve a problem, you don’t need to worry much about the money, it will come.

3. Have A Target?

What Are Your Blogging Goals

You must be goal-oriented.

What do you plan to achieve with your blog over the time?

I suggest you write and plan them down in black & white (or a notepad).

Writing things down has a way of making it look real to you and achievable on time.

This simple 5 minutes exercise does the magic.

I can talk more and more on this since the day I discovered this simple secret and how I have been able to achieve several goals with my blog which I couldn't even believe it could come on time. Not the money per se.

So what results are you planning to get with your blog?

In three to six months time.

Or in a year or two from now or henceforth.

By having a clear goal and writing it down makes you go beyond your comfort zone to do what is required in order to achieve your target.

It just has a way of getting you focused and not distracted by several noises around, or hindrances that might come your way.

Can I be sincere with you?

The kind of friends we have, our environment and society, family inclusive and those we attached more of ourselves to, has a way of making us belittle the gift God has endowed in us.

We might not reach our potentials if we keep thinking less of ourselves or believing we are not capable all the time.

Can you just stop accepting the cheap fate that your Creator hasn't created for you and pursue something BIG for your life? Something worth going after with all your strength.

Do you know that this low self-esteem affected me a lot until I have to work on my old belief system. Until I re-oriented my old mindset and limiting beliefs and societal doctrines.

A quick note on this one.

If you suffer from low self-image and you never believe in yourself capable of anything good. I recommend this book for you – Psycho Cybernetics – A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life“.

Still on setting of clear goals.

Don't copy someone's goal and use that as a yardstick for your own success. It doesn't work that way at all. These our fingers are not equal and individual destiny is also different.

Set a target that is practically achievable for yourself. Don't set a target of millions when you know you are still struggling to reach a milestone of thousands. 

You know yourself better than anyone else.

Don't deceive yourself. Set a milestone you know you could reach within the time frame for your blog and work towards it and let nothing distract your attention.

4. Be Consistent

You need to be consistent on your blog to see RESULT.

Off and on won't help you.

Blogging is fun but not a child's play. Have I mentioned how draining it can be sometimes?

It would be worse for someone who is after what he is not passionate about. If you ask me, I have a lot to tell you on this.

Blogging might take time to get results. It's not an overnight success. No magic button anywhere. Your fast success depends on your total commitment. This is another reality I am exposing you to.

One of the top success advice in blogging is consistency. It requires consistent effort to push toward that goal.

If you are not steadily focused. It is likely for you to get tired easily or lose interest. Being consistent is what makes the difference between a failure and success.

Do you know what Holly Mosier said about consistency? She is an Author, lawyer, and a business owner.

Holly said:

“Perfection of effort is not required, by the way. It is the consistency of attempting to work these tools that brings the progress. It’s like anything else. If I want to tone muscle, lifting a ten-pound weight a few times every day will move me toward my goal much quicker than hoisting a fifty-pound barbell once a week. Yes, it really is true: “Slow and steady wins the race.” Just try a little, every day. You’ll see.”

Consistency wins the race.

The great American movie actor and a producer – Dwayne Johnson said,

“Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” — Dwayne Johnson

John Maxwell said,

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”

I will say that what wins the race is constant add up whatever you do.

Profitable Approach to Starting A Blog

Your success in blogging depends on the rightful information you acquired and how you act upon them.

They are very paramount to your blogging success online. Please take note of them.

1. Love What You Do

This is the first thing first.

If you want to be profitable in anything, you have to love doing them.

It should be what you are seriously passionate about. Something you are always happy to do every time. If you love what you are doing, you will always be happy doing it even when the money isn't showing forth yet.

So what are you good at?

Is it fashion, cooking, singing, football, article writing, graphics, tech stuff, advising, etc..

It can also be at your profession or at something you never get bored with easily. You always love talking about this thing.

2. Your Passion Should Allow Business Opportunity

You have to think like a business person here while you never lose the main focus — giving value.

There is one thing to love what you do and start a blog around it. It's another task to know if your topic can make you money in the long-run.

