What is Monica McNutt’s Height?

Monica Barbaro is 5 feet, 7 inches tall according to multiple sources.

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Monica Barbaro is 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

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How Tall is Monica Barbaro?

Monica Barbaro's height has been a topic of interest amongst her fans ever since she started gaining widespread fame and recognition as an actress. Here is a detailed look at how tall Monica Barbaro is, her vital statistics, and some other key facts related to her height.

What is Monca Barbaro’s Height Exactly?

Based on all available sources, Monica Barbaro stands at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 m) tall. This height listing can be found on her IMDb profile as well as most online biographies and news articles about the actress. She has confirmed being 5'7″ herself in multiple interviews over the years whenever discussions about her height have come up.

What are Some Vital Statistics and Measurements for Monica Barbaro?

In addition to her height, Monica Barbaro's other body measurements are listed as:

  • Weight: 55 kg or 121 lbs
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US)
  • Dress Size: 4 (US)

She has an athletic, slim figure which works well for action roles that she has portrayed in movies like Top Gun: Maverick. Her slim build makes her appear taller than she already is at times.

How Tall is Monica Barbaro Compared to Average Height?

At 5'7″, Monica Barbaro is taller than the average height for American women, which is 5'4″ (Data from CDC). So she is considered above average in terms of height. This works as an advantage for her in the acting and modeling industry where height is often viewed as a positive asset.

Amongst female celebrities and models, Monica Barbaro's height of 5'7″ is quite typical. Stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, and Blake Lively are also right around the same height as Barbaro. So she fits right in with that tall-but-not-too-tall range for leading ladies in Hollywood.

How Tall is Monica Barbaro Compared to Her Top Gun: Maverick Co-Stars?

In the 2022 blockbuster movie Top Gun: Maverick, Monica Barbaro starred alongside Tom Cruise who is 5'7″ just like her. So Cruise and Barbaro were able to see eye-to-eye with neither having a big height advantage on screen.

However, some of her other male co-stars like Glen Powell (6’0”), Jay Ellis (6’3”), and Miles Teller (5'10”) were noticeably taller than Barbaro in group scenes. But her height was well-suited alongside Tom Cruise who was her main scene partner.

An interesting height fact is that Monica did have to wear platform wedge sneakers during Top Gun filming to help close the height gap between her and some of the taller male actors. So movie magic like posture and footwear tricks were used to make heights match up on screen.

Does Monica Barbaro Wear Heels a Lot to Appear Taller?

Yes, Monica Barbaro often wears high heels to events and red carpets. Typically 3 to 5-inch heels which give her a notable boost in height and elongate her frame.

In flats or barefoot, she stands at 5'7″ but in heels, her height can appear around 5'10” or taller depending on the heel size. Barbaro has talked about enjoying wearing heels and how it allows her to see over crowds.

For everyday wear, she tends to opt for sneakers or flats that don't add much height. But for formal events, higher heels are definitely a go-to styling choice for the actress.

What is Monica Barbaro’s Height and Weight Relative to Modeling Stats?

At 5'7″ tall and weighing around 121 lbs with a slim figure, Monica Barbaro is close to the ideal modeling proportions. Typical height requirements for female models range from 5'7″ to 5'11” with 5'9″ being the most common minimum.

And Barbaro's weight is also within the ideal range for fashion models which tends to be 110 to 130 lbs for her height bracket. So while she works primarily as an actress now, Monica's vital statistics mean she could easily find success as a fashion or runway model if she wanted to pursue that.

What Ethnicity is Monica Barbaro and How Does This Affect Her Height?

Monica Barbaro has mixed Italian, Russian, and Austrian ethnicity based on her heritage. Her unique ethnic blend does not particularly affect her height in any way.

Average height for a woman of full Italian descent is 5'2″ – 5'5″. And for Russian or Austrian women, the average is 5'3″ to 5'7″. So at 5'7″, Monica ends up slightly taller than the averages for women of any of those singular ethnicities. Her diverse family lineage gives her a blend of traits that includes her above-average height.

Has Monica Barbaro's Height Changed? How Tall Was She as a Child or Teen?

There are no definitive records of Monica's exact height as a child or teen. However, research shows that most girls reach their full adult height by age 15. So it is likely that Monica has remained close to 5'7″ since her mid-teens.

Some fans have speculated that Monica may have had a small late growth spurt when she was 16-18 that took her to the 5'7″ mark. But there is no evidence to confirm if this is true and her height has almost certainly stayed consistent throughout her adult years.

Does Monica Barbaro's Height Give Her an Advantage as an Actress?

Yes, Monica Barbaro's above-average height by female standards is likely an advantage when it comes to her acting career. Height diversity is increasingly important in casting and a taller actress like Barbaro fills a need.

At 5'7″, she can appear eye-level with many male actors which works well for romantic storylines. She also has a modelesque slim figure which along with her height makes her suited for action roles and military parts like Top Gun.

So while talent is the priority, her height gives her broader options and makes her stand out from shorter starlets. Monica's entire look and physicality allow her to take on bolder, more commanding roles showcasing her versatility.

What Questions Do Fans Often Ask About Monica Barbaro's Height?

Some common questions that arise around Monica Barbaro's height include:

  • How tall is she compared to Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2? (They are the exact same height at 5'7″)
  • Does she wear heels a lot to look taller? (Yes, she often wears 3-5 inch heels to events)
  • Is she a model height? (Yes, at 5'7″ she has typical model proportions)
  • Has she grown taller in recent years? (Unlikely as she reached adult height by late teens)
  • Does she wear shoe lifts or other height-boosting tricks? (No evidence, seems to just wear heels)
  • How much does she weigh for her height? (Around 121 pounds which is slender andfit)

What is Monica Barbaro’s Height Takeaway?

To summarize Monica Barbaro's height:

  • She stands at 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall
  • This makes her above average height for a woman but typical height for an actress/model
  • She wears 3-5 inch heels often which can make her appear 5'10” or taller
  • Her exact height as a child or teen is unconfirmed but she likely reached adult height by age 15
  • Her slim build and ability to appear eye-level with many actors is an asset

So while Monica Barbaro is not extremely tall, her 5'7″ height combined with a slim, fit frame has clearly been an advantage in her acting and modeling career so far.

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