Top 25 RPA Conferences and Events in 2020: The Ultimate List

Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming how companies operate by automating repetitive, manual processes. As RPA adoption grows, major RPA vendors and conference organizers are hosting an increasing number of conferences and events catered to both RPA newcomers and experienced practitioners.

Attending RPA conferences provides tremendous opportunities for learning and networking. You can hear the latest RPA use cases, view product demos, discuss RPA program best practices, and connect with RPA experts and peers. With so many events to choose from, it can be difficult determining which conferences are right for you and your company.

This comprehensive guide highlights the top 25 RPA conferences and events taking place in 2020 globally. It includes details like dates, locations, sponsors, focus areas, and target audiences to help you select the RPA conferences that best fit your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a large industry event or an intimate regional gathering, you’re sure to find some great RPA conference options in this list!

Why Attend RPA Conferences?

Before diving into the top events, let’s look at why you should consider attending RPA conferences and what you gain:

  • Learn RPA best practices: Conference sessions reveal practical advice for RPA program success based on experience.
  • See the latest RPA product innovations: Vendors showcase new capabilities at their conferences.
  • Hear case studies: Presentations detail how major companies apply RPA for business impact.
  • Network with experts: Meet implementation partners, industry advisors, analysts, and fellow practitioners.
  • Meet vendors: Get demos and discuss vendor solutions one-on-one.
  • Compare options: Talk to multiple vendors under one roof.
  • Gain visibility: Conferences raise your personal/company brand as an RPA leader.
  • Have fun: Conferences incorporate fun elements like games, parties, contests, and more!

Major RPA Conference Organizers

Several types of organizations host significant RPA conferences and events annually:

  • RPA Vendors: Leading RPA vendors like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and WorkFusion organize some of the largest RPA conferences that attract 1,000+ attendees.
  • Conference Specialists: Organizations like IQPC, Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON), and International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) run popular independent RPA and intelligent automation conferences globally.
  • Analyst Firms: Analysts like Gartner, Forrester, and HfS Research hold RPA conferences focused on strategic advice and peer learning.
  • Industry Associations: Groups like the Global Sourcing Association and the Business Process Management Institute organize RPA events for members.
  • Regional Groups: Chapters of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) and other local meetup groups host smaller, community-driven RPA events.

Now let’s look at major RPA conference series organized by leading vendors and conference specialists:

UiPath Events

  • UiPath Forward: UiPath’s largest annual event attracts 3,500+ attendees to hear the latest from UiPath executives, customers, and partners. Upcoming: Las Vegas, May 2021.
  • UiPath Live: These full-day regional events focus on RPA education and certification. Upcoming: Tokyo, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney in 2020.

Automation Anywhere Events

  • Automation Anywhere Imagine: This flagship event draws 1,500+ attendees to hear AA product updates, customer stories, and expert panels. Upcoming: Bengaluru, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney in 2020.
  • AA Digital Summit: These free half-day online events highlight new products and customers. Upcoming: June 16-17, 2020.
  • AA Imagine Japan: This Japanese version of Imagine will cover RPA trends and use cases specific to Japan. Tokyo, 2020 date TBA.

Blue Prism Events

  • Blue Prism World: Blue Prism’s annual user conference features keynotes, breakout sessions, networking events and more. Upcoming: Orlando, London in 2020.
  • Blue Prism Interactive: This free virtual event includes keynotes, demos, and sessions. Most recent: May 2020.

WorkFusion Events

  • WorkFusion ASCEND: This conference focuses on automation strategies for large enterprises. Attendees include Fortune 500 customers and prospects. Upcoming: October 2020 in New York.

IQPC Intelligent Automation Conferences

  • Intelligent Automation Week: This popular conference explores RPA, AI, and other next-gen technologies. Upcoming: Chicago, Austin, London, Singapore in 2020.
  • Intelligent Automation Financial Services: Focused on automation in banking/insurance. Upcoming: November 2020 in New York.
  • Intelligent Automation Nordic: Targeted to automation leaders in Scandinavia. Upcoming: Stockholm, November 2020.