I have to tell you that not all passions are profitable while some truly takes forever.

Truly, You may be knowledgeable about a topic. And you may have a burning desire to blog on it. If you’re only blogging just for the fun of it, and not for profit, no problem.

But let's be realistic here.

I know you want to turn your passion or idea into a profit. And if you don't want to wait forever to see result, you have to properly check the possibility of your idea turning into a long-term business.

If you are the type that is so passionate about many things. Please, you have to be careful here.

You should only focus on the one that has the interest of others too and they can easily bring out their wallet to buy a product or information to acquire more knowledge on this topic.

No guesswork here my friend, your due dilligence is required.

Do some findings first to be sure of this.

For instance…

Let's take FASHION as an example.

Let us imagine that I know so much in the fashion & style industry and I have a lot I can offer here in terms of valuable information, products or recommendations.

And now I want to start a blog around it.

As I provide helpful tutorials on my site. I should also be able to sell something to a reasonable number of audience who has the same interest in this area as well.

As I bring value to my readers consistently through top-notch content I share on my site, I should also be able to sell something to them.

This fashion blog will give me the opportunity:

  • To sell informational product or service of mine while I educate my readers.
  • To sell some nice handy products of mine like shoes, wears, etc…
  • To promote other related businesses or products (as an affiliate).

Please take note that readers only buy from someone they trust. Someone who has genuinely helped them in one way or the other first.

So until you build that trust and bond through your valuable information that you share with them overtime, they might not buy or care about your offer.

More on ways to make money with your new blog later in the article…

3. Know Your Niche (Or Topic)

Though I talked about a niche earlier but let me quickly remind you again.

niche is simply a focused area or topic that you'll be writing about on your blog.

The word “Topic” and “Niche” are used interchangeably but I think a niche is more specific than a topic.

Topic could be like a Fashion

Instead of targeting all audiences in fashion, I can niche it down to either…

  • Men's Fashion (targeting only men who have interest in fashion) OR
  • Women's Fashion (only women as my audience).

Or even more. The more you can niche your topic down to a specific audiences, the better.

So What's Your Niche?

People searching the internet everytime is for one reason — to find answers to their daily problems.

Ladies want to look better. Women want to lose weight. Men want to make Money. People want to learn something new. People want to be entertained and laugh their problems away.

And so on…

It could be any problem you can imagine.

People are looking to put an end to their worries and if your blog is nothing other than just random topics.

For example, you talk about fashion today, tomorrow you blog about food and next tomorrow it was an article on education, how is your blog going to stand-out this way?

There is no point trying to answer everyone's problem, you won't command authority this way.

Pick and get focused on a topic and build your tribe around it.

A good example,

If I want to stay up-to-date on fashion and trends then I should continually share helpful guide, tips and relevant information that will tremendously boost my readers fashion sense.

If you are the type that has many passions and no focus yet? Maybe not even sure how to find your own niche? If you have a hard time thinking of what to blog about.

I advise you to make a list of:

  • All of your hobbies.
  • Things you enjoy doing everytime.
  • Favourite topics you know a lot about.
  • Certain skills or talents of yours.

And carefully consider the one that you can deliver well and also has a huge potential to make you money.

It should be a topic that gives you the opportunity to sell, promote or recommend a product or service of yours or others on your blog.


  1. Visit or top forums like and Search for your topic of interest to see if people talk or ask questions relating to your niche.
  2. Also make use of search engines and search for your topic to know if it has a lot of searches and if other bloggers blog about it too.

Dominating Your Niche

This should be one of your ultimate goals.

What you should be looking at is to intensify the niche by doing more, or differently (or maybe even better) than your competitors (bloggers).

You do this by first evaluating and understanding your area of interest and who you are meant to serve. And then position your content in a way that pushes the envelope. Stand out!

Remember: Your uniqueness is your selling point.

4. Start Off With the Right Blogging Platform From Onset

This is one of the topmost factors of success in blogging. A wrong blogging platform makes it very difficult to achieve success on time online.

You have to be smart with your platform selection.

