Online Jobs for College Students

Online Jobs for College Students

Oh, College! Who doesn’t love it? The life of a college kid is filled with partying, going out with friends, and living free. It is the only place where you are allowed to be ‘poor' and intoxication is not frowned upon. For most people, their college years are some of the best times they ever had.

So, trying to take on some extra work on top of your academic endeavors can be quite taxing, and it is essential to look for a job that will not take up too much of your time.

With the recent generation relying entirely on technology, online jobs are some of the best options for a college student. You can find easy to do jobs online that will pay you handsomely. Jobs that will be able to cater for your college expenses and even help you out with your student loans.

Even if you have a scholarship or grant, you will still appreciate having some money in your pocket.

In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the best online jobs available for college kids. You can also check out my article – work from home jobs.

Finding the right online job for you

online job

The first thing I am going to tell you is that, while these jobs are great and they pay well, it is essential to note that you still have to work hard, regardless of the fact that you are working from your dorm room.

You are practically your own boss, and this means that you must be careful with your time because the more you work, the more you make, plus for clients to trust you and give you more work, you must be reliable.

So, you may have to skip that party once in a while and get down to business. The best thing about online jobs is that they are so popular nowadays, they have become careers.

Let's get started.

A few things you will need before embarking on an online career are;

  • A good quality laptop.
  • A reliable and high-speed internet connection.
  • A quiet area where you can concentrate on your work.

In addition, there are some personal attributes you need to possess;

  • You must be hardworking.
  • You must be reliable.
  • You must be determined.
  • You must be a go-getter.
  • You must be able to meet deadlines.
  • You must always deliver as per the client's instructions.

Nothing comes easy, and do not think that you shall just be relaxing in your dorm room, doing nothing and expect to be paid. No, you may actually become busier than you were before because with working on your own schedule, you must set your own time, goals, and targets.

Here are some of the best online jobs available for college students

Virtual tutoring

Virtual tutoring

You have no idea how many people require the services of a private tutor. If you are good or you excel in a specific subject, then, why not specialize and capitalize on that? Not only can you get to tutor your fellow college kids, but you can offer your services online to even high school students that are having trouble in a specific area.

This has got to be the simplest online job there is because you get paid to tell people what you already know, and you do not need to study more or do any research.

You can either find jobs on your own or use companies that recruit college students for virtual tutoring. I would recommend that you use the companies as you will always be assured of a job.

Additionally, the non-English speaking countries such as China, Japan, Spain, Brazil, etc., have recently begun to learn English, and hence, English tutors are in high demand. There are many opportunities for you to make money if you can teach English.

Here is a list of some top tutoring website you can work with;


WyzAnt offers plenty of jobs on their website, and all you need to do is register to become one of their tutors. Once you are logged into the system, you will find over 250+ subjects that require tutors. And you can also search for jobs within your area.

On this website, tutors are able to charge anywhere between $30-$60 per hour, which is quite okay for a college student.

You will, however, be required to pay a 40% commission when you are new on the site, but this will go down as you work more hours. There is also a fee of 7% per client.


This is a leading tutoring platform that connects people from all over the world with teachers. They are always looking for tutors, so you are assured of getting a job with them.

There is a wide variety of subjects to choose from, that can best suit your skillset. In addition, you get to choose your hours and the rate that you shall charge.

Clients extremely highly rate this company with a score of 4.8/5. This is according to Glassdoor.

On Preply, you can make up to $550 per week.

The only limitation with this company is that they normally take 100% commission on your first job. On subsequent jobs, they will take anywhere between 18-33%.


VIPKid is extremely popular, and I'm sure you must have heard of it at one point or the other. They are a Chinese company that offers American Elementary Education to Chinese students aged between 4 and 12.

One of their teachers claims to make more than $1700 each month and works only 15 hours a week, which shows that there is good money on this platform.

To qualify to work for them, however, you must be eligible to work either in the US or Canada. You must also have a Bachelor's degree in any field, and have taught for at least one year in a traditional teaching job.

