IV vitamin bag therapy has immense benefits on your body

There are many questions and myths about intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy that should be addressed if you’re thinking about making it a part of your lifestyle. Though more and more people are raving about the benefits of IV Vitamin therapy, others get stuck on the myths concerning possible risks. IV vitamin therapy differs for everyone because everybody is different and has different needs. Using IV vitamin therapy allows patients to absorb 100% of the vitamins, minerals and amino acids because it goes straight into the bloodstream. When vitamins and nutrients are absorbed through the digestion process our bodies lose a large portion of the nutrients we consume.

IV Vitamin bags can be used for all types of health problems, including hangovers, mend sore muscles, fight colds by boosting your immune system, help muscle recovery after a workout, rehydrate the body, and they can also just give a boost of energy.

To help clear the air and expose the truth about IV Vitamin Bag Therapy as well as teach readers the proper way to begin this treatment, follow the advice below.


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  • validate the facility
  • alternate the injection sites
  • check your vitals beforehand
  • always ask for medical advice

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  • use IV vitamin bag therapy if you have certain conditions
  • assume that IV therapy is a drug or illegal performance enhancer
  • just use IV vitamin therapy as a quick fix
  • be afraid to try it

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Do validate the facility

Do make sure the nutrient IV vitamin infusion is administered by a medical personnel that has been trained in IV vitamin infusion therapies. This could be a nurse, licensed paramedic, and/or physician assistant. Keep in mind that an IV vitamin bag does not have to be performed by a doctor. However, you should confirm that the facility of your choice is overseen by a medical director that is a board certified physician. This ensures that the facility follows industry standards regarding proper management of patient care and information, supplies, and access to sterile IV nutrients.

Do alternate the injection sites

Monitor carefully where the staff administers the IV vitamin bag on your arm. Make sure that administering personnel always alternates the injection site, allowing previously used injection sites to heal completely. This prevents any of the pain and bruising people talk about when either drawing blood or receiving IV therapy regularly.

Do check your vitals beforehand

Get your vitals checked before having anyone administer the IV to make sure you are within normal range, so you can receive the IV therapy safely. If your blood pressure is too high, you should not perform IV therapy because infusions could slightly elevate the blood pressure further. Do make sure to stay alert of chronic symptoms of high blood pressure which may include dull headaches and dizziness. This is not caused by the IV infusion, but because of high blood pressure.

Do always ask for medical advice

Do always get a consultation before selecting your nutrients combination. Everyone's body is different, so every IV nutrient drip is made of different vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to provide a wide range of customized benefits to the body. If you're feeling drowsy or under the weather, for instance, a drip with the highest level of vitamin C and zinc is a better option. Likewise, if you're jet lagged or feeling exhausted, you’ll need a drip that has a combination of specific B-vitamins and amino acids. Plus, a booster intramuscular injection shot of AMP, NADH, B12 and glutathione to get your body back up to its peak energy levels. In addition to getting a consultation, it’s a good idea to monitor the self impact, duration, and the benefits of the result from the drip you decide to take, so you can incorporate IV nutrient drips in frequencies that fit your lifestyle. Consider that events such as a running a marathon, prepping for a cycling race, or heading out on a vacation, will require a combination of different nutrients so that you always perform at your best during that period of time.

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Do not use IV vitamin bag therapy if you have certain conditions

Don't undergo IV vitamin therapy if you have issues with kidney disorders or renal failure. Remember that people who suffer from these diseases cannot dispose any fluids nor toxins from the body. Instead, they must undergo dialysis to dispose of bodily fluids and toxins. Also, if you have a known medical condition or are allergic to any nutrients including vitamins, minerals, or amino acids, make sure to talk it over with a medical personnel to ensure that those specific nutrients are removed from the infusion.

Do not assume that IV therapy is a drug or illegal performance enhancer

These IV Vitamin infusions are approved by major sporting associations. The infusions consist of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that help your body’s cells recover and stay healthy from a more natural perspective. Keep in mind that these are not considered pharmaceuticals, but rather nutraceuticals, which basically means that nutrients have been isolated from foods to help prevent chronic diseases, improve health and quality of life, delay the aging process, increase life expectancy, or support the structure or function of the body.

Do not just use IV vitamin therapy as a quick fix

Don't only use nutrients IV therapy to recover from a hangover or a stressful week. Instead, use nutrient IV vitamin therapy to live your daily lifestyle at your 100%. For example, stress is one of the leading causes of heart attack, anxiety, and car accidents, partly because it affects how we perform our daily activities. More often than not, our body is dehydrated and malnourished because of poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Adding IV vitamin therapy to your lifestyle helps to offset many of these health drawbacks.

Do not be afraid to try it

Don’t be scared to try it for yourself. Everyone seems to have an opinion, but you’ll only know if it’s right for you, by trying it out. The pain is minimal and undergoing IV vitamin therapy can actually be very relaxing and therapeutic in most of the facilities. The health benefits are noticeable immediately after you undergo IV vitamin therapy, revitalizing you entirely in a matter of 30-45 minutes.


IV vitamin bag therapy is a great new tool to absorb the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body needs. Consulting a trained medical professional is key to getting the maximum results in addition to remaining safe and not harming your body. For maximum results, IV vitamin therapy should be integrated into a healthy lifestyle routine versus just using the therapy for a quick, one-time fix.

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