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Dr. William C. Dengler


Medical Director, RefluxMD


Legato Medical Systems


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Dr. William C. Dengler founded Legato Medical Systems in 2001 after developing the nation’s first Heartburn Treatment Center in 1996. Working in collaboration with physicians and hospitals, Legato has established Heartburn Treatment Centers throughout the US. As an authority on GERD, Dr. Dengler’s expertise includes diagnostics, medical, and surgical therapies. Experience and knowledge in all aspects of GERD care have positioned Dr. Dengler as a lecturer and instructor for physicians and nurses at Legato Centers and he is a frequent speaker at medical and surgical meetings, conferences and seminars. Industry leaders have also retained him to assist in the development of their GERD-related diagnostic and therapeutic products.Dr. Dengler is also the Medical Director of RefluxMD, a one-stop online resource developed for patients with GERD. The website delivers authoritative, detailed, physician-approved information and even helps connect patients with reflux experts in their area.