Do not be afraid to cold call the company where you want to work

Cold calling a company where you would like to work can be a huge step forward in getting that job you want. Even though it can launch you ahead of the competition, calling an HR or Plant manager out of the blue requires a few key elements so that your call doesn’t sound desperate or like you are trying to sell them something. Keep this advice in mind to help you get that dream job by starting a conversation with the person in charge.


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  • have the correct contact information
  • be complimentary and honest
  • be brief and concise
  • ask for their email address
  • thank them

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  • sound like a salesperson
  • sound desperate
  • negotiate or discuss salary
  • hang up without leaving contact info
  • talk fast

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Do have the correct contact information

If you are going to call a company out of the blue you absolutely need to make sure you have the proper contact information in front of you. Find out who does the hiring; is it the HR Manager, the Plant Manager? Also, get their name and call them directly. It is also an excellent idea to have the companies web site open and available while you talk to that person, just in case they ask you about your knowledge of their company.

Do be complimentary and honest

Everyone likes accolades. When you speak with the hiring manager, tell them exactly why you want to work for the company, compliment their company and speak from the heart. Your honesty will come through the phone call.

Do be brief and concise

Remember you are calling someone out of the blue. They may be very busy and in the middle of something. You need to get to your point quickly and clearly.

Do ask for their email address

After speaking with them, ask if you can get their email address so that you can forward them your resume. If you are leaving a voice message, make sure you leave your contact information, including your phone number and email address.

Do thank them

It is something so simple and yet we continually forget to do it. Thank the person for their time; it is a sign of respect and gratitude.

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Do not sound like a salesperson

Sound professional, polished, and honest. Do not sound as though you are selling something. There is nothing more annoying than trying to be sold something over the phone.

Do not sound desperate

It is a given that you are looking for work, but no matter how much you want to work at that company, no one likes desperation. Do not plead or sound like a beggar; it will get you nowhere.

Do not negotiate or discuss salary

This is definitely not the place to raise the topic of salary. Under no circumstance should you ever mention money or salary, or anything remotely associated with benefits.

Do not hang up without leaving contact info

It still amazes me the number of times people leave me a message and do not leave any contact information. How is an employer supposed to contact you if you don’t provide them with any details? Never forget to leave your correct contact info; at the very least provide them with a phone number and an email address.

Do not talk fast

Slow down, talk slowly and be clear. Let the other person digest what you have to say. The phone call is not a race, its the first of hopefully numerous fruitful conversations between you and the hiring manager.


Being proactive and contacting a company out of the blue can be your best career move ever, if done right. Follow this advice and it could help you get the job of your dreams.

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