How To Pay For Bluehost In Nigeria

How To Pay For Bluehost In Nigeria?

If you want to learn how to pay for Bluehost in Nigeria. This is for you.

As we all know that Bluehost currently accepts credit and debit card payments, as well as PayPal for global customers. However, for customers in Nigeria, there are limitations with both local credit or debit cards and even PayPal.

To address this issue, it is recommended that alternative payment methods be explored. Some potential options include using a different payment processor compatible with Nigeria or working with a payment gateway that can process payments directly from a Nigerian bank account. It's important to ensure that any chosen payment method is secure and reliable to ensure smooth transactions.

How You Can Pay For Your Bluehost In Nigeria

I have documented the exact steps here for you so you can learn how to pay for Bluehost in Nigeria without any limitations henceforth.

And that’s not all.

I will also show you how I cut off up to 74% discount on the hosting plan and how I got a free domain name and how you can do the same for yourself.

Free Domain + 74% discount

Let's get into it.

How do I pay for Bluehost in Nigeria?

how to pay for bluehost in Nigeria

Step 1: Create A Chipper Cash Account

Chipper Cash is a cross-border payments app used by over 4 million people to send & receive money in and between Nigeria, or across borders of Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa Tanzania, and more.

With Chipper Cash, you can create a virtual USD card that can be used to make payments and shop online, without being subject to bank limits on millions of websites.

In order to create your personal Virtual Card to pay for Bluehost in Nigeria, you will need a set up a profile, and verify your account first.

Please follow the step as instructed for the best result.

  • Visit the Link here (This will direct you to a page (you will see me as your referral).
  • Click on “Get The App

  • On the page, click the download button. This will take you to your respective store (Appstore or Playstore) to download the app.
  • Launch the App and create an account and fill in your details with valid information. This is very important.
  • Verify your account accordingly. Verification might take between minutes and a few hours, so be patient.

* Upon successful account verification of your details which includes email, phone and address, move on to the next step.


Step 2: Create Your Virtual Card

To create your USD virtual card, follow these step

  • In your app dashboard and go to the Card section of your account. And navigate to “USD Card” and create one.
  • Click on show card details to reveal your card details (name, card no, expiry date and CVV) will be generated.
  • Copy and save it somewhere.

You will be loading your card soon but before you do that, there is one quick thing you must do first which is to create your local bank account.


Step 3: Generate Local Bank Account

This local bank account helps you to quickly receive money from your other local banks or from anywhere into your chipper cash NGN wallet easily.

To activate your local bank account, go to your profile section and activate it. In a few minutes, your personal local bank details in your name will be generated.


Step 4: Fund Your Wallet

Fund your NGN wallet accordingly to the needed dollar amount.

You should note that Chipper Cash uses a black market rate plus a few charges on top. This is why their rates seem high at times.

To quickly have a glimpse of the current exchange rate of that day.

Goto your Card section.

  • Click on “Add Funds” and type the Naira amount to see the dollar equivalence to have an idea of the amount to deposit into your local bank account.


Step 5: Load Your Virtual (USD) Card

Now, that your chipper cash local account has been funded. It is now time to convert the naira equivalence into the dollar.

To do this,

  • Goto Card >> Add Funds.
  • Type the Naira amount and Submit.

Your virtual card will be loaded almost instantly with a successful SMS notification on your phone and your app.

One beautiful thing about the Chipper Cash virtual card is that you can also convert your USD fund to Naira and send it to your local bank.

Now that you have loaded the card that and it is ready to make payment.


Step 6: Make Payment On Bluehost

In order to successfully claim your massive 74% discount on your Bluehost hosting plan plus a free domain name.

Follow these guidelines…

#1: Clear your browser cache

Clear your browser's cookies and cache. Also enable the pop-up option (though by default, this is enabled).

I highly recommend you use a PC and use Chrome browser so that you will be able to claim the 70% discount while following the steps below.

Then follow the next step below.

#2: Visit the Official

Click the link here to open a new tab.

You should land on their homepage.

how to pay for bluehost in Nigeria (step 4)

#3: Click on “Get Started”

There is a blue button on the homepage, click on it as seen below.

#4: Choose your preferred plan

Bluehost has 4 different web hosting plans available on their website that you can pick from, ranging from the basic to the plus, choice plus and the PRO plan.

Depending on your pocket or the features you seek. If you are just getting started, the basic plan is okay to start with. Bluehost gives you the option to expand as you grow in your business.

#5: Get a FREE domain

Bluehost affords you a free domain for a year.

If you don't have your own domain already, this is an opportunity to claim a free domain – which is your website's address.

While you may create a new domain here, you can also add your existing domain as well at this step or even create your domain later if you are still brainstorming a perfect domain for your business.

#6: Get 74% OFF Your Plan!

Read this step carefully so you won't miss out.

Under “Account Information” you are advised to fill in the form accordingly with your correct details to set up your hosting account.

