Advice for job hopping to higher salary and more responsibility

Moving from job to job is a smart career move if done properly. Some people call this practice job-hopping, but one needs to be careful to ensure that they aren’t ruining their resume and/or their long-term career goals by moving from job to job too much. Here is some expert advice to help you job-hop for a higher salary and possibly more responsibility.


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  • map out your plan
  • give each job time
  • relocate if necessary
  • make your intentions known
  • research the company before moving

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  • move just for money
  • change jobs every year
  • be married to a company
  • limit yourself to one industry
  • be afraid

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Do map out your plan

Career advancement involves strategy, moving to the corner office is never done willy nilly. If you want to be a CEO then you need to have a very good idea of how to get there and what needs to be done before embarking on the path. Investigate and learn what is needed to get where you want to be.

Do give each job time

Job hopping is subjective. One year or five years at a job, what is considered hopping? How do you know when it is time to move? When you have exhausted everything from the job and the company can not offer you anything more then it is time to move. If true career advancement is the reason for moving, then a company can accept that as a valid reason for a move be it one year at a job or five.

Do relocate if necessary

The higher paying job with more responsibility may not be in your backyard. Discuss moving with your family and if relocation is a real option then look outside of your geographic area,including outside of the USA, to find that next career advancement.

Do make your intentions known

It still amazes me that employees don’t clearly express their career intentions to their employer. In life you will never get want you want unless you make sure people know what you are looking for, so talk with your manager(s) and tell them what you are seeking in a career. You never know that higher paying job with greater responsibility may be with your present company.

Do research the company before moving

You are looking for a move and a company promises you a higher salary and the manager title you desire. You are excited about the possibilities, but you forgot to do your due diligence and ask around about the company. Don’t let your emotions guide your career. Investigate any company your are interested in and make sure the move is a good one for you.

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Do not move just for money

The biggest single mistake is when you move to another job just for more money. Before you do any career change, investigate and find out more about the company, why is the job open, what kind of management style does the company have, what kind of work environment exists, what are their financials like, etc. Moving just for money is a big mistake.

Do not change jobs every year

Unless you are a Contractor you will need to give each job sometime, preferably at least three years. Changing jobs every year tells potential employers that you are unreliable and may only be money motivated.

Do not be married to a company

Human nature is a terrible thing, quite often we get comfortable in our lives and accept the unacceptable because it is familiar. The number of people in dead end jobs is amazing. Keep this in mind: you are not beholden to your company. You give them a service and they pay you for that service. When your service is no longer required they will let you go. When you feel stuck in your job and it is no longer fulfilling, then change and leave.

Do not limit yourself to one industry

You work in the oil and gas sector, don't assume your skills are only limited to that industry. Look elsewhere for career advancement. Moving to another industry can not only advance your career significantly, but it will also provide you with a new perspective on your profession.

Do not be afraid

Change is not something people take to gladly and openly. If you want to be a CEO/Manager then you must be open to change and moving forward. You will never get where you want to be if you are afraid of changing.


Job hopping is a very useful and rewarding career move if done properly. Keep in mind this advice as you are considering whether or not you start applying for other jobs.

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