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Work Online From Home: How to Become the Smart 1% And Earn Passively!​

An Open Letter to Anyone Considering How to Be Part of The Smart 1% Of The Country Who Works Online From Home And Earn Passively!

Iyanu Taiwo

Written by Iyanu Taiwo

Updated: May 9 2020

I don't know when you are reading this but the information in here is still valid and highly useful…

As at the time of writing this article…

The screenshot below was from an article I read from CNN website prior to writing this post on what Experts are saying about the Corona madness.

Coronavirus is real and you know it too… And this has led to so many travelers banned from entry the country right away as a way not to spread it in the country.

Even top countries like USA and UK are not permitted to enter.

But how effective can this measure be? 

And with all the restricting, and banning…

And locking down of factories and companies…

Right now, a lot of people are obviously afraid about what could happen and many are taking precautions which practically means – people are reducing the amount of time they spend outdoors and spend more time indoors now.

And many are very worried and scared about losing their jobs, which lead to many people going online and searching for alternatives.

Or possibly, you have also been advised to start looking for an online business to do. At least, I know that of Mr. Stephen Akintayo (Africa's premier Financial Coach). In one of his Facebook Live program, he recommended several online businesses and skills people should start learning.

And now you saw this post, BOOM, fully eager and happy to know that sweet online business I have for you right?

I know you are looking for a sweet business to start quickly online from your home…

As no one can tell, anything that can happen to that unsecured job of yours any moment and you don’t want to be caught unaware. Maybe, you have started seeing some signs already.

Well, I will have to tell you a bitter truth… and it might be shocking.

You probably might not find one.


I am not being sarcastic here or trying to make you feel bad at all…

I am not saying there are no profitable online business you can start from the comfort of your home; we have countless number of them.

And I have written a lot about them right here on this blog here…

But why did I say so?

See…as an online Entrepreneur, in the IM industry for over 8 years now and I work fully from home…

All my businesses are run online within the comfort of my room. No physical office.

One of them is my Digital Agency – IYDigitals (you can google it out to check).

But why did I say you might not find one to start?

Reason this with me …

You see most people that want to start an online business now are just looking for a shortcut.

They’re looking for a fast way out.

Most are looking for one magic money button that winks out millions overnight.

If they really knew what it takes to make a living online, they will just give up.

And that’s the hard truth. 

Yes it is and very bitter to swallow…

99% of people aren’t prepared to put in the work that’ll give them a lifestyle where they can work online and do whatever they want.

99% always find an excuse not to start one.

Everything is always a SCAM in their eyes.

Little things easily get them angry.

Now you see why I said so earlier now.

Only the 1% is ready to put in the work required.

Only the 1% is willing to put in the effort required to set-up a long-term online business.

Only the 1% is ready to invest time and money in learning the skills required.

Just the 1% is ready to take ACTION upon all odds.

So if you’re part of the 99% that doesn’t want to put in the work, thinking online business is like MMM – then you won’t find one to do.

So, no need to read further, you may close this page and let us keep praying for God to see us through and protect us all during this hard time.

But if you see yourself as part of the 1%, I have something for you, keep on reading…

Now, for the 1% …

As you have seen it over the last few weeks that job security is an ILLUSION.

Just take one look at the world right away with the crisis going on right now.

You have seen a lot of businesses and company shut down.

Countless number of workers were laid off and no other means of survival.

For instance, as the time I was writing this, many countries already closed their borders which mean if your business is based on them, your income is going to be affected a lot.

A virus that most of us never heard of ever since we were born has forced companies in business for decades to shut down just like that in weeks.

Somehow, it has affected a lot of people already in the country as well…

It's very crazy, isn't it? And that’s a lesson for the smart 1% already).

And who knows when this crisis will be over? 

So, what can you do now that you know there is nothing like job security anywhere?

How Do You Get to Work From Home or Anywhere?

As soon as possible…

What actionable steps can you take to protect yourself?

And your loved one too?

And what skill or business model can you learn that rewards handsomely and give you a way to provide for yourself and your family from anywhere with an internet connection?

Knowing fully well that this requires some little work to make it work.

I believe this ONE smart business model doesn’t spread virus.

Not only that, it isn't affected by crisis or a strict lock-down order.

Let me explain.

A lot of people just like you need more income source than ever before. And if you can know how to get what people want for them or give them what they desire – that’s VERY valuable.

Imagine being one of the 1% that know hot-in-demand offers and you are able to place it right in front of people that desires it without even leaving your room?

Imagine you are able to sell your expertise to ONLY people who demand for it?

That’s what I’m talking about. And only the smart 1% knows this.

And this is why they don’t fear because they have what it takes to reach out and meet people’s demand without having to leave their room.

All it takes is just for you to create time and some browsing data to learn this skill from experts, how to sell with a system, even companies are seriously looking for people like this to work with now.

I’ll share the complete information about this business model on the next page (the link is below).

And you’ll discover exactly everything in full details…

You will need an active email address to access this important information as I wouldn’t want it in the hands of people who are not ready for it…

Even if it just few persons that were able to access it and implement the idea.

Are you truly part of the 1% who is ready to learn and implement strategies?

Click the link or button below…



Iyanu Taiwo

P.S. Like I said, this isn’t some shitty business model, it isn’t hard to do but requires some effort to learn.

If you can learn it…Then you can be rest assured you have nothing to fear even if they say that the whole Nigeria should stay home for 12 months.

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