And on this note, I'll give you an honest recommendation based on my experiences with most of these blogging platforms.

We have so many of them online but the common ones are:

Which can be majorly classified into:

  1. The Free Platform
  2. The Premium Platform

#1: Free Platforms – e.g Wix,, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr. They are free to use meaning they host your blog for you at no cost but you are limited in terms of control, space, customization, usage and users can be wiped off anytime with no prior notice.

#2: Premium Platforms–, Joomla gives you maximum control over your site (or blog).

You can read more on if you care to know more including the peculiarities of various blogging platforms we have online.

How to Choose the Best Platform For Your Blogging Activities?

If you are a beginner, I strongly believe you’ll love a blogging platform that will help you achieve your goal faster. Isn't it?

In that case, we should be looking for a platform that:

  • Is very easy to set up which requires no difficulties.
  • Very flexible to use.
  • Gives you the opportunity to grow and expand.
  • Gives you the total control over your site.
  • Enables you to add more great features to your blog.
  • And can be used to build up any kind of site.
  • Can be easily upgraded and converted to stores as you grow.
  • Friendly to search engines (like Google, Bing) for better ranking and more visibility.

And if this is what you want, then I strongly recommend you to go for is the best open source software and content management tool you can use to create beautiful websites (or blogs) online with no stress.

It needs to be installed on a self-hosted platform to function which means you will need to sign up with a WordPress hosting provider to use it.

Why do I recommend

Over 73 million users including myself use

This is by far the most content management system on the internet today which gives you the full control over your website with no restrictions and has all the features I have mentioned above.

It is truly the best choice I must tell you if you want the best results…

What If I start with the Free Platforms

You will not die using them.

I understand you saying

“I don't have money to start with premium platforms?”

“I don't want to waste money with something am not sure it gonna work out at the end?”

You have a lot of questions running through your mind right away?

But let me tell you the truth?

No matter what your reason(s) could be.

Always remember that what is what doing is worth doing well.

If I was chanced to know all these some years ago when I started online. I'd totally run away from those free platforms you are craving to start with. What is the essence of a blog I can't add extra features, scale, or grow?

I don't think I have to tell you. Free things is not the best. You know it yourself.

My Word of Advice

If you are looking to start something serious, start a Wordpress Blog.

I've got you covered with the step by step tutorial to create your own Wordpress blog yourself (including screenshots).

Read this post –  How set up your own Wordpress blog in 3 easy steps.

All you need is to get yourself signed up with a very good web-hosting provider and set up your Wordpress blog in 5 minutes with the tutorials I have given you above.

I recommend you sign up with Bluehost company (our top recommended web hosting company). You can use this easy to follow guide to get up to 66% OFF your hosting plan with Bluehost here.

A quick mouth watering deal on this for you.

What if I set up your Wordpress blog for you for FREE….Plus and all the technical stuffs well taken care for your new blog and…I will even add bonuses (worth $2,500) for your new blog.

ALL FOR FREE…more information on this towards the end of this post. Continue reading…

5. Build Networks & Promote Your Blog

One thing you should also look into is building relationships with fellow bloggers and authors within your niche.

This was another mistake on my path when I first started out. I always love to do my thing alone but it wasn't in the case of blogging. You have to network and reach out to other bloggers.

Always look for a way to relate to other bloggers in your community. You can comment on their post, send them an email, network on social media and business platforms like

When you make a new post or add new content to your blog, do well to link to some other relevant post from other bloggers in your industry and you will be surprised to see them return the favour back to you too.

I recommend you promote your blog by writing for other blogs (or websites) thereby referencing back to your site at the end of the article.

This is called “guest-blogging“. This method helps your blog get exposure, also rank faster on search engines because the more quality backlinks you have for your site, the more the value placed on your blog.

Always look for relevant blogs, forums online with the same topic that has a lot of readers, leave helpful and quality comment or suggestions on their posts and never forget to link back to your blog.

Do well to promote and share your content on social media platforms. Encourage your readers to share your blog content as well.

Best Ways to Make Money Blogging

Now, let's make money on our blog.

