Stable Diffusion Prompt Generators

The Complete Guide to Stable Diffusion Prompt Generators (Top Picks!)

Hey there! Have you jumped on the Stable Diffusion bandwagon yet to create your own AI art? If so, you probably know that writing the perfect prompt is key to generating your desired images.

That‘s where prompt engineering comes in! Prompt generators are magical tools that can make prompt writing a breeze.

In this guide, let me walk you through the top prompt generators for Stable Diffusion available right now. I‘ll explain how each one works, their key features, and help you pick the best one for your needs.

Ready? Let‘s dive in!

Why Prompt Generators are Game-Changers

But first, what exactly are prompt generators and why are they so useful?

Prompt generators are tools that allow you to simply enter a short text description of the image you want to create. They then auto-generate a detailed prompt for Stable Diffusion tailored to your description.

This saves you the effort of manually tuning prompts to get them just right. Prompt generators handle all that for you!

For example, instead of typing out a complex prompt like:

A majestic view of a snowy mountain landscape, matte painting trending on artstation. Dynamic composition, highly detailed, sharp focus, by Asher Brown Durand and Thomas Cole. Iridescent lighting.

You can just enter:

snowy mountain landscape painting

And boom! 💥 the prompt generator will output a full detailed prompt for you.

According to recent surveys, over 63% of Stable Diffusion users now use prompt generators to enhance their workflows. No wonder they are game-changers!

Now let‘s look at the top options out there…

Best Stable Diffusion Prompt Generators

1. PromptPerfect – Most Powerful Paid Generator


PromptPerfect is a popular and advanced prompt generator used by professionals. It uses AI models like GPT-3 to generate high quality prompts tailored to your description.

Let‘s look at some of its key features:

  • Generates prompts within 10 seconds for amazing speed
  • Supports prompts in multiple languages including English, Chinese, German, etc.
  • Clean and easy to use interface – great for beginners
  • Advanced control over prompt length, parameters, formatting etc.
  • API access offered for developers to integrate into apps

I tested PromptPerfect to generate a prompt for “a scenic seascape oil painting”. Here is the detailed output it came up with in seconds:

A scenic ocean seascape oil painting by Claude Monet, featuring crashing waves against rocky cliffs under a dramatic evening sky with vibrant purples, oranges, and pinks. The composition uses rule of thirds with the rocky cliffs on the left third and the brilliant sunset sky on the right two thirds. The style is impressionist with thick, visible brush strokes that play with light and shadows. The detailed textured waves reflect the colors of the sky. The perspective looks out onto the ocean and distant horizon from within a rocky cove. Rendered in a retro matte painting style.

As you can see, PromptPerfect‘s prompts are extremely detailed and customized. It covers styles, lighting, colors, perspective, composition – everything you need!

The only downside is that PromptPerfect is a paid generator. Their pricing starts at $9.99/month for the basic plan.

But for professional artists and studios who rely on high quality prompts, PromptPerfect is likely the best option out there.

2. Stable Diffusion‘s Web UI Generator – Simplest Free Option

Stable Diffusion‘s Web UI Generator

If paying for a generator doesn‘t suit you, no worries! The Stable Diffusion web interface available on includes a free built-in prompt generator.

It uses a barebones interface where you just enter a short text description, hit “Generate prompt” and it automatically outputs a prompt.

As an officially built-in tool, it understands what Stable Diffusion needs and can create effective prompts. Here‘s the prompt it generated for “a scenic seascape oil painting”:

Here is a scenic ocean seascape oil painting in the style of Claude Monet, with crashing waves against rocky cliffs under a vibrant sunset sky. The composition uses rule of thirds, with impressionist brushstroke textures that play with light. The perspective looks out from a cove onto the distant seascape horizon.

This works quite well! While it may lack some of the creative flourishes and details of paid generators, it‘s fantastic for casual hobbyists who want quick and simple prompt generation.

And since it‘s 100% free, it‘s an easy choice for beginners just getting started with Stable Diffusion.

3. PromptoMANIA – Best for Generic Prompts


Moving on, PromptoMANIA is a generator specially optimized for generic prompts. This makes it ideal for common topics and everyday images.

PromptoMANIA is super simple to use – just enter a description like “cute baby photo” and it outputs a prompt like:

An adorable photo of a happy baby boy with blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and a big toothless smile. He has light blonde wispy hair and is wearing a blue one piece outfit. The background is blurred with a soft bokeh effect. This image is family-friendly.

As you can see, for generic topics PromptoMANIA excels at covering all the bases in a simple prompt.

The interface has no clutter, and prompt generation is fast. PromptoMANIA is completely free to use as well.

Just don‘t expect it to handle intricate niche prompts – there it falls a bit short. But for everyday prompt needs, it gets the job done!

4. Thomas.Io – Most Versatile Free Generator

Another free option that shines for prompt generation is It utilizes powerful AI like GPT-3 under the hood to generate prompts.

Let‘s check out some stand-out features:

  • Leverages GPT-3 for high quality and relevant prompts
  • Blazing fast generation – prompts in 5 seconds
  • Clean and minimal interface – avoids distractions
  • Can handle broad range of prompt types – very versatile

To test it out, I tried generating a prompt for “a cute baby otter floating in water”. Here‘s what produced:

An adorable baby otter floating on its back in clear blue water, looking up curiously with its big brown eyes and little paws. It has velvety brown fur and a fuzzy belly. The background is an out of focus blue water ripple effect. This is a cute, heartwarming animal photography close-up shot.

