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CASE STUDY: How She Makes N10K In Pure Profit Per Day From Her Small Business In 3 Steps

In few minutes, I will share with you a valuable case study, how one of my PBR students averages N10,000 daily in profit from her small business using a 3-simple-step system.

You are going to learn how to take any product, service or business and sell to 10s, 100s, or even 1,000s of high paying rich customers in few hours from now.

But before I dig deep, here is something you need to know…

Recently, she just made another N17k again while I was writing this case study.

And this is even small compared to what this exact system has generated for her before this case study.

As her mentor, this 3-step system helps me to attract quality customers to my services and offers every time.

And this strategy you are about to learn can be replicated in any kind of business you can think of.

  • It can be used to sell any product immediately online.
  • You can use it to recruit members to your company or business.
  • You can use it to promote your MLM businesses and the likes.
  • You can use it to create awareness about your product or service.
  • You can use it to attract people to your upcoming seminar.
  • You can use it to showcase your expertise to ideal prospects.
  • And much more…

Definitely, I can tell you with confidence because this system has the power to double, triple and even quadruple your business FASTER than what you can imagine.

When you can replicate this exact system to your own business as well, nothing should stop you from SKYROCKETING your business to the next level.

This is NOT mere say.

Few months ago (March 2018), this is the exact system that I used to engage 1700+ people to my offer. It sure brought a change to my business online and I can repeat this system over and over again.

And this is because this system has the power to change your life and your small business…FAST!

But you'll be able to make a change ONLY if you are determined to bring a change to your business and begin to do some certain things different from how other have been doing theirs.

When you follow this proven system, you get a massive return faster than what you can think about.

The bitter truth, however, is that most business owners don't know how to get their products right in front of quality customers who actually need their product or service and this is actually affecting their productivity.

But that's about to change today.

How powerful is this information?

In my opinion, life-changing and goldmine.

Another sad truth, however, is that most will still ignore this information and only few will take action.

I want to believe you are not one of them.

Ready to learn and become my next case study too?

Is your answer YES? Then let me share her case study with you how she goes about the 3-step system so you can replicate the formula for your own business success as well.

Let's Start:

Back in February 2018.

I did a 2 days business seminar in Kogi State (Yagba West LGA) for the Youth Corps members in that area.

Business Seminar program

And I taught them how to effectively annex the power of the internet to start a profitable business from what they already know or passionate about.

I walk them through how they can createpackagemarket…and sell their product effectively online.

So many were blessed and happy with the golden information and strategies shared but I could see only one person who took a very bold step further to start something serious for herself immediately.

There, I came to know this lady properly (the exact person you are reading her case study).

Who now happens to be a very good student of my MBR Mentorship & Support.

She is a person who is skilled in cooking, makeup and skincare of a thing.

So I have to design this system for her as well to sell her expertise (like a training) to other fellow Nigerian women who have interest in what she has to offer.

To make money you have to sell or exchange value.

Her expertise plus the 3-step system consistently banks her N10K/day at least in pure profit daily and she is about to scale her business up for a MASSIVE result than before using this exact same system.

Anything you can offer as a value in exchange for money is your PRODUCT.

A product could be like an information or solution packaged in digital format like ebook (PDF), videos, audio, CD, DVD, etc… It can be handy like physical items, service, skills, expertise that can be sold for a given price.

Here is the exact 3-step formula that turned her to everyday cash machine selling to the right customers.

Here you go…

Step 1.

Have A Craving Product & Package It Well

What do I mean by that?

A craving product is any good product (or offer) that people spend money on, either to acquire more knowledge or to actually put an end to their worries or frustrations.

A good product is anything of value that can truly help others solve their desperate problems.

Whatsoever you are selling or plan to sell must be focused on any/both criteria below:

1. It must help people overcome a problem or frustration:

Just like I have said before, your product could be physical items, information, passion, skill, experience, expertise, story, knowledge, or message, etc…

But make sure, it is something people can actually buy to add values or improve their lifestyles.

You can't just think up of anything and expect it to sell.  It won't work that way.

And how you present and package your product matters a lot as well, it highly contributes to your business success.

Take note.

In her own case, her product was her cooking, makeup and skincare skills. And this specific solution helps her customers overcome a specific frustration in those areas and it sure add value to their lives as well.

And she was able to package her expertise in PDF and video format for easy deliverability to women who want to learn and upgrade their cooking, makeup and skincare skills.

I have also advised her to get the videos in CD/DVD format as well and double her price for more profit.

The right product packaging will triple your result 100 times.

2. Your product must help them move closer to their desire/goal: 

Your offer must be able to help them achieve their hot desire they crave for.