SSON Intelligent Automation Conferences

  • Shared Services & Outsourcing Week: These large conferences dedicated 1-2 days to intelligent automation topics and feature big name speakers. Upcoming: Orlando, Lisbon, Manchester in 2020.
  • Intelligent Automation World Series: SSON’s online intelligent automation event held annually. Upcoming: November 16-19, 2020.

Top 25 RPA Conferences in 2020

Now let’s look at the top 25 RPA events taking place globally in 2020:

  1. UiPath Forward IV (May 2021, Las Vegas): UiPath’s marquee event expects 5,000+ attendees. Features keynotes, 200+ sessions, training, and certification.
  2. Automation Anywhere Imagine (2020 multi-city world tour): AA’s flagship conference stopping in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney and more. 1,500+ attendees.
  3. Blue Prism World (May 2020 Orlando, Nov. 2020 London): BP’s annual user conference. 2,000+ attendees. Keynotes, panels, networking events.
  4. WorkFusion ASCEND (October 2020 New York): Focused on automation for large enterprises. 500+ senior attendees.
  5. IQPC Intelligent Automation Week (2020 multi-city world tour): Explores RPA, AI, ML across industries. Stops in Chicago, Austin, London, Singapore. 500+ attendees.
  6. UiPath Live (2020 multi-city world tour): Immersive RPA training and certification events. Tokyo, Bangalore, Singapore, Sydney stops. 400+ attendees.
  7. Shared Services & Outsourcing Week (2020 Lisbon, Orlando): Major BPO event dedicating 2 days to RPA/AI. 1,000+ attendees.
  8. IQPC Intelligent Automation Financial Services (November 2020 New York): For finance automation leaders. 400+ expected.
  9. AA Imagine Japan (2020 Tokyo): Japanese version of popular Imagine conference. 300+ anticipated.
  10. IRPA Network Annual Meeting (September 2020 Philadelphia): Hosted by industry group Institute for RPA. 150+ attendees.
  11. IQPC Intelligent Automation Nordic (November 2020 Stockholm): Focused on RPA in Scandinavia. 200+ attendees expected.
  12. Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit (December 2020 Las Vegas): Features RPA strategy sessions. 3,000+ total attendees.
  13. Shared Services & Outsourcing China (September 2020 Shanghai): Major Asia BPO event with RPA focus. 750+ attendees.
  14. HFS FORCES (October 2020 Boston): Analyst firm HfS Research’s event for automation in finance. 300+ attendees.
  15. BPM Institute iBPMS Summit (2020 Miami): Hosted by industry group BPM Institute. Dedicated RPA track. 150-200 expected.
  16. IQPC Artificial Intelligence & RPA APAC (November 2020 Singapore): Focused on AI and RPA adoption in Asia. 150-200 anticipated.
  17. RPA & Intelligent Automation Roadshow (2020 multi-city Australia/NZ): Vendor-agnostic regional roadshow. 100+ expected per city.
  18. Automation Innovation Summit (March 2020 Johannesburg): Targeted to African automation leaders. 200+ attendees.
  19. Swiss Robotic Process Automation Conference (September 2020 Zurich): Leading Swiss conference for RPA. 150+ attendees expected.
  20. GSA UKNOF and Tech Summit (September 2020 Liverpool): RPA featured among emerging tech topics. 500+ total attendees.
  21. Automation Guild Annual Conference (September 2020 Fort Lauderdale): Hosted by automation community group. 100-125 anticipated.
  22. International RPA Week (June 2020 Valencia): RPA training, education and networking event. 75-100 attendees.
  23. Estonian Center of RPA Meetup (2020 quarterly, Tallinn): Local meetup group events. 50-60 attendees.
  24. Midwest RPA Meetup (2020 monthly, Chicago): Informal monthly meetups of Chicago RPA professionals. 30-40 attendees.
  25. RPA & AI Exchange (March 2020 Kuala Lumpur): Malaysia’s leading RPA conference. 150+ attendees expected.