Create your account

But before you start filling out the form, you should claim the discount first. Now, let me show you how to claim the discount on your new hosting plan.

Take note:

This is not a trick; in fact, this option was made available by Bluehost themselves so as to make sure you get the best deal, but it wasn't known to many people.

To claim up to 74% discount off with the basic plan, gently hover your mouse towards the exit button [x] of the page on your PC.

Note: I am not saying you should close the page.

While doing so, you will see a window pop-up or something similar to the screenshot below.

Bluehost Special Sign-Up offer

Click the “Claim Savings” button, and the page will reload afterwards for the new updated discount price.


Under the Package Information. Select your preferred account plan.

Bluehost Package Information


Under the Package Extras (optional). You may want to uncheck Codeguard Basic and SiteLock Security – Essential to avoid recurring billing.

#7: Fill in your card details and pay

This is the stage where you have to enter your virtual card details to make a payment. All MasterCard and VISA cards are eligible here.

Meaning that your virtual Visa USD card will have either MasterCard or Visa logo printed on it and can be used for your purchase.

  • Credit Card Number – This is the 16-digit number on your card.
  • Signature / CVV2 Code – This is the 3-digit code at the back of your card
  • Expiration Date – This is the date (both in month/year) on the card.

Enter those details above accordingly and please make sure it is your own card as you may be asked by Bluehost to verify the card ownership.

#8: Accept the terms & submit

After you have finished step #6 above, you are expected to read and agree to their website and auto-renewal terms by checking the box. Then submit.

Now, all things are equal. Nothing should stop your payment as long as you have enough amount in your account (card) to cover up the purchase.

When Method Doesn't Work – Do This

I will put this here because I understand that things change so fast.

In a situation where you have followed these steps and funded your account but your card payment option didn't go through.

Try this.

Option #1: If You Have An Active Paypal.

If you have an active Paypal account already, just add (link) your Chipper Cash virtual USD card to your PayPal and verify the card. Then purchase your web hosting using PayPal directly.

To make a payment with Paypal, follow these steps.

Paying for Bluehost using PayPal

This is an alternative method of making payments on Bluehost.

And I will assume that you have a verified Paypal account to do this.

Here are the clear steps to easily find the Paypal payment option while purchasing your web hosting plan on the Bluehost website.

Here are the steps to follow…

  • Step #1: Visit the Official Bluehost site here
  • Step #2: Click on the “Host Your Site” blue button.
  • Step #3: Select your preferred hosting plan – Basic, Plus, etc.
  • Step #4: Claim your free domain, then click Next.
  • Step #5: Fill in your account and your package information and don’t forget to select your account plan as well.
  • Step #6: Under the payment information, click More payment options.
Can I Pay Bluehost With Paypal

Then select Pay with Paypal (as seen in the picture below)

Select Paypal to Pay Bluehost

Agree to their terms and Submit. You will be redirected to Paypal to complete your payment using your Paypal balance.

The same steps apply as well, the only difference here is that, instead of using a credit card to make payment, you will have to change the payment option to that of Paypal, and you are good to go.

Also read: Can I Pay Bluehost With Paypal?

Option #2: You Don't Have a Valid Paypal

If you don't have a verified PayPal account, I created a step-by-step video tutorial on how you can do this exactly. Click here to watch.

Then follow the Paypal tutorial above.

How To Pay For Bluehost In Nigeria Summary

I hoped you enjoyed the post on “How to pay for Bluehost in Nigeria”.

I believed you now understand how to go about making your payment on the Bluehost website for your hosting plans and get a good discount from it as well.

In a situation where you encounter any issues, be sure to check your account balance and find out if you have enough to cover the cost.

Also, be sure that you are aware of the naira exchange rate at that time to have a rough idea of the likely amount you will be debited.

I wish you all the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bluehost charge you monthly or yearly?

Bluehost doesn't charge you monthly, you are charged on yearly basis. The least plan with Bluehost is one year (basic 12-month plan).

Does Bluehost work in Nigeria?

Absolutely, Bluehost work perfectly in Nigeria. As a Nigerian, you are not restricted to using any of their payment services as long as you have the payment requirements.

Can you pay Bluehost with a debit card?

Not only does Bluehost works with a credit card. Bluehost also works perfectly well with a debit card, so you can purchase any of their services with your debit card.

How do I change my payment method on Bluehost?

To change your payment method, login into your account and change your payment method under your billing information. Also, you can add an alternative payment method as well as your second payment option.

How much does web hosting cost in Nigeria?

The cost of web hosting in Nigeria is determined by a number of factors, one of which is the web hosting provider company you choose. On average, a domain costs #900 and a hosting subscription costs about #400 per month and upward.

How much do you pay for Bluehost?

The amount you pay varies depending on your need and add-ons. However, the shared hosting at Bluehost starts from $2.95 to $13.95 monthly (discounts for the first year available) plus all plans come with a free domain for the 1st year.

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