I will not pitch you with the old, common ways most bloggers teach.

Possibly most will tell you to slam advert everywhere on your blog, start signing up for google adsense and the likes.

Am not saying those methods of making money doesn't work, they do and you might consider them later but you need some reasonable amount of daily traffic coming to your site to make this method work.

What if you are a Beginner?

Does that mean you have to wait till eternity before you can make a decent income through your blog… NO

To make money blogging in Nigeria has gone beyond advertisements.

This time around I will be showing you a reliable and proven ways to make money even if you are just starting your blog online.

These are the same approach I use to monetize my blog and my expertize.

1. Sell A Service

This is one of my top favourite of them all.

What can you offer as a service?v

You do have a talent, you do have a skill. You are knowledgeable about something… Isn't it?

Can you write? Can you design?

Maybe you are tech savvy like me and can build catchy websites, do some digital marketing for small businesses (all these mentioned services are what I offer at IYDigitals Agency).

Maybe you are knowledgeable about business and you can share your knowledge with others to help them start and grow their businesses too?

Maybe you know some natural herbs you can put together to cure men's disease? Then start Men's health blog.

Are you into makeups and you know your onions very well. Start a makeup blog.

Are you a fashionista? Then create a fashion blog.

Are you a comedian? start a blog showcasing your funny video skit.

Maybe you can speak more languages fluently and with a very good track record? Start a blog around it, teach people how to do the same.

All of these can be converted into a service aimed at solving people's problem. And you can be hired by readers reading your blog and you make decent money through this.

On your blog, simply create a “service or hire me” page and let readers know what you can offer.

No matter your experience, there's a service you can always offer and your blog should be a means to reach out and attract high paying potential clients who are in need of your service(s).

Please take note that, your blog content can come in form of an article like this one or videos, audios, images (slides), etc… depending on the one that can easily communicate your message well to your audience or perfectly speak well of your expertize.

2. Grow Your Reach

Simple as it sounds.

Promote your hustle.

This method should be used by every serious business minded person.

This is an indirect but sure way of making money from your blog. Your blog website here should be used to grow your profile on the internet through the content you share out daily or weekly and thereby exposing a lot of people to your business offer.

Especially if you are into real estate business or related, you can use this approach to reach out.

I took advantage of this approach very well using this particular blog. I use it to promote my digital marketing agency a lot.

You can as well promote other local businesses or company this way.

3. Sell or Recommend Products

This is another awesome way to make nice income through your blog either by selling or recommending a product of your own or that of others which you have used or believed in to your audience.

Selling Your Own Product

You can sell information products.

Usually digital materials in form of short PDF reports, longer ebooks, audio, videos in DVDs or downloadables, online courses, live workshops, and subscriptions to your audiences.

One of my client uses her blog to sell her own info product (cake decorations online training program teaching people how to become an expert fast at low cost without going to conventional centres) and she makes good money from it.

Remember: When dealing with an info product, it has to do with you creating a specific solution to specific and desperate problem in your niche to a specific audience.

You can sell a handy product of your own

For instance, my Fashion blog as an example.

I can sell shoes, clothing and apparel by running an online store section on my website or just by letting my readers know what I sell and any interested reader can contact you for more information or to buy.

Recommending Other's Products

One lovely thing about this approach is that, it makes you money fast because you don't have to create a product of your own.

All you have to do is recommend best products to those who want it through your valuable content (blog) and when they buy you get your cut.

The best approach to achieving this has been through a blog that shares value on a particular subject of matter and while opening the eyes of your readers to many possibilities, you recommend a genuine solution that can help them get result faster.

The recommended solution can come as handy or as digital products or services.

I use this same approach to recommend other people's digital products to my audiences who are interested in starting a profitable online business…

…and I make from as low as N7,000 to as high as N25,000 in instant commission on every valid sale I generate using my blog plus one little marketing approach like that.

If you want to see how I achieve this. You can get the full details here FREE…

The opportunities here are so endless and this is why you must stop the excuses and start today.

