NYU Graduate School Acceptance Rates: A Detailed Look

Gaining admission into any graduate program at New York University is highly competitive. As one of the world‘s premier research universities located in the heart of NYC, NYU attracts over 80,000 applicants each year across its 20 graduate schools and colleges.

With some programs accepting fewer than 10% of applicants, it‘s important to understand the unique admissions landscape across NYU‘s graduate offerings. In this comprehensive 2000+ word guide, we‘ll analyze acceptance rates for all major graduate programs so you can gauge your chances of getting into your dream school at NYU.

Breaking Down Acceptance Rates by NYU Graduate Program

NYU encompasses a diverse range of graduate programs, from architecture to nursing to data science and beyond. Let‘s examine acceptance rates and competitiveness across some of NYU‘s most sought-after graduate schools.

Stern School of Business

As one of the top business schools in the US, the NYU Stern School of Business receives nearly 10,000 applications annually for its full-time MBA alone. With a class size of around 425, the current acceptance rate is just 28%.

Over the past five years, the acceptance rate has fluctuated between 24-31%, making it one of NYU‘s most competitive graduate programs. Beyond seeking candidates with high GMAT scores (average last year was 728!), NYU Stern also assesses qualitative factors like leadership experience, community impact, and career goals when making admissions decisions.

School of Law

NYU School of Law is world renowned, especially for its strength in public interest law. For the 2021 entering class, the school received over 8,000 applications for just 350 spots in its Juris Doctor degree program, resulting in a highly competitive acceptance rate of 11%.

Over the past several years, acceptance rates have ranged from 11-25%, with an average around 15%. Applicants who demonstrate "big picture" thinking on societal issues tend to have an advantage. NYU Law also offers early decision and highly values candidates committed to public service.

Grossman School of Medicine

With its innovative curriculum integrating basic science, research, and clinical experience, the NYU Grossman School of Medicine attracts thousands of aspiring physicians each year. For 2021 entry, the school received over 10,000 applications for just 102 spots, yielding an acceptance rate of 1.2% – one of the lowest across all NYU graduate programs.

Over the past five years, acceptance rates have ranged from 1.2-1.8%, with an average around 1.5%. Gaining admission requires stellar MCAT scores (average last year was 522) along with demonstrated compassion, leadership skills, and commitment to medicine.

Graduate Program2022 Acceptance Rate5 Year Average Rate
Stern School of Business28%27%
School of Law11%15%
Grossman School of Medicine1.2%1.5%

Tisch School of the Arts

As one of the country‘s preeminent arts schools, the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU receives applications from talented performers and creatives worldwide. For its Film and Television graduate program, the school‘s latest acceptance rate was around 9%.

Across all Tisch graduate programs, acceptance rates typically range from 8-12% on average, making admission highly selective. Tisch looks for candidates who can demonstrate unique artistic talents through auditions, reels, portfolios, and more. Experience, skills, and passion all factor into admission decisions.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Encompassing programs across the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences offers diverse degree options like English literature, economics, biomedicine, and more. Recently, acceptance rates have ranged from 15-30% depending on the specific program.

For example, highly selective programs like Ph.D. History admitted just 15% of applicants in 2022, while masters programs like Applied Statistics admitted around 30% on average. Across the school, admissions committees look at factors like test scores, research experience, publications, and recommendations when evaluating applicants.

As demonstrated above, acceptance rates can vary widely even within the same graduate school depending on the size and competitiveness of individual programs. But which NYU graduate schools tend to have higher acceptance rates overall?

NYU Graduate Schools with Highest Acceptance Rates

While NYU‘s graduate programs are all highly competitive, a few schools stand out for having relatively higher acceptance rates overall:

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

With its student-centered approach and pioneering programs in areas like educational theatre, music therapy, and teaching, the Steinhardt School attracts passionate candidates focused on careers in education, health, and the arts.

Across Steinhardt‘s masters and doctoral programs, average acceptance rates range from 30-60%. For example, the Masters of Science in Communicative Sciences and Disorders program admitted 42% of applicants in 2022. Steinhardt‘s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions also has higher acceptance rates around 50% on average.

Having taught current and future educators for over 130 years, Steinhardt faculty are skilled at identifying candidates that will excel professionally and contribute to the school‘s inclusive, innovative community.

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

Dedicated to advancing leadership and innovation in public service, the Wagner School offers globally-focused masters programs in public policy, health policy, urban planning, and more.

Acceptance rates across Wagner‘s programs average around 30%, higher than many other NYU graduate schools. In 2022, Wagner‘s Urban Planning program admitted 38% of applicants, while its MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy admitted 28%.

With small class sizes and close mentorship, Wagner provides a supportive environment for applicants passionate about driving social change through public service careers. Admissions committees assess both academic preparedness and commitment to improving communities.

School of Professional Studies

As NYU‘s home for professional education, the School of Professional Studies offers flexible graduate degree and certificate programs tailored to working adults across fields like HR, project management, and applied data science.

Acceptance rates for these programs tend to be around 40% on average, due to the school‘s practice-oriented approach. For example, in 2022 the MS in Project Management program admitted 45% of qualified applicants.

With online and blended formats, the School of Professional Studies aims to accommodate diverse learning needs. Admissions decisions strongly weigh professional experience and career goals in addition to test scores and past academic performance.

While these graduate schools have higher acceptance rates comparatively, it‘s important to emphasize that admission into any NYU graduate program remains highly competitive, and applications are evaluated holistically.

Tips for Getting Accepted to NYU Graduate Programs

So how can you maximize your chances of getting into your dream program at NYU? Here are my top expert tips:

  • Align with the program‘s values: Take time to understand each program‘s mission and priorities. Tailor your application to show how your goals and experiences directly support these values.

  • Conduct informational interviews: Speaking with current students, alumni, and school representatives provides valuable insights to inform your application.

  • Highlight unique experiences: NYU looks for diversity in perspective and background. Showcase what makes you stand out as an applicant.

  • Obtain strong recommendations: Ask writers who know you well professionally or academically and give them plenty of lead time.

  • Communicate why NYU: Articulate specifically why you‘re pursuing this program at this school versus alternatives.

  • Ace standardized tests: Study rigorously and give yourself multiple attempts to achieve high GRE/GMAT scores.

  • Start early and edit carefully: Begin drafting your personal statements months in advance and ensure no typos/errors.

Remember there are no shortcuts to getting into a prestigious program like NYU. With strategic planning, passion, and perseverance, you can submit the strongest possible application.

The Takeaway on NYU Graduate School Acceptance Rates

While gaining admission into NYU graduate programs is highly competitive across the board, acceptance rates vary widely depending on factors like program size, reputation, focus area, and applicant pools.

Programs in high-demand fields like business, law, and medicine tend to have the lowest acceptance rates, in the 10-15% range. Master‘s programs in less competitive fields like education, music, and project management offer improved odds, with average acceptance rates around 30-50%.

However, it is important to emphasize that for all programs, admissions committees take a holistic approach. Simply meeting the minimum GPA or test score cutoffs does not guarantee entry. Stand out by demonstrating your unique talents, experiences, and purpose.

With its unmatched faculty, innovative curricula, and New York City location, NYU offers an educational experience like no other. By selecting the right graduate program, positioning yourself competitively, and crafting an authentic, memorable application, you can realize your dreams of attending this world-class institution.

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