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When McKinsey Comes to Town PDF Download by Walt Bogdanich

When McKinsey Comes to Town PDF book is written by Walt Bogdanich & Michael Forsythe.

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When McKinsey Comes to Town pdf Download

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When McKinsey Comes to Town PDF Summary

The most prominent consulting firm in the world, McKinsey & Company, charges major corporations and governments billions of dollars in fees to help them increase their profits and enhance their efficiency. According to McKinsey's acclaimed statement of values, its role is to improve the world, and the company draws top people from universities all around the world because to its reputation for competence and secrecy. But what does the business do in reality?

In When McKinsey Comes to Town PDF, The truth is revealed by two award-winning journalists in this fascinating investigation. Implementing Trump's immigration policies, aggressive cost-cutting in the NHS, and encouraging the prescribing of opioids are all examples of McKinsey's work (the ones that put children in cages).

Meanwhile, its enormous revenues come from a clientele that has included some of the world's most despicable autocrats as well as the coal, cigarette, and vaping industries. And during the past 60 years, McKinsey has been the driving force behind some of the most despised and contentious corporate practices, including mass layoffs, outsourcing to other countries, skyrocketing executive compensation, and the fundamental developments that contributed to the financial crisis.

McKinsey is adamant that it is a values-driven company. A damning depiction of a company whose work has frequently increased global inequality, corruption, and danger, When McKinsey Comes to Town book is a tale of principles betrayed. By conducting hundreds of interviews, getting tens of thousands of illuminating documents, and adhering to Rule 1 of investigative reporting, Bogdanich and Forsythe were able to lift the curtain of secrecy surrounding McKinsey.

The ground-breaking investigative book When McKinsey Comes to Town presents a damning portrayal of a firm whose actions have frequently made the globe more corrupt, unequal, and dangerous. The most common justification is “if we don't do it, someone else will,” whether it is used to advise our government on regulations while working on the other side for oil and coal companies, investment banks, and opioid manufacturers, teach insurance companies how to avoid paying out victims, or aid China in expanding its influence.

Details of When McKinsey Comes to Town PDF Walt Bogdanich

Book NameWhen McKinsey Comes to Town
AuthorWalt Bogdanich & Michael Forsythe
Pages624 Pages
PublisherRandom House
Release Date18 October 2022
File TypePDF & EPUB

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Ivy League applicants are told by McKinsey consultancy that working with them will enable them to make a positive impact on the world. However, as explained in When McKinsey Comes to Town, a McKinsey consultant's real outputs are to flatter the executives who hire them, suggest higher executive compensation for them at the expense of other employees or clients, achieve short-term gains through efficiencies that typically involve layoffs, and maintain a strong global network of former McKinsey employees, politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats that allows them to influence policy.

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About the Author:

Walt Bogdanich has received three Pulitzer Prizes and four George Polk Awards for his investigative reporting. He has written or produced stories for The New York Times, CBS 60 Minutes, ABC News, and The Wall Street Journal. He has been teaching investigative reporting at Columbia University for the past 15 years. He received a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a master's degree in journalism from The Ohio State University. He lives in Port Washington, New York, and is a huge Cleveland Guardians fan.


When McKinsey Comes to Town PDF

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