 4. Sell Your Brain & Time

When you begin to share your knowledge and your blog becomes the goto-resources online where people come to get answers to their daily problems on your subject of interest.

People and businesses sees you as an Authority in your industry here and they see you as someone they can contact for advice and guides or do business with.

At this point, you can offer your time and expertise in exchange for money. This is more of you becoming a consultant or a coach in your various area of interest.

Take Note:

It is very pertinent to know that by its very nature and definition, a blog has to be updated on a consistent basis.

I have told you earlier that consistency matters a lot here. It has a lot to do with your success and profitability in the blogging business.

Don't just set up a blog and just leave it for months or years and think you have a blog.

A blog needs to be frequently updated with fresh content and information.

Develop a plan that'll help you get helpful content for your blog regularly and don't forget that you have to come up with valuable content first before asking for the money.

Before you jump into the making money aspect. I strongly encourage you to focus the first few months on producing great content and building your readership and tribe.

Remember, value comes first before money.

Now, What's Your Excuse?

This is another important issue I think I should also address.

Are you waiting for the perfect time to start?

Are you the type that loves to wait till everything okay enough before you start a thing?

You always want the whole path fully seen before you begin your journey?

You just don't want to make mistakes at all?

The “Perfect guy” category.

Hey! if you belong to this kind of category. You won't start anything meaningful this way. There is no such thing as “perfect time”.

So start where you are. It's a process. You'll grow.

See my first site in 2011

You can check it out here >

Second blog in 2012

How ugly it was…lol.

You can check it out here >

Old time blog - Iyanuoluwa

Another one in 2013

I used this one to sell my mini importation business guide.

Check the website out here >

Online importation Blog Site

And so on like that… 

Can you see the clear difference compared to this blog now or my digital marketing agency website?

Why am I sharing all these with you?

I want you to know that it all started from taking a step “Rome wasn't built in a day”.

You don't need to become a PRO to start anything.

All the professionals and top bloggers you dream to become today started as a novice sometimes ago. They were not born PRO. They work for what they have become today and they never give up.

There was a reason I kept those sites – To show you that I have once been in your shoes. And it's never late to start something meaningful.

You'll grow and become better at it.

Right away you might not really have all the skills like the top guys but I want you to know that they all started where you are some years back. 

The most important thing is to start somewhere.

Want to become the best at anything (in your field, business, career or whatever). I recommend you read this article: 3 Actionable Tips to Become A PRO in Anything

Google and YouTube are your best free resources to learn almost everything these days. All it takes is a simple question in the search bar, and you have the answer in seconds. Use them wisely.

It takes learning and implementation

You just have to start where you are and keep learning every time so as to become the best at what you do.

With consistency, perseverance and the willingness to learn, ability to take to corrections and adjustments as you grow. You'll definitely reach there.

How to Make Money Blogging In Nigeria Summary

I hope you find this guide on how to make money blogging in Nigeria.

Blogging can be a lucrative way to make money in Nigeria, as long as you have a strong online presence, a unique voice, and a passion for writing. Here are some tips on how to make money blogging in Nigeria:

Choose a niche: It's important to choose a specific topic or theme for your blog. This will help you attract a targeted audience and make your blog more appealing to advertisers.

Build your audience: To make money from your blog, you need to attract a large audience. This can be done through SEO, social media marketing, and guest posting on other popular blogs.

Monetize your blog: There are several ways to monetize your blog, including placing ads, selling products or services, and participating in affiliate marketing programs.

Promote your blog and reaching a wider audience. Use platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share your content and interact with your followers.

Be consistent: To grow your audience and keep them engaged, it's important to consistently post new content and interact with your readers. This can help you build a loyal following and increase your income potential.

By following these tips, you can start making money from your blog in Nigeria and turn your passion for writing into a profitable business.

Remember that you'll need to host your website with a reputable web hosting company. And I have recommended that you sign up with Bluehost. Get up to 66% OFF your hosting plan with Bluehost here.

Also, I've got you covered with all the steps to follow to set up your own Wordpress blog with Bluehost from scratch here (including screenshot).

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