This list provides a sampling of major global events as well as smaller regional conferences dedicated to RPA education and networking.

Key RPA Conferences by Region

RPA adoption and conferences are growing globally. Here are some of the top regional RPA conferences:

North America: UiPath Forward, Blue Prism World Orlando, Intelligent Automation Week Chicago

Europe: Blue Prism World London, IQPC Intelligent Automation Nordic, Shared Services Europe

Asia Pacific: Automation Anywhere Imagine Singapore, IQPC Artificial Intelligence & RPA APAC, RPA & AI Exchange Malaysia

Australia/New Zealand: RPA & Intelligent Automation ANZ Roadshow

RPA Industry Events 2020 Calendar

Here is a calendar view of major global RPA events happening in 2020:

  • February: RPA & AI Exchange KL, Automation Innovation Summit Johannesburg
  • March: IQPC Intelligent Automation Week Singapore
  • April: Blue Prism World Orlando
  • May: UiPath Forward IV Las Vegas, Blue Prism World London
  • June: International RPA Week Spain
  • July: Automation Anywhere Imagine India
  • August: RPA & Intelligent Automation ANZ Roadshow
  • September: IQPC Intelligent Automation Nordic, Swiss RPA Conference
  • October: WorkFusion ASCEND NYC, Shared Services & Outsourcing Week
  • November: Intelligent Automation Financial Services, Multiple IQPC events
  • December: Gartner Application Strategies & Solutions Summit

2021 and Beyond: Strong Continued Growth Expected

The RPA conference circuit will continue expanding globally in 2021 and beyond.

Large vendors will likely grow their conference audiences and expand to new locations. For example, UiPath is considering India for a 2021 UiPath Forward.

We will also see more regional RPA events emerge worldwide. International RPA Week expects to expand to the USA and other new countries in 2021.

Analyst firms will place greater focus on RPA strategy at their events. New players like Everest Group and NelsonHall already launched RPA conferences in 2020.

The pandemic may impact near-term attendance, but demand will remain strong as companies accelerate automation plans. Virtual elements will enhance in-person events.

How to Choose the Right RPA Conferences

With so many excellent events, how do you select RPA conferences to attend?

  • If you’re new to RPA, look for introductory education likeUIPath Live or analyst firm events.
  • To see the latest from the main RPA vendors, attend their annual user conferences like Automation Anywhere Imagine or Blue Prism World.
  • If you want independent, unbiased content, third-party conferences like IQPC or SSON events are great options.
  • Pick regional events like RPA Asia or Intelligent Automation Nordic to network with local peers.
  • Review session topics and target attendees to find conferences tailored to your focus area.
  • Consider vendor-agnostic conferences if you want to evaluate multiple RPA products and services.

Get budget/buy-in from leadership by emphasizing professional development and educating key stakeholders about RPA. Demonstrate how attending events aligns with company goals like scaling RPA capabilities.

Make the Most of Attending RPA Conferences

Follow these tips to maximize the value of RPA events:

  • Plan ahead: Review session details and create your agenda in advance.
  • Take notes: Summarize key takeaways and lessons from each session.
  • Follow up: Connect with new contacts on LinkedIn and set up post-conference discussions.
  • Share knowledge: Present what you learned to your company’s RPA team and leadership.
  • Provide feedback: Give the conference organizers input on your experience.
  • Have fun! Make time to enjoy networking events and after hours activities.


RPA conferences provide unparalleled opportunities to gain knowledge, build connections, explore solutions, and advance your company’s automation journey.

Use this guide of top 2020 events and conference selection tips to determine which RPA conferences are right for you. Take advantage of these events to stay at the forefront of RPA and make valuable contributions to your organization.

See you at the conferences!

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