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Nancy Guberti


Nutritionist, GFCF, Health Coach


Greenwich CT

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Nancy Guberti is a nutritionist, Defeat Autism Now practitioner, Gluten-Free Casein-Free (GFCF) diet counselor, healthy lifestyle coach and functional medicine metabolic specialist. Nancy practices a biomedical and nutritional approach to healing. Utilizing functional medicine testing and extensive health intake consult, she develops individualized treatment regimes customized to her client’s health issues.Nancy regularly shares her expertise on Blog Talk Radio educating the public about biomedical interventions and promoting functional medicine testing to address health issues.She is listed in the practitioner directory of Jenny McCarthy’s Mother Warriors and the Gluten-Free Guide to New York.She is gluten free and casein free for over 15 years and credits this healthy eating regime for healing her headaches as well as providing an abundance of energy and well being.