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Robert H. Frank


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My name is Robert, and I am a financial advisor. I hold a Master's degree in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. Currently, I work in a top investment firm, and I believe that everyone can achieve financial freedom if they set their mind to it, and are disciplined enough to achieve what they want.

The reason why I started as a contributor of Expertbeacon, mainly for Lindy's invitation, is the fact that I spent most of my time in college attending party after party and never taking my finances seriously till I discovered that I was deep in debt with a credit score of less than 300 and did not know how to get out of this terrible situation that I had gotten myself into.

Luckily, I was wise enough to realize the trouble I was in and began to diligently look for a way to correct my past mistakes. I took more interest in my financial studies and, most especially, anything that had to do with debt management and financial stability.

I also undertook an intensive exercise to improve my credit status, which was not easy and it took some time. I had to work extra hard at my part-time job while still taking classes at the University.

It took me approximately 2 years to attain a good credit score, and to pay off my most pressing loans. I started with those that had a high-interest rate and worked myself down to the low-rated loans. This I have talked about in one of the blogs.

I believe very strongly in students taking control of their finances while still in school, as opposed to waiting till you graduate and hoping to find a good job. This is because, when you start early, you cultivate a culture of financial maturity, and later years will be a breeze when it comes to money matters.

I will tell you everything you need to know. How to start caring about your finances, how to get organized while still a student, how to get yourself out of a mess if you are already in one, and also how to ensure that your future is taken care of when it comes to finances – the future is about investments. I have it all covered.