It is perfect for college kids because you get to work a few hours each day, and with the time difference between the US and China, chances are that you shall be working at your convenience.

The pay on this site ranges between $15-$22 per hour.


This website connects young learners between the ages of 5 and 12 with excellent tutors. For you to work on the site, you must currently be residing in the US or Canada. You must also have a bachelor's degree.

They make work very easy for you, because they will book the classes on your behalf, plus their hiring process is very quick. The company is quite highly rated with a score of 4.4/5.

You can be able to make between $15-$22 per hour.


This is one of the largest education providers in the world, and they serve more than one million students and thousands of businesses through their higher education programs. They will also take you through test preparation and professional education.

You must have a degree and have had previous teaching experience to work for them, and you shall be able to make between $17-$68 per hour.

This is a company that is always looking for tutors, adjuncts, Ph.D. students, and other industry professionals to work for them. If you are passionate about your specific area of specialization, then you can be able to help another student learn.

When applying, you must fill out an application form, take an exam, and do a mock session. If you pass, they will then do a background check on you, and then you shall be hired to work on their platform.

The pay range on this website is $10-$14 per hour.

Graphic designer

A graphic designer is someone responsible for the overall outlook of a website. These are mostly students taking computer engineering courses, or people who have recently graduated.

These are probably the highest paid freelancers on the internet because a graphic designer can charge any amount, they wish to charge their clients when creating a website. Of course, most people do not understand what goes into creating a website, and therefore, they end up paying through their teeth just so their websites can be created.

I have personally seen a freelance web designer charging almost $200 per hour to get the job done.

So, this is quite a lucrative job. Here are some websites you can find designer jobs:


This is an Indian based company that is well respected due to their unique systems. Their online portal is specifically designed for online designing jobs, and they have a huge team of experts that guide freelance designers. They have different methods of offering jobs to designers, and when you log into their system, they shall be able to guide you on this process.

As a designer, you are expected to create your profile and submit it to them, together with your portfolio.

Once you are accepted, you become a part of their team, and they normally conduct various projects where freelancers submit work as requested by the clients, and whoever has the best work is hired.


This is a popular platform that most clients prefer, because of their excellent work ethic. As a designer, you can either apply directly through the company website, or you can respond to their numerous job alerts.

Their recruitment process is simple, as all you need to do is submit your resume and portfolio. You will then be required to create your portal on the website so that you can have access to all the jobs advertised.


I call this company a “jack of all trades” because they offer freelancing jobs on almost all categories. Whichever profession you feel you are good at. They have a large database of freelancing jobs that you can choose from.


Before Upwork became the most popular freelancing websites, Fiverr had that title. On this platform, you are given an opportunity to advertise yourself through job adverts known as “gigs.' These gigs should showcase what you can do, your experience so far, and the cost you are going to do it at.

Clients will then contact you and offer you a job based on your gigs. You can also advertise more than one specialty on your profile page, and clients will look for you if they require your services in one of the areas you have advertised.

Most freelancers claim that it is very difficult to be hired on this platform, but the gurus who have been on Fiverr for a while swear by it and say that it is one of the best freelancing websites.

You can charge what you wish to charge on Fiverr, but clients will mostly opt to hire cheap people.

Media editing

This is a perfect option for people who are artistic in nature or taking an art-inspired course. Media editing refers to both video and audio.

You must have some experience with multimedia platforms and software, plus you must be extremely creative, with keen attention to details. With some experience under your belt, you can embark on your journey as an editor.

Most students will start this job by providing their services to their fellow students, mostly for free, and then you can look for other clients that can pay you for your work.

Academic review and editing

This is probably one of the best online jobs available for students. You get to spend just a few minutes reviewing an essay, and then you make some good money providing valuable feedback to students in order to help them improve their writing.

You can also look for work in your school's writing center.

Freelance writing

This is one of those jobs that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. If you love writing, there are very many opportunities for you. One freelance writer said that she can make almost $200,000 per year, from writing alone.

If you are a student, this figure must sound quite exciting.