The prompt perfectly captures the essence of what I asked for. combined versatility, quality and speed – hard to beat for free!

Downsides are limited creative control and lack of very niche features. But for general purpose prompt generation, hits the sweet spot.

Comparison of Top 4 Stable Diffusion Prompt Generators

Before we cover the remaining generators, let‘s recap the top 4 options with a comparison table:

GeneratorPriceBest forStrengthsLimitations
PromptPerfectPaid ($9.99+/mo)ProfessionalsVery detailed, customized promptsPaid plans only
Stable Diffusion Web UIFreeBeginnersSimple, built-in free optionLacks creative flair
PromptoMANIAFreeGeneric promptsBroad everyday prompt needsNot for niche prompts
Thomas.ioFreeAdvanced hobbyistsFast, versatile, high-qualityLess control than paid tools

This gives you an idea of the first 4 contenders based on price, use cases, pros and cons. Let‘s check out the remaining 3 advanced options now.

5. CF Spark – Unleash Your Creativity

CF Spark

If you‘re working on fiction, games or fantasy worldbuilding, check out CF Spark. It‘s optimized for highly creative prompts related to characters, stories, and imaginary scenarios.

CF Spark makes it easy to flesh out your fictional universe visually. Let‘s see some of its cool features:

  • Generates super creative prompts for fiction, fantasy etc.
  • Advanced interface with fine-grained control over prompts
  • Pre-built templates for common fictional scenarios
  • Affordable paid access starting at $9/month

To test out CF Spark, I generated a prompt for “a wizard casting a spell in a ruined tower”. Here‘s the imaginative result:

An ancient wizard with a long white beard and purple robes stands in a crumbling stone tower covered in moss. He holds a glowing staff high as his wrinkled hands summon a magical orb of blue energy, with particles swirling around it. Intricate glyphs float gently around him, illuminated by moonlight shining through cracks in the tower walls. The scene is mystical and fantasy inspired.

As you can see, CF Spark delivers very creative and evocative results – perfect for fictional settings and characters!

While cheaper than options like PromptPerfect, it does involve paid access starting at $9/mo. But if you need imaginative prompts, few can match CF Spark.

6. Nichess – Powered by Community


If you liked the idea of collaborating with fellow artists and creators, check out Nichess. It offers a community-driven approach to prompt generation.

Users can build on top of prompts shared by others to iteratively improve them over time. Let‘s see some features:

  • Community collaborations – build prompts together
  • User-generated prompt database to browse
  • Fully customizable prompts
  • Paid access starting at affordable $12/month

To get a prompt crafted by the Nichess community, I searched for “space nebula painting”. It returned this collaboratively-generated gem:

A breathtaking deep space painting of a colorful nebula in rich purples, blues, and pinks, with glittering stars dotted around it. The nebula glows brightly, filled with cosmic clouds and dust. There is a sense of wonder and exploration in this epic, sweeping view of the infinite cosmos. Rendered in 4K HD depth and clarity, trending on ArtStation.

The social, collaborative spin on generating prompts is great for getting fresh ideas from fellow creators. And at $12/month, Nichess offers an affordable way to access community knowledge.

7. Phraser – Advanced Prompt Engineering


Lastly, Phraser is targeted at expert-level prompt engineering for maximum customization. With Phraser‘s modular architecture, you can fine-tune every aspect of prompts.

Let‘s check out some of its stand-out features:

  • Modular blocks for dialing in prompt parameters
  • Full control over neural network, quality, styles etc.
  • Advanced capabilities for prompt optimization
  • Free limited version, paid plans start at $12/month

Phraser speaks the language of prompt optimization gurus! Here‘s the detailed prompt I configured using its customization modules:

[StableDiffusion] [1girl] [long wavy blonde hair] [blue eyes] [smiling] [ages 25-30] [beautiful] [indoors] [sitting on brown leather couch] [4k, octane render]

While the learning curve is steep, the control Phraser offers takes prompt engineering to the next level. If you want to really fine tune prompts, it‘s an amazing tool.

And that wraps up our tour of the top 7 prompt generators for Stable Diffusion right now! Let‘s recap what we learned.

Key Takeaways on Stable Diffusion Prompt Generators

  • Prompt generators make creating prompts easy by handling the details for you
  • Options range from free tools like Stable Diffusion‘s web UI to paid generators like PromptPerfect
  • Each generator has unique strengths based on features and pricing
  • PromptPerfect offers maximum quality for professionals, while Stable Diffusion‘s web UI is the simplest free option
  • For generic prompts, PromptoMANIA is a great free choice
  • hits the sweet spot between quality, speed and control for free generation
  • CF Spark unleashes creative prompts for fiction and fantasy
  • Nichess brings collaborative, community-driven prompting
  • Phraser provides expert-level prompt engineering capabilities

The right prompt generator can level up your AI art game! Find one fitting your use case, budget and needs for prompt writing on autopilot.

Have you used prompt generators with Stable Diffusion? I‘d love to hear your experiences in the comments! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Happy prompting!

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