What Is 4kt Meaning?

4kt, also known as 4-kay-trey, is a gang slang created by the rapper NBA Youngboy, whose real name is Kentrell Gaulden. The meaning of the slang is for his four sons, three of whom have names starting with “K” and one with a “T”.

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4kt aka 4-kay-trey is a gang slang created by the rapper NBA Youngboy aka Kentrell Gaulden. The meaning of the slang is for his 4 sons. 3 with their name starting with a K and one with a T.

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What Is Four K. Trey?

4KT is a term coined by prominent rapper NBA Youngboy that has become the name for his crew and a source of controversy. The letters 4KT actually represent Youngboy's four sons – a meaningful reference for the artist.

However, 4KT is also associated with feuds and criminal activity involving Youngboy's associates. This FAQ will explore the origins of 4KT, its intended meaning, and the debates surrounding this notorious rap crew name.

What does the 4KT acronym stand for?

4KT breaks down as follows:

  • 4 – Youngboy has 4 sons
  • K – 3 of his sons' names start with K (Kayden, Kamron, Kacey)
  • T – 1 son's name starts with T (Taylin)

So 4KT literally refers to his “4 kids” – the inspiration behind the term.

Who is NBA Youngboy?

NBA Youngboy (real name Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) is a prominent rapper from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The 23-year-old first gained fame with his 2017 hit “Outside Today” and has since become one of the most streamed artists on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.

Youngboy is known for his confessional lyricism documenting street life. He is also recognized for his large family – having fathered 9 children by age 21.

How did 4KT become a crew name?

Youngboy intended 4KT as an homage to his sons who motivated him to succeed in music. However, 4KT has also evolved into the name for Youngboy's crew and inner circle.

The 4KT crew features heavily in Youngboy's music and social media. They can be seen wearing 4KT chains and tattoos and flashing the phrase in photos and videos. Youngboy even sells 4KT merchandise on his website.

For Youngboy and associates, 4KT represents loyalty to his Baton Rouge hometown and tributes to fallen friends. But the crew has also been tied to high-profile violence.

What criminal activity has 4KT been associated with?

In recent years, 4KT members have made headlines for numerous shootings, murders, and federal weapons charges.

In 2020, 4KT affiliate Big B was accused of shooting rival rapper Lil Durk's brother outside a Chicago nightclub. Also in 2020, 4KT member Rojay Smith was murdered in Baton Rouge.

In 2021, 4KT associates were linked to two Atlanta shootings targeting rivals of Youngboy. And in 2022, 4KT member P Yungin was arrested on a federal gun charge.

These incidents demonstrate how 4KT has evolved beyond just representing Youngboy's sons into a notorious street crew. Authorities allege it is tied to a dangerous Baton Rouge gang war.

How has 4KT's promotion been controversial?

Critics argue that 4KT perpetuates damaging street violence and gang activity through rap lyrics and imagery.

Advocates counter that 4KT originally held deep personal meaning for Youngboy to uplift his children. They say the broader culture and lack of opportunity is to blame for how others have adopted 4KT for nefarious means.

But many agree referencing 4KT feeds into street beefs and glorifies guns and crime. This fuels ongoing debates about promoting gang references in hip-hop and the consequences it brings.

Other rappers honoring family with crew names

Rappers naming crews after family is common. Youngboy follows a lineage from artists like:

  • Birdman's Rich Gang – Referenced his brother and former rapper BG aka “Baby Gangsta”
  • Lil Wayne's Young Money – Named for his childhood nickname Young Tune
  • Gucci Mane's So Icey Boys – So Icey was nickname of Gucci's friend and co-founder Zaytoven

So like 4KT, these names carried deeply personal meanings before growing into something bigger.

NBA Youngboy's Sons

Son's NameMotherDate of Birth
KaydenNishaJuly 2016
KamronJaniaFebruary 2017
KaceyJaniaNovember 2018
TaylinKaylynJuly 2019


4KT is a complex acronym representing both NBA Youngboy's dedication to his children and the notoriety surrounding the crew bearing its name. While intended as a heartfelt tribute, 4KT has also been entangled in dangerous feuds.

This sheds light on the layered significance crew names can take on in hip-hop and beyond just family. The evolution of 4KT serves as an important case study in how rap terminology resonates in popular culture for better or worse.


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