Starting out as a writer can be difficult. But with time, you tend to know where to navigate and which sites to use to find work. You must, however, be able to follow the basic writing rules for you to do a good job.

Here is a list of some sites that you should consider working for.


This was previously known as Odesk, and it is currently one of the best sites for freelance jobs, not just writing. Here, you can find all types of jobs, such as research, editing, web development, marketing, etc.

You simply need to name a field, and you will find a job on their platform.

However, it's not that simple; each job will require you to bid for it by sending proposals to get hired. The competition is high, but if you are good at writing cover letters, you are likely to get hired.

Upwork offers one of the best platforms to showcase your expertise, and although it's hard to break through at first, with time, it gets very easy.


This is a good site for beginners, although they have undergone some changes recently that may be hard for you to breakthrough. However, if you are persistent enough, you just might make it.

All you need to do is sign up on the iWriter website, and take a short test, and when you pass the test, you can start writing immediately. There is however a rating system that determines at which level you shall be writing, but with persistence and hard work, your rating will go up and you will be able to move up the levels.

Blogging pro:

This is mostly for bloggers, and their job board will consist of many sites. You can blog about anything, as the employers do not have a specific niche, and are looking for people who can be able to write on a wide variety of topics.

There is no membership required; hence, you can be able to deal with the employers directly. However, with no moderator, you may find some scammers, so be on the lookout.

Blogging Pro is the best for bloggers.

Flex jobs:

This website seeks to make your work as flexible as possible. They have over 55 career categories which can either be part-time or full-time. You can also either fall under the entry or executive levels.

All the job listings are screened to ensure there are no scams, which is a very nice feature. Joining the site is based on subscriptions, and you can choose either monthly, yearly, or quarterly. You must be a member to view the jobs available, and therefore, the first step is to sign up with the website.

This is very famous and was the most commonly used freelancing website a couple of years ago. They have over 100 different job listings, and you can be able to browse them to find one that will match your skills.

Some of their projects are quite massive, and they can keep you busy for an extended period. You just need to open an account and start browsing for jobs.

This website was founded in 1998, and it is one of the largest and most viewed journalism websites in the world. Most professional journalists and top news companies use the site.

If you are interested in their jobs, you will need to log onto the website, and on the job board, create an account. Then, you will be required to upload a resume and subscribe to all the categories of jobs you qualify for. The listings you are likely to find include; radio, television, public relations, magazines, digital media, non-profit academia, trade publications, technology, etc.

Whichever area you specialize in, you are likely to find it on this website. After you subscribe to the website, you can be able to apply for any jobs you like.


There are many writing jobs on this website; the only downfall is that it is in fact, craigslist. This means that the jobs are not verified, and actually, there is hardly anything you can verify on this site.

However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot be able to find excellent writing jobs on the website. Always ensure to do your due diligence and check on each prospective client.

Many freelancers use this website. It has 3 main steps when you want to get started – first, you will fill out an application form for registration, then, you will be subjected to a grammar and formatting test, next, there will be a short essay, and finally you will be required to upload your level of education and accompanying certificates.

Other freelance writing websites;

  • Genuine Jobs
  • iFreelance
  • Online Writing Jobs
  • RedGage
  • Writer Access

Social media manager

Wow, this must sound like such a great job. Managing people's social media accounts. Apart from individuals and celebrities, almost all companies now have an online presence, and it is virtually impossible for them to manage their own sites.

This helps them attract more clients and enables them to interact on a personal level with their clients and also advertise their products to a broader client base.

According to statistics, at least 4.4 billion people are using the internet daily, and as such, this is the biggest and most significant market there is. It is virtually a goldmine that cannot be ignored.

These companies tend to employ a social media specialist to manage their media accounts. Your work, if you are hired as one, is to post new content every day on the company's pages and interact with their clients, which includes answering their queries and ensuring they have a pleasant experience.

It is a job that pays per hour, and in fact, some people have turned it into a career. They are professional media specialists.

You can make, on average $50,000 a year on this job.

