5 Important Life and Business Lessons

5 Important Life and Business Lessons Covid-19 Taught

Let get real again here…

The lockdown and the whole pandemic must have taught you and I a whole lot of lessons.

Well, not everyone will learn from it especially the rigid minded people.

But if you take these lessons to heart and work on it.

In 6 – 12 months from now, you would have improved your lifestyle and business.

Here are 5 of them to work on.

Lesson #1: Have a digital presence

I talk a lot about many things concerning business and this is one of them.

There is nothing awesome than having an online office for your business.

The lock down must have taught everyone that physical office isn't the way to go again.

Now, smart folks are taking the digital world serious now.

Either you like it or not. Thing won't go back to the same way it was.

The change is constant and nothing you can do about it. You just have to roll with it.

Build your online presence for your career. If you run a business, have a website setup around it.

I don't joke with this at all. This is one of the reason my online business grows.

You need an online office that runs 24/7 365 for your business.

It doesn't cost a fortune to set up a professional website for your business.

You can hire an expert or use any of our website creation tutorial on our blog to create one for yourself.

Going by expert, IYDigitals can help you create a professional website for your business.

Want to do it yourself? Check this tutorial on how to create a Wordpress website.

Lesson #2: Improve your belief system

Your belief system is your mindset.

And you are the product of your belief system… No doubt.

And nothing limits a man than his mindset.

Old limiting belief system can't birth new ideas.

Your actions or reactions are as a result of the mindset you have developed over time towards certain matters of life.


You won't go beyond your belief system (mindset).

Have you ever wondered why some persons will never get rich.

Let's take money as an example here…

Despite all the prayers, tithing, giving, and fasting to have it… Do you know why?

It is because you CAN'T attract what you talk bad about every time.

Anything you talk bad about or hate, you can't attract it in your life… Never.

The same way, some people naturally hate rich folks.

The same way some have developed a bitter mind towards wealthy class.

And they think they will get rich like that?

If you like goto all the mountains in this world to pray. You won't have the money.

If you are one of them, re-program your mindset today. Read this book

Any good thing you want to attract into your life, you have to love it, speak well of it and the people who already have it.

Yours might not be on money but whatever it is, work on it.

Else. Nothing will happen.

Work and improve.

Lesson #3: Invest in education

Are you not also seeing buying of / reading books that can change your life as a waste of money or time?

Some folks don't even believe in reading at all.

How do you plan to make a difference if you won't learn from people who can guide you?

How do you plan to get to destination when you won't ask questions from people that knew the road?

It is just a pity that we keep on admiring people's success but not ready to commit to the process.

The fastest way to get result is to learn from the decades of others so as to speed up the journey process and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

One cheap way to get a mentor is through their books, courses or programs that document their failures, advice, processes leading to success.

Breakthrough comes through good books.

Talking about a life changing book, I have one I can recommend for you today.

How to Reprogram Your Mind to Attract More Money & Prosperity Into Your Life

It helped me re-programmed my mindset towards abundance and wealth.

Get the book here…

It will help you a lot.

Lesson #4: Have multiple income streams

Having one source of income is just like walking on a tiny thread that can break any moment.

You don't have to lose your job or until that business crash land before you now start to think of getting a new income source to what you are already doing.

You have to learn what it takes to increase your income.

One source of income isn't the way again. Bills and expenses are pilling up day after day.

And with the power of the internet, anyone can easily make that happen…

Internet based business gives you time and location freedom to do other things you love.

For instance…

You can use the internet to sell your ideas or experience, you can package your expertise in form of a digital product like PDF or video that can be downloaded from anywhere.

Nothing too technical that you can't do.

With just a Microsoft word, you can write a guide and convert to PDF.

If you have a good camera phone, you can create a video tutorial on a solution to a problem others crave solution for and are ready to pay for it.

You don't even need to build up a website to sell your offer.

I have someone who teaches people on cake baking and decors. All the training were packaged in a video format and she sells her stuff via WhatsApp… That was how she started.

A better option, you can take advantage of a platform like Expertnaire to list your digital product there.

Maybe you don't even have any product or service of your own to sell online…

Affiliate marketing – promoting other's digital product and sell is the best way to go and you will make good money doing this especially if you use a smart marketing system.

Here's a FREE Training on how you can start and earn over N400k per month recommending other's product online. Watch the video training here now...

By taking the time to watch that video to the end, you will discover how to earn your N400K/month online working from home or anywhere.

Lesson #5: You don't have forever. So Act!

Someone once said…

The world's problem has always been man-made and we've always had warnings earlier but we never take them serious. Just like how people scream poverty at 50+ when its been knocking at their doors since 18

Just like those old grey men you see at newspaper joints and local bars whining about the things they can't control in the country pointing fingers and blaming others for their mistakes.

Do you know they once had three things they now lack… Which is…

Opportunity, Time, and… Energy

The had it all. But they misused it.

Don't be like them.

You have time now to improve your life, your finances, and your future now.

Don't squander it.

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