It doesn't end there, you might be selling handy items like bags, shoes, wears, wristwatch, etc… It must also meet this criterion as well.

Your product should be able to boost your customer's ego, make them look like a superstar, a favourite or popular artist.

You have to package your product and add more value to it as well.

This simple thing can lead to your huge breakthrough in your business.

You might also consider adding gifts to your products. Buyers love bonuses and surprises.

And by adding gift(s) to your product could make you stand out and sale far beyond any other competitors in the same business.

Quality product with value. An extra steps above competitions makes you sale out FAST.

Step 2:

Have A Solid Online Presence To Reach Out

You need a web presence to build relationships with customers and potential customers.

Your business needs a strong face on the internet if you actually want to attract huge customers.

According to Expert Web Professionals.

Do you know that 97% of your consumers are online using the web to search for local businesses – and if the vast majority of your potential customers are online, then you should be online as well.

Having a strong online presence is a crucial component of your marketing strategy, no matter what size your business is or what industry it belongs to.

Have a platform you can use to reach out or to attend to customers enquiries about your business.

A platform that can help you to talk more about your product and services and how they can get it.

Your web presence helps you:

  • To reach out to more customers easily for business.
  • It increases your credibility.
  • It enhances your accessibility.
  • It promotes efficient and effortless marketing.

E.g like having a blog or a business website telling more about your product or service and it benefit. And also a social presence by having an active Facebook/Instagram page around your business.

Are you getting it now?

In her own case.

She didn't have a website yet (she's working on that currently) but she didn't let that stop her.

What she did instead was to create a free WhatsApp Group and a Facebook Page around her new business.

I believe anyone can easily create these two things. Even a 9-year-old child can equally do this right.

This is not a big deal, you might have even gotten this taken care off already.

The free WhatsApp group is what she uses to invite customers who have interest in what she sells.

Via this free group, she responds to their enquiries, gives them the course outlines about her training.

And majorly uses this group to pass on other general information about her premium class and how members can secure their spot to the premium class for the training exercise.

And her FB page is primarily for premium marketing purposes majorly to attracts ideal customers to her business.

If you can't afford a simple website right away, though I always advise every startup or business owner to have a website or blog setup for their business, no matter how amateur it look. It goes a very long way.

But you can start with a WhatsApp Group that portrays what your business is all about. Use that as a platform to sell and sell to all your customers just like she does.

You must not also forget to create your business Facebook page as well. This is super IMPORTANT for online marketing purposes. I will explain more on this in next step below.

Now, let's move on to the next step which is the main bomb which is…

Step 3:

Marketing [The Most Important of All]

Marketing is the backbone of every successful business you can think of.

In order to be successful with your startup or small business, you must have the ability to proactively go out and find the right customers.

And in order to do that effectively, you need to understand modern marketing mediums to use to get a desirable result in your business.

Marketing is the live blood of your business.

The hard part isn't making or having a product, not even having a web presence any longer. The hardest part is finding a market for your product and getting them to buy it.

“How great can a product be if nobody wants it?” – Marc Andreessen, billionaire venture capitalist.

[clickToTweet tweet=”‘How great can a product be if nobody wants it?' – Marc Andreessen” quote=”‘How great can a product be if nobody wants it?' – Marc Andreessen”]

This is where the majority missed it out.

The more you can invest in your business marketing is the more result you get.

You need to use the right marketing mediums to get your potential buyers to your business.

So how did my student go about her marketing strategy?

Wondering how she keeps getting consistent results every day?

She never forgets to do this important 15-minute exercise called Customer's Background Check first before doing any promotion for her business.

In short, I call it CBC Checks. 

Most business owners don't perform this checks at all and they expect to reach out to the right customers. This can't be possible, it isn't a magic.

The CBC checks has to do with some important questions which you must be able to answer clearly first about your customers before doing any marketing work. This is not a guess work at all.

These checks get you closer to your ideal customers.

It gives you a clearer picture on those people that their interests, hobbies, age group matches your product or service…and so much more to be discovered in the 7-step to pure profit formula below.

With all the checks, you:

  1. Perfectly understand who your actual customers are. Those with the top interest in your offer.
  2. You also understand the best way and places to attract only those who can go extra mile of their way to bring out their wallet and buy your product.

I personally, this is the exact questions I always consider answering first before any advertisement online (both for myself and business clients) so as not to go into debt when running campaigns.

So, after she did all these checks properly, she went for Facebook Marketing (as instructed).

Facebook marketing is a required 21st-century skill for anyone with a product, service, brand, or public figure should acquire to effectively drive the right customers and audiences online to their respective businesses.