The beautiful part about this job is that most companies will require you to work just a few hours a day when posting, and hence the rest of the time you can faithfully devote to your studies.

App Testing

Have you ever heard of this job? There are virtually thousands of apps being developed daily, and these need people to test them out. This is where you come in.

A mobile app will go through very many stages of development before it is ready to hit the market. A developer will need to hire people who can test how the app is working, and provide them with feedback so that they can improve on their product.

Your work, if hired, will be to report on glitches, ease of use, and answer survey questions concerning the user experience and practicability of the app.

This is not a job that will require too much of your time, and you can make at least $10 for testing the app for a short period and answering the questions accompanying the app.

Take a look at this website to learn more about app testing.

Transcribing jobs

Transcribing is one of the most popular online jobs today. A transcriber is simply a typist who listens and records live audio files; then he converts the audio into text.

You must be a very keen listener to succeed in this job. This is because you may constantly find jobs where people have different accents, and this can be difficult if you don’t listen keenly.

For you to work as a transcriptionist, you must have a high typing speed, and you should also ensure that you are accurate and efficient.

In addition to this, transcription work follows many different guidelines, and this depends on the company you shall be working for, but the bottom line is that you must be good in English, preferably, both spoken and written.

Things such as punctuation and spelling of words can easily cause you to lose your job, and hence if you want to become a successful transcriptionist, you must never make careless mistakes in your work.

Transcription work doesn’t pay as much as writing or virtual assistants, but there are some veterans whose primary source of income is transcription, and hence, it can be a good career choice.

Here are a few sites where you can find transcription jobs:


This is an excellent website for both beginners as well as accomplished transcribers. You can be able to build your profile effectively.

This is one of the best paying transcription websites and offers users fast replies to queries. In addition, as a transcriptionist, you are assured of instant payment of your dues after job completion. You can also be able to earn up to $50 per audio hour.

The only problem with this site is that sometimes jobs can be scarce for newbies, and you will need to build up your profile before you can become established.

Rev Transcript

This is a great transcription website for veterans. Rev pays very well and much better than other sites, and it also allows you to choose the jobs you wish to do. They go a step further by providing training to new transcribers and providing regular feedback on work done.

To work for Rev, you will need to pass a skills test which is provided immediately you sign on. The test usually is tricky and will require you to be on your best, especially in English and transcribing; otherwise, you will end up failing the test.

You can earn upwards of $39 per audio hour while working with Rev. The payments are on time and done immediately after approval of work done through PayPal.


Scribie is perfect for newbies and people who want to familiarize themselves with transcription work. However, do not take that to mean that you do not need to bring in your best because they too have guidelines that must be followed.

Scribie pays at least $10 per audio hour, which is very low if you compare it to the other sites, but it is still a great place to start, and work is in plenty, so you can always ensure you are busy as you learn the skillset.

Here's how to start.

Transcribe Me

This is one of the most trusted names in transcription work. It is also an excellent site for beginners, and you do not need to know much about transcription for you to do the job.

There are, however, some tests you shall be required to pass with 100% to be allowed to work for them, but in most cases, the tests are not difficult if you are good in English.

The guidelines are different with each site and therefore, you will need to learn those that have been set for this particular website. Ensure to follow the rules of the company and you will be good to go when it comes to working with them.

Data entry jobs

Online data entry jobs are very many, and there are also very many companies offering work to data entry clerks. This has got to be the simplest job on the internet, which requires no previous qualifications or experience.

In addition, it is easy to do, as you simply enter data mostly on excel sheets.


There is a niche that you fit in. Once you embark on in-depth research of looking for a job online, there is very little chance that you may miss something to do. There are thousands of jobs available to college students, and this is just a tip of the iceberg.

It is always a good idea to look for some extra money on the side, other than the pocket money you receive from your guardian or parent. The beauty of this is that you can start your journey of financial independence while still in school.

Who knows, you may excel so much in online jobs that you may even end up taking care of your college fee for once or clearing your student loans in good time.

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