An In depth Review

Mr. Rebates: – An In-depth Review

I'm sure you've heard of Mr. Rebates and have probably been wondering how it works. Well, it's pretty simple. Mr. Rebates is a cashback website that gives you a chance to earn some money while you shop online.

Now, that is certainly too good to be true, and because we've all been trained to think that “when a deal is too good think twice,” you are forgiven if you have been assuming that this is a big fat scam and that there are people out there trying to get their hands on your hard-earned money.

So, in order for me to demystify the myth that no such thing exists, I would wish for you to stick with me as I try to unravel the wonder that is Mr. Rebates, and show you just how you can make use of this opportunity to make some cash.

Let's get started!

The Mr. Rebates Cash back website:

Cash back website

This is a website that offers its clients cash in the form of rebates when they shop online through the website. The company has links to many famous and favorite shopping stores where people usually shop such as Amazon, eBay, Best buy, and many more.

All you need to do as a member is sign up on their website and start shopping as you usually do, but you must shop on their approved sites only. I shall explain this later.

There are many links on the website to the different stores they are affiliated with, and all you need to do is click on the link for the store you wish to use, and this will directly take you to the company website where you shall get to do your shopping.

Their cash rebates are normally received in a few days after you shop.

Mr. Rebates also offers you plenty of offers in the form of deals and coupons that you can use when you are shopping on your favorite store. This, in essence, will enable you to save some money while making your purchases.

So, is it a legit company?

Yes, this is a legitimate company that has been in existence since 2002. They have listed on the BBB – Better Business Bureau website since 2011, and currently, they have an A+ rating.

This rating is used to represent how the company interacts with its customers and most especially the number of complaints BBB has received about the company. The A+ rating shows that they have good customer service. In fact, since 2011, there have been only six complaints against them.

How does the company make money?

The merchants or online stores will give Mr. Rebates a commission whenever one of their members uses the link on the website to connect to the store and shop for an item. They then share a portion of this commission with the member who made the purchase.

There are many options for you to choose how you wish to receive this money. They can either send a check to you through snail mail, or they can send you a gift card or coupon, or they can deposit the funds into your PayPal account.

The minimum payment they can send is $10.

There is, however, a bit of a wait when it comes to your rebate, and you may have to wait at least 90 days before it can be accessible for you to withdraw.

There are thousands of stores who have partnered with Mr. Rebates on their website, and they offer you great deals and coupons while shopping, so, it is definitely a good idea to become a member.

Who uses Mr. Rebates?

Basically, there are two main groups of people that use this website;

One of them is the merchants who make use of this affiliate program in order to gain more traffic into their online store and get new customers in the process.

The beautiful thing about this partnership is that; they only pay Mr. Rebates when a customer makes a qualified purchase using the website.

This means that as a merchant, you shall earn first, before spending your money. This provides a perfect way of budgeting on their advertising.

Merchants can also be able to keep track of their online traffic and the sales they get through the affiliate link. This makes it very easy for them to decide on whether or not they are benefiting from the partnership or not.

The second group that makes use of the Mr. Rebates website are customers who are looking for some great deals and coupons and of course, looking to make some money from their cashback process.

As mentioned earlier, you must become a member of Mr. Rebates if you want to enjoy all of these benefits and have access to the thousands of stores they are affiliated with.

If you are a frequent online purchaser, this is an excellent way of making some extra cash on the side.

Which is the best way of making money on Mr. Rebates?

The best way to make money on this website is through their cashback rebates system, which they offer to their members. The rates of cashback differ from store to store, and some stores offer as low as 0.5% while others can provide you with a cashback as high as 20%.

Some other stores will also offer you dollars cash back rather than a percentage of what you have purchased, and they can be as low as $1 or as high as $100.

Mr. Rebates is basically paying you for shopping for items that you usually shop for, in your favorite online stores.

One important point to note here is that; you can only receive cash back after you have made a qualified purchase. This means that merely clicking on the store's link will not make you any money. You must purchase something from the affiliate website.

Another thing is that; there are restrictions when it comes to cashback, that merchants apply, which means that not all items you purchase will necessarily earn you some cash back, so, you must check before you purchase, in order to maximize on your online shopping.