In the first quarter of 2018. Facebook had over 2 BILLION monthly active users.

And this is to prove to you that there are a lot of customers to target for your business or product.

And by creating Facebook ads, you can drive highly targeted traffic (customers) to any place you choose.

Facebook advertising is highly effective if you know how to do this correctly.

With ease, she drives 256 highly interested customers to her WhatsApp group within 24 hours and from there, she sectioned those members into batches as they are paying for her training.

If you know how to perform quality checks and how to run quality facebook ads for any of your business, you'll always get huge RESULTS without having to spend much on adverts, yet getting huge ROI.

ROI means Return on Investment

Her result was not typical. 

The CBC checks + quality FB Ads was her top success secret for her business.

And this is how she has been getting over 800% ROI in pure profit through her WhatsApp Group for every little money she spent to market her business online.

Can we do some calculation here?

Suppose you spent N2,000 on adverts, and you get N18,000 back within 24 hours.

Remove your investment money and you are left with N16,000 (pure profit / 800% ROI) that day.

How many N2K do you think you will invest in your business to make N16K as pure profit on your business. Countless right? That's it.

She can't be spamming every group online with her business details just like most does. Do you think she would be getting that kind of result she is getting on daily basis.

When you use cheap means to attract people, you get a cheap result.

This is what other competitors in this kind of her business doesn't do or even have a single idea about.

Effective CBC checks + Quality Facebook ads campaign + The right message = HUGE ROI

Important Lessons:

1.) As you can see, the consistent 800%+ ROI on her business wasn't because of luck but was because she implemented an effective marketing strategy in her business.

2:) So the point here is simple.

“If you can model her system in your own business as well, just as I have explained in this case study. Start preparing yourself to bank more than N20K/Day in any business you venture into”

Facebook Marketing is FAST and SCALABLE

Out of Facebook 2 billion monthly users, the average person spends 50 minutes daily on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. That’s more than on any social media network or website in the world.

With Facebook ads, you’ll have the opportunity to reach every single one of them.

You can start a campaign to sell your product, service or promote your business for pennies.

The sooner you learn, the faster you’ll unlock the full potential of social media advertising and the more the huge profit toward your business every blessed day.

There's MORE!!!

Actually, I don't know what you plan to sell as a product but I want you to think of it this way.

Whatsoever you sell or think of selling as your product (physical items, information, expertise, tutorials), etc…

Let's assume you'll be getting a profit or commission of N5,000 in net profits on each product sale and you are making a minimum of 800%+ ROI on your product.

This means that when you spend like N20,000 to advertise your business, you get N160,000 back.

And let's say you are able to repeat this for just 20 days in a month. You would have realised N3 million in pure profit to your account. Isn't it?

And this is possible with the power of Facebook Adverts.

There is a reason I recommended FB ads for her. And this is because it has the power to bring FAST result to any business than any other methods of marketing (both traditional or other online marketing mediums).

Traditional marketing mediums cannot achieve the rapid growth required for startup and small-scale businesses to stay afloat and become successful.

While other forms of online marketing methods are too expensive to get the same result in your business.

Have Some Good News For You!

By now, I believe you are fully ready to start promoting your business as soon as possible especially using FB ads.


From experience, I strongly suggest not to run Facebook ads yet without fully performing the CBC Checks first and also get the rightful marketing skills and techniques.

Else, you'll only keep on making the owner rich just like the majority out there.

But I don't want your case to be like that. I want you to be profitable and super successful in your business.

And this is why I want to show you this unique 7-Step to MASSIVE Quality Customers Formula which I personally created to properly guide you to your first 1,000 high paying customers online with the CBC Checks exercise.

And if you actually want to attract quality customers online with HUGE sales to any of your business. You need this 7-step formula seriously.

With this formula, you will attract more customers and sales for your business FASTER and far easier than you have been doing before.

Personally, this is the exact formula I have been able to use to get up to 328 targeted customers in just 12 hours for as low as #878.04K.

Profit Beyond Roof

Yes, you read that right?

And I have been able to get as low as 28 kobo per post engagement ad and got up to 1,774 people engaged with my advert as well from a total budget of just N500.00k.

Imagine if you know how to do the same just as I did. Attracting thousands of customers to your business with a penny.

How profitable will that be for you if you are the one here?

As you begin to use this formula for your business as from today, you are going to love the FAST results and success it will bring to your business.

>> Click here to access the 7-Step System to HUGE Customers & Massive Profit Formula that'll tremendously BOOST your small business success today…


See you on the next page to you success…


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