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Frances Coombes


Writer, NLP Coach, NLP Trainer and Online Coach


City Lit


London, England

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Contact me for: NLP strategies for writers, NLP Coaching, NLP Training, online coaching, and for teaching on NLP strategy elicitation.

Frances Coombes is a writer, NLP Coach, NLP Trainer and on-line coach. She teaches NLP strategy elicitation at the City Lit in London. Details e-mail me on [email protected] Coombes latest book on motivation and strategy elicitation contains big picture thinking strategies, such as that of George Soros, the man famed for breaking the Bank of England, a Do it Now! strategy for compulsive procrastinators, and Gerald Ford’s killer question question. It is published by Hodder Hachette books and is due out in August.For an extract from my latest my book Teach Yourself Self-Motivation go to