Now, after you have made your purchases, the rebates will not instantly appear on your account. This is because Mr. Rebates will have to wait for the merchant's daily report regarding all of the qualified purchases to be prepared, and this takes a few days.

Some will even wait for the purchase to be shipped to the customer before they can calculate the rebates, which means that you may be waiting a bit longer than anticipated.

Tips on how you can maximize your earning on the Mr. Rebates website:

Use one cashback site per purchase:

When shopping online, try as much as possible to use at least one of the affiliate sites listed on the website. This will ensure that each time you are shopping, you do not leave any free money that you could potentially earn.

Use the right credit card:

While there are many companies offering credit cards, there are some that ensure you get value for your money only by using their cards. Some of the best credit cards such as the Chase Freedom card, for instance, can help you double-dip, whereby you earn the cashback, and at the same time, they give you an additional 5% for using their card.

Choose the right stores:

Different stores offer different cash backs, and therefore, when you log in online, you need to choose the right store and the right category, in order to maximize on the cash backs.

Spend some time checking out the current rates on each of the stores available on the site and choose one that shall offer you the highest percentage.

Install a browser add-on:

This simply allows you to receive a notification when the site you love becomes affiliated with Mr. Rebates. For people who do plenty of online shopping, this is a must-have so that you can make as much as possible in terms of cash backs.

Benefits of using Mr. Rebates:

Ease of use:

This website is simple and easy to use. When you log on to the site, there is a long list of all their affiliate stores, and all you have to do is search for the store you wish to use and click on the link. This shall automatically direct you to the store's main website.

Maximizing your money:

You get to save and earn cash back. This has got to be the best definition of maximizing your opportunities and money. There are plenty of deals and coupons as well to make your shopping experience a fun one.

Low minimum withdrawal:

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10, and this makes it easy for people who are frequent shoppers to cash out the rebates money and spend it.


One of the things you will love most about Mr. Rebates is that they are actually legit. They tell you they shall pay you some cashback when you shop using any of their affiliate sites, and they actually do so. Most people have relied on them, and they have not been disappointed.

Limitations of Mr. Rebates:


While the coupons you earn while shopping on the site are a great incentive, they cannot be used outside of the Mr. Rebates website. So, you can't find something you like outside of their affiliates and purchase it with the same coupon which is quite a bummer, especially when you find something on a different store.


As mentioned earlier, the rebates can take up to 90 days before they are credited into your account. This is quite a long wait, especially if you have been calculating and waiting to spend the money on one or two things.

Bulk purchases:

You cannot purchase in bulk as some of the void purchases you end up making will cause you to lose on the cashback, so, you have to be careful and do it one purchase at a time. This may take too much time. Time that you don't necessarily have.

Lack of an alert system:

You will never receive an alert that a store has ended their affiliate program and in most cases, customers are caught by surprise when one of their favorites is no longer offering rebates on purchases, which can be disappointing.

A quick look at the rebates offered by Mr. Rebates and its competitors on some of the famous online stores:

Mr. RebatesBeFrugalRakutenSwagbucks
AmazonUp to 8%Up to 15%Up to 5%Up to 10%
eBay1.0%1.3%Up to 2%1.0%
Best Buy0.5%0.5%1.0%2.0%
Home Depot3.0%Up to 8%N/A6%
Target2.0%2%Up to 1%1%

Can I recommend Mr. Rebates?

Well, this depends…

If you are someone that does plenty of online shopping, and you would love to have access to some great deals and earn some cash while at it, then Mr. Rebates is a great website for you and I would highly recommend it.

The process of signing up and using the site is also easy, and anyone can learn how to use it. Members, on the other chance, have a higher chance of earning even more by using the recommended credit cards, which means that the opportunities are endless.

However, if you are looking for a decent online job that can enable you to make some side cash, then Mr. Rebates is not right for you.

This is because of some of the limitations I have outlined above. The fact that it takes 90 days or even more to receive the cashback money would leave you frustrated.

Also, the website can help you earn some decent money, but it is not enough for you to consider it your primary source of income.

Other than that, the option to make some money back while you shop is a great incentive, and most people absolutely love using this website for